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Why get out of debt with Getoutofdebtfree?
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  • "Easy to follow instructions to get you DEBT FREE!"Complete with videos tutorials, hints and tips
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  • "FREE template letters and resources"We simply request donations, to upgrade your account"
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  • "How to deal with endless phone calls"for a more peaceful life"
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  • "Large community forum"to support you every step of the way
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  • "International support for"US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland & S'th Africa
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  • "The largest online community challenging debt"to get you DEBT FREE!

We have literally hundreds of Success Stories

Here are some recent ones from our Community Forum

Our community forum, offers help, support and encouragement, every step of the way, to help you achieve success!

From bank loans and overdrafts, payday loans, finance, bailiffs, credit repair and even parking tickets, there are members on the forum who will help you to achieve the financial successes reported here. All these quotes are from genuine members, who post regularly on the site and who are often only too pleased to help newcomers out on the site.

More Success Stories here

First success letter arrived today woohoo!!

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  • lamby333- New Recruit

    I got my first success letter today it felt ace!! Lowells have closed down my account as a goodwill gesture pah!! Anyway really chuffed only sent them letter 1. Only 8 more to go :lol:

I have beaten 7 Debt Collection Agencies

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  • bobbydoughnuts- Silver Member

    If you are new to Getoutofdebtfree and you may have doubts that you can take on the banks or debt collectors, I just want you to know, I was nervous, but when you start getting the research behind you and follow the 3 letter process you will win! Do exactly what it says and if you are in doubt, check the forum for help and advice. I have beaten Moorcrap Moorcroft, they gave up after the 3rd letter, BLS Collections gave up after the 2nd letter, Robinson Way gave up after the Estoppel letter, Idem Servicing gave up after all the letters sent, Arden gave up after all the letters sent, IQOR gave up after the 3rd letter and Crapquest CapQuest gave up after the 3rd letter. Don't Give Up- Play the Game and then Beat Them!

Barlcays finally give up!! for the tune of about £25,000

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  • meskalin - Silver member

    Well after a fair few letters and calls...... Barclays have finally given up the debt and 'passed it over' to one of the debt collectors I had already blown out with the letters here. The jokers at CSL rang for a couple of days recently, and sent a letter .....but have heard nothing since. It all seemed so hectic at the start of all this (writing off my debts - WITHOUT going bankrupt... :P) but then the letters dry up .... the phone calls stop and they give up!!!!

1st Credit

  • Kevin175 - Bronze member

    Had a very nice letter from 1st Credit saying "We have now closed our file as we are unable to provide you with any evidence to your liability for this account" Nice one, and thanks for your advice


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  • ALONEisBEST - Silver member

    Just like to say thanks to jon and ceylon for some great info and knowledge provided on this site,some of which i have used successfuly and i am now supercalafragilistic expealadociously debt free "woo hoo" keep up the good work guys.

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  • Template Letters- for Banks, Debt Collectors, Payday Loan companies, Credit Repair Agencies, Bailiffs, Solicitors and Courts
  • Community Forum- get help and support from thousands of enthusiastic members all over the world on the Getoutofdebtfree forum pages
  • A4V and Promissory Notes- why pay cash when you can challenge your bills and pay Accepted for Value or use Promissory Notes?
  • Parking Notice- are you still paying for Parking Tickets? The legal notice that makes the corporations think twice
  • Debt Free Community University- get access to all the resources on our Getoutofdebtfree Wiki pages

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  • Sovereign Independent Newspaper - Ireland

    A quote from the Sovereign Independent Newspaper- It's about the best site out there, is user friendly and aesthetically pleasing...