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  • Worried and Confused? Need help Now?
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  • Payday Loans Struggling to make ends meet?
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Beat the banks, credit cards and the debt collectors totally lawfully!

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Get Out of Debt Free is very different from most consumer debt support sites, it has been set up to highlight the fraudulent nature of the financial system and offer solutions to those who are experiencing financial hardship as a result of it.

We are an Online Community, supporting each other to overcome personal debt, by challenging their procedures and requesting certain documents from the banks and debt collectors, which they should have, but generally they don't.

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Lowell sucess

I returned home from work to a letter from Lowell informing me they have closed my account :D :D it is one of my small debts for £400 I sent them 2 letters and was due to send the third next week! So pleased in still have some big debts that I now need to fight Court but just goes to show the three letter process will work

Thank you for whoever set up this website xxx

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For a permanent solution for Banks, Credit Cards, Payday Loans, Debt Collectors and Bailiffs

We aim to provide valuable resources, including video tutorials, documents, eBooks and Wiki resource pages.

We offer a unique insight into dealing with debt, by acting honestly, lawfully and truthfully, which does not follow the advice of Debt Counsellors, Citizens Advice Bureaus or Financial Advisors.

Deal decisively with your debts- totally lawfully, once and for all...

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  • Community Forum- get help and support from thousands of enthusiastic members all over the world on the Getoutofdebtfree forum pages
  • A4V and Promissory Notes- why pay cash when you can challenge your bills and pay Accepted for Value or use Promissory Notes?
  • Parking Notice- are you still paying for Parking Tickets? The legal notice that makes the corporations think twice
  • Debt Free Community University- get access to all the resources on our Getoutofdebtfree Wiki pages

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I have beaten 7 Debt Collection Agencies

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  • bobbydoughnuts- Silver Forum Member

    If you are new to Getoutofdebtfree and you may have doubts that you can take on the banks or debt collectors, I just want you to know, I was nervous, but when you start getting the research behind you and follow the 3 letter process you will win! Do exactly what it says and if you are in doubt, check the forum for help and advice. I have beaten Moorcrap Moorcroft, they gave up after the 3rd letter, BLS Collections gave up after the 2nd letter, Robinson Way gave up after the Estoppel letter, Idem Servicing gave up after all the letters sent, Arden gave up after all the letters sent, IQOR gave up after the 3rd letter and Crapquest CapQuest gave up after the 3rd letter. Don't Give Up- Play the Game and then Beat Them!