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My Under-Standing from

After I discovered the truth about law, corporations and legal fictions, I wanted to test the theories and put into practice what so many brave souls on the internet were doing and see if I could follow their guidance and help exit the matrix through understanding the hidden truths.

Warning if you're reading this and don't know what the hell I'm talking about, please stop right here, you need to wake up!

Parking Notice

After I was fortunate to unwittingly contract with my local council for an alleged parking contravention, I happily started firing letters to them, and sworn affidavits playing the Strawman card, stating I didn't agree or consent to any acts, I wasn't around when the de facto government (corporation) enslaved the free people of this green and pleasant land, etc, etc, to no avail. Often falling on deaf and dumb ears, ignoring my requests and demands, sending my useless bits of paper (Notice to Owner), as they continued to persist towards controversy... and then it dawned on me, did I just put myself and my vehicle at risk?

So in a haste to understand what may lie ahead I frantically searched the net for possible bully boy actions bailiffs would take to steal my car. As most of the awakening sovereigns, I found it difficult to engage with my new self awareness and challenge the continued drag by the fictional world that was trying to keep me down. I found out that it's now common practice that bailiffs drive around with APNR Cameras on their vehicles and can clamp you anywhere if your car triggers the camera! I also found some YouTube posts claiming that placing a Notice on the car would help deter them, so armed with this knowlege I designed my notice, placed it on my windscreen and was surprised at how effective it really was!

Parking Notice

First success. Where did you get this?

After stopping on double yellow lines for a few minutes to drop off some paperwork at a friend's flat in the city centre, I exited the building to see 2 parking officers at the rear of my car. Upon approaching them, the lady officer started pointing at me saying I couldn't park here. I asked if she had seen the Notice on the windscreen and advised for her to go and see. As she read the notice, she called over the other male officer, who had written the parking ticket at this point and they both spoke silently to each other. The male officer then tore off the parking ticket from his pad and stuffed it into his trouser pocket. They both walked away without giving me a ticket! Result!

As I turned the car around in the street, the lady officer alone flagged me down, so I pulled over and got out of my car. She asked me where I got the Notice and to does it work? I replied "It's just worked on you, didn't it?" She turned out to be quite intrigued and very forthcoming, claiming that the tickets the council issue are all fake and can't be enforced anyway! She was genuinely interested and I advised her to wake up and gave her a list of websites and YouTube videos to watch and spread the word. I left feeling validated by my Notice and was happily confident that it seemed to work!

Second success. Who you gonna call?

A few weeks later I parked my car, again in the city centre, in a no return within 30mins parking bay across the road from the Building Society I was in. Inevitably my meeting ran well over to 45mins. As I was leaving the Building Society I could see 2 male parking officers at the front of my car, one of which was on his mobile phone. I can only assume that he was calling his superiors to seek help! I bet he never came across a Legal Notice on a car before! The road was quite busy with buses and taxis, which kept me from engaging with the parking officers. Once i found my way across the road back to my car, the 2 male officers had walked off and were already several yards away. Upon inspection of my windscreen, low and behold, no ticket! Result!

Third success. Will you accept the liability mate?

As you can imagine, my empowerment at this point was solid... but had I met my match? On a visit to pick up a item from the Post Office, I just parked my car on double yellows and went to the Post office to collect my parcel. On my return, which wasn't long, I found a large "meat head" CEO (Civil Enforcement Officer) at the front of my car. He didn't even allow me to speak and started his attack on my being with verbal aggression. I kept my cool, but I must admit this was hard to do, as this guy was big, mean and very intimating. He was having none of it! He just refused to engage in any civil conversation, and tried to railroad me with his dominance. So with a stern voice I said, "look mate, will you be happy if the Council was to accept a £5K liability because of YOUR actions? Are you really that important, that they'd accept the liability AND keep you in a job?" That struck a cord and I could see the wheels turning in his head. He replied with "you got 5 minutes to move ya f****ng car" as he walked away without ticketing my car. So did I meet my match... I think not!

Get your vehicle protected Now you heard my story, download your NOTICE and tell me yours! It's absolutely FREE and no registration required, all I ask in return is a donation to help fund this site.

Thank you, MT - Designer of the Parking Notice

The legal Notice that makes the corporations think twice

The Parking Notice is designed to be placed inside your windshield/windscreen, affixed with sticky tape, whilst in the UK,it will fit in your old tax disc holder.

In the US it displays a watermark of the American Eagle in the background.

In the UK and 'commonwealth' countries it has two unicorns facing each other, without the chains! Those of you that understand the symbolism of unicorn (Fictional creature, e.g. Legal Fiction) can be empowered to display the fact that the Unicorns are no longer enslaved!

Please post any results you get from the notice, on the forum for all to see and learn from.

The documents open as a Microsoft Word Document, however if you do not have a Word installed, get a copy of LibreOffice FREE Office Suite, Open Source software for Windows, Mac and Linux. For iPhones and iPads, install the FREE app Documents Free- Mobile Office Suite, from the App Store.

Warning - Please be aware- you may still get parking tickets, clamped or vehicle towed away, even with this notice displayed!

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