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Get Out of Debt Free is very different from most consumer debt support sites, it has been set up to highlight the fraudulent nature of the financial system and offer solutions to those who are experiencing financial hardship as a result of it.

We are an Online Community, supporting each other to overcome personal debt, by challenging their procedures and requesting certain documents from the banks and debt collectors, which they should have, but generally they don't.

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Success Stories

Site total duly added to ***SUCCESS***28th July 2015

So site total has just been updated with another SAVING - albeit with humour I did wonder how to add £0 as that is what was owing said company!!

Completed the letter process and through to Estoppel quite some time ago - however this company is one of them that is persistent even when they are in the wrong, they really go all the way in most cases that you see, that's not to say persons that are not posting ANYWHERE across the internet might not have had any other type of success, we just don't know - BUT let's stick to the matter here - this company m k d p / c o m p e l l o group like to take matters to Court - this is grossly misuse of the Court processes.
I have to make you aware, I had one eck of a job, with excessive extra work to finally get them to agree to close and B off - WITHOUT it getting to Court. This could be an exception due to my circumstances being more complex for them, but they still didn't roll over - it has taken a few years since they first interloped and I didn't use the process until a bit later - the possible downfall was certain regulators I involved from offset, so that is used later in arguments. In hindsight I would say, depending on circumstances, I wouldn't now use regulators early on as if they don't side with you, which seems highly likely these days, it DOES leave trails, especially of paperwork - evidence you can't undo. (Obviously say Ombudsman decisions if you decline their outcome, leaves you free to take matters to Court - BUT these companies are slimy and still use it against you, they will say Ombudsman didn't uphold - so what?!! Means nowt!! - But you may have told Ombudsman your complaint and they also obtain paperwork - AND NOTE THIS - said company just happened to have letter/s addressed to myself - how the hell they got them - disgusting frankly!
ANYWAY - so GOODF is a different process and the likes of this company / group tells you whoppers, you have to really prep and fight a bit harder, in my experience - I am NOT knocking, let's be clear - the process is working - it is the awkward ALLEGED debt buyers that stick to their guns.... and may keep trying to misuse the Court process until the Courts (or corrupt Gov) decide to stop it.
I wanted to avoid Court due to incapacity - so that was why I had a lot of excess work and I have never seen this company back down without - after all - they want profit, they won't get it if nobody pays them - without playing dirty!

So only time will tell if I have to ever deal with this rot again!!
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I have beaten 7 Debt Collection Agencies

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  • bobbydoughnuts- Silver Forum Member

    If you are new to Getoutofdebtfree and you may have doubts that you can take on the banks or debt collectors, I just want you to know, I was nervous, but when you start getting the research behind you and follow the 3 letter process you will win! Do exactly what it says and if you are in doubt, check the forum for help and advice. I have beaten Moorcrap Moorcroft, they gave up after the 3rd letter, BLS Collections gave up after the 2nd letter, Robinson Way gave up after the Estoppel letter, Idem Servicing gave up after all the letters sent, Arden gave up after all the letters sent, IQOR gave up after the 3rd letter and Crapquest CapQuest gave up after the 3rd letter. Don't Give Up- Play the Game and then Beat Them!

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