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Accepted for Value

What does Accepted for Value mean?

A4V or Accepted for Value is a very simple process of writing on the remittance form that comes with your bills, thereby paying your bill.

You simply fill in the amount requested and the date, in the boxes provided and write at an angle across the form the following-

"Accepted for Value, Exempt from Levy, Exemption ID" then write in your National Insurance number, sign it, then print your name. Turn the form over and endorse it by signing and dating the back.

We suggest you send a covering letter with it to explain you actions, which you can download at the bottom of this page. You can if you wish, also send a Promissory Note, which is like paying them twice, so they are more likely to accept. They are available to download here-


Warning - although organizations are legally obliged to accept this method of payment and members have had success with it, recently, corporations have not been accepting them quite so readily, so please do not be disappointed if they do not accept it or send it back. We suggest you do not use it unless you are prepared for it to be returned and know what to do in that eventuality.

A4V and what's going on

Commercial Instruments

The technical explanation...

This bit is for those who would like a simple explanation of what's going on with the process. If you fill in a 'remittance form' and send it back with a check/cheque, then you are effectively paying them twice. When you fill in a 'remittance form' and sign it, it becomes a commercial instrument, which the company can exchange for cash or sell on. When you 'Accept for Value' you are offering a Remedy or 'Commercial Right' that is acquired through a commercial instrument. Signing the remittance form/commercial instrument endorses it. If you don't sign it, you relinquish the remedy that's been offered through the instrument.

Covering Letter

Now download the covering letter, which you send along with your Promissory Note, or hand to the cashier, if paying in person. If you've upgraded your account, your details will automatically appear in the letter in the correct format.

The documents open as a Microsoft Word Document, however if you do not have a Word installed, get a copy of LibreOffice FREE Office Suite, Open Source software for Windows, Mac and Linux. For iPhones and iPads, install the FREE app Documents Free- Mobile Office Suite, from the App Store.

Download A4V Letter

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