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Living in fear of the Payday Loan company, is not a pleasant experience and can cause serious problems in many areas of your life.

It can affect your whole family, your job and every your social life and can leave you feeling isolated, particularly if you've not told everyone about your payday loan problems.

Here at Getoutofdebtfree, we know what it's like to be in debt, as all the members have been in debt at some point and have effectively overcome their financial problems using the resources contained on this site.

Are you hiding your debts?

When struggling to cope, you may end up hiding your debts from your family and friends, or even yourself, by not opening your mail, so not even knowing the precise extent of your debt. If you're doing this, now is a good time to face them, as you now have the support of this site and the empowerment to overcome the fear. It may feel better not to know, but ultimately it makes things worse.

How we can help you?

This is where Getoutofdebtfree can help you. Whether you're dealing with the payday loans, banks or debt collectors, we challenge the validity of the debt, by requesting key documents, which we know they either never had in the first place or no longer have in their possession.

The three letter process

We send three letters, 10 days apart requesting these documents, which include a true and certified copy of the credit agreement, a verification of the claim against us and a copy of the contract signed by both parties.

The third letter creates a lawfully binding agreement which agrees on a number of terms, including that the debt either did not exist in the first place; or It has already been paid in full. We also send them a fee schedule, so that every time they contact us, either by phone or by letter, we charge them and then send them a bill!

Why get out of debt with Getoutofdebtfree?
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  • "Easy to follow instructions to get you DEBT FREE!"Complete with videos tutorials, hints and tips
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  • "FREE template letters and resources"We simply request donations, to upgrade your account"
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  • "How to deal with endless phone calls"for a more peaceful life"
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  • "Large community forum"to support you every step of the way
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  • "International support for"US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland & S'th Africa
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  • "The largest online community challenging debt"to get you DEBT FREE!
What will it cost me?

The resources we provide at Getoutofdebtfree are available to you, completely, FREE OF CHARGE!

We provide FREE access to the:

  • Template Letters- for Banks, Debt Collectors, Payday Loan companies, Credit Repair Agencies, Bailiffs, Solicitors and Courts
  • Community Forum- get help and support from thousands of enthusiastic members all over the world on the Getoutofdebtfree forum pages
  • A4V and Promissory Notes- why pay cash when you can challenge your bills and pay Accepted for Value or use Promissory Notes?
  • Parking Notice- are you still paying for Parking Tickets? The legal notice that makes the corporations think twice
  • Debt Free Community University- get access to all the resources on our Getoutofdebtfree Wiki pages

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