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Important Meeting 1st May in Nottingham

Everyone welcome- Common Law Action Day

The weekend of 1st - 3rd May, 2015 promises to be a most auspicious one, particularly in the rotten borough known as Nottingham. Please come along if you can make it.

Apologies for poor sound quality.

The Great British Mortgage Swindle - Shockumentary Trailer

Also in Nottingham on 2nd May, 2015-

What if you learned that every one of the 11.2 million mortgages in Britain is void and you had been swindled by the well-oiled con-artistry of a banker and a conveyancing solicitor?

Getoutofdebtfree members are cordially invited to the test screening/preview of the completed film, just eleven days before its international launch on May 13.

Book a place here - TGBMS Preview Screening

Peter of England launches WeRe Bank

A new people’s banking facility, opposed to a “private corporate Rothschild-Vatican Federal Reserve controlled” parasitic criminal enterprise and is different in every respect.
WeRe Bank offers total transparency in all transactions and provides you, as our customer, with a basic human right: “To earn a means of wealth exchange anywhere in the world, at any time of day or night, free from common hiring procedures, taxation and inflationary pressures, which are engineered to PREVENT you from building meaningful wealth/freedom over time”.

In the next video, Peter states why WeRe Bank Re-Launched in April 2015 at a time of Prorogation of Parliament and government. For more information, go to

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