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credit agenceys to be abolished 2014

credit agenceys to be abolished 2014

Postby boltonlad28 » Wed May 22, 2013 7:12 pm

I heard that the credit reference agenceys are to be abolished in 2014 and going back onto the old system where they credit check you through your bank is this correct or have I misheard could someone please tell me if this is true or not ?
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Re: credit agenceys to be abolished 2014

Postby letissier14 » Mon Jun 03, 2013 3:57 pm

Not heard that and can't see it happening
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Re: credit agenceys to be abolished 2014

Postby rukonif » Tue Jul 09, 2013 7:11 am

Unfortunately not happening. And we can't really win anything until they are abolished (alongside with banks). Credit Rating Agencies know just about everything about you. It's nearly impossible to avoid them gaining information about you.

A few good things you can do to keep some privacy is:

Get your data rid from 192.com using a C01 form.
They gain information about you from Publicly available sources, however they compile all your information about you to an easily accessible page, which anyone can buy for pennies, and it does get blatantly sold to anyone. Sometimes even DCA's use this website to find people if they have a unique name.

Never give companies your real phone number. Give a phone number that you know isn't currently used (expired), use multiple of these expired phone numbers, different each time.

Whenever the electoral bullshit comes through your door, put it straight through the shredder.

Hopefully needless to mention, that if you register to any popular sites like Hotmail/Outlook, Gmail, Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Skype and so on do not use your real name, address nor date of birth because again, these sites are excellent data mines for tracing people to resort to.

Do not accept things like Nectar Point Cards, Tesco Club Cards, Discount Cards, Membership Cards, and so on, because these "free" services, again come at the cost of your information.

Always pay by cash, and take out large sums of money from your bank account at irregular intervals and locations. Using cards for payments is again a good source of information for creditors to trace you.

AVOID DIRECT DEBIT AT ALL COSTS I can't stress how important this is.

"What you need to do is to go into your account and deviate your name, then deviate your address, then deviate your phone number. Repeat the process until it is a confusing mess to the potential tracer."

Register your address to friend's houses, post boxes/mail boxes, additionally, foreign addresses, (you can also make up fake ones, they have no real way to check), and become what they would call a sofa surfer, e.g. get friends to send correspondence to companies pretending to be you from various locations that are distant from each other.

Data Mines never check if the data they contain is accurate (or is real at all), therefore misinforming them is your greatest weapon against them. The more erroneous the data in your file is, the harder it will be for any Tracer to find the correct information about yourself. Since almost all of the information in your file gets there because YOU put it there, the answer is simple - live your life so that no correct information gets in and make sure that plenty of incorrect information gets in there.

Never lie about your name or your NI number, those are what identify your profiles in databases around you.
Databases will mess up your name eventually anyway, especially if many people have similar names to you, or if the place where you have lived at has been often vacated and re-engaged often. What you want to do here, is make many credit applications, apartment/rent, car rent etc. applications under many different addresses and phone numbers to clog up the database with false, useless and misleading information.

Generally, people trying to trace you have a budget limit to do so, and your goal is to keep them running around in circles until their budget runs out, and you become a "Skip".

What you essentially want to try and achieve, is to be too time-consuming/expensive to be traced. It's the only thing we can do as a passive-agressive resistance until more people wake up, and hopefully CRA's and banks will get closed down for good.

I shall be finding a good article about this, as soon as I remember where I've left it at.
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