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Removal of Implied Right of Access Notice

Discuss the tactics employed by Bailiffs. Understand what powers they really have and how to keep them off of your property.

Removal of Implied Right of Access Notice

Postby bobbert » Wed Dec 12, 2012 2:23 pm

Hi I have been on here a few times in order to get help with bailiffs. Ceylon told me to send a letter of complaint to the certificating court of the bailiff. This I have done and played a game of ping pong with various court people trying to deflect my ball. I finally sent a letter requesting the name of the judge and that the bailiff in question had levied against property that wasnt mine and had ignored the notice of removal of implied right of access and that I would be pursuing the offender for trespass. The court sent me a letter from the civil listing officer who said the judge Williscroft said "I am satisfied with Mr Colley's response and shall take no actions on the complaint". The officer produced a witness statement to the court in which he states a removal of implied right of access is completely irrelevant. Subject to section 11 of Shedule 7 of the Courts Act 2003, enforcement officers have statutory protection against claims for trespass and wrongful interference with goods. It is my understanding that they should observe this notice whoever they might be. Am I correct? Also he says he is a high court enforcement officer, then he says he is a certificated bailiff !!! Can you confuse one for the other? or is he impersonating a high court enforcement officer? if so, then he is committing perjury in his witness statement. I welcome any advice any of you can give me on this matter, as I am considering taking this particular judge to task with regard to the removal of implied right of access notice. Thanks
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Re: Removal of Implied Right of Access Notice

Postby ceylon » Wed Dec 12, 2012 4:51 pm


Re: Removal of Implied Right of Access Notice

Postby mindreader » Sat May 04, 2013 2:19 am

I am interested in this thread, but the above html link is dead!
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Re: Removal of Implied Right of Access Notice

Postby assassin » Sat May 04, 2013 3:59 am

All bailiffs are certificated, there are three types:

Private bailiffs who are the ones we deal with in matters of debt and they are generally self employed and get work through various DCA's and they have no powers and have to comply with any notice of removal of implied rights of access.

There are county court bailiffs who only operate on real warrants issued by a court and these have powers to force entry and ignore notices, and they are directly employed by the county court as it is the county court who pays their salary and expenses, and they only make a fraction of what a private bailiff makes.

Then they are High court bailiffs who have the same powers as county court bailiffs, but they are directly employed by the high court.

I would write directly to the judge and demand a response directly from him confirming all this as a civil listing officer has no authority to send out such letters, I suspect a little fraud is going on behind the scenes here so it needs investigating.
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