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Put the automobile in trust

Put the automobile in trust

Postby wort » Wed Feb 08, 2017 2:04 am

Anyone wishing to put the car in trust............please note you can not de-register or change number plates....no need to simples aye.

Hmmm registered keeper ! Who is thy keeper ? what is a keeper ?

Take a look inside your V5 logbook, and notice very top and very bottom......official use!

Notice any subtle differences in these two official use sections I mention above ?

Now think about this

Who is the official ?

What is the official ?

It's now up to you to figure it out.........you will enjoy it more.

Hide the name win the game..........."play your enemies and the game like chess"........its all in black and white.....the law.

Now where is my red ink pad gone !
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New Recruit
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