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AQUA account sold to Hoist Portfolio questions

Welsh Man asked:

Hi all,

It has been a while since my last thread, and I am just looking for clarification on a few things here.

I have been paying off an AQUA card via my DMP, but Aqua have recently sold it all off to Hoist Portfolio Ltd, who in turn have assigned Robinson Way to collect. I recieved the assignment letters around the 1st of September. Obviously they contacted StepChange about the change, and they have paid the first installment to RW. According to my first RW monthly statement, dated 03/09/16, and received today, 09/09/16, they were paid their first installment 17/08/2016. This does not make sense as the assignment letters were dated 24/08/16, and the August StepChange statement states Aqua themselves were paid. This is not stated on the RW statement though. Idiots.

It also seems RW are continuing to add on interest, just as Aqua did. I vaguely recall seeing somewhere that when a debt is purchased from the OC, interest charges normally stop?

I have attached 2 scans of the assignment documents I received. Could anyone tell me if the one is just a NOA as opposed to a DOA please. Looks more like a NOA to me, because of the start of the first paragraph, but this is possibly the first such notification I have received. The second attachment is Hoist kindly announcing they now own the account. Both of these arrived in the same envelope. I will look to hold these bastards to account, just clarification of the scan would be fantastic.

Please do not adjust your monitors. Apart from a few details I rubbed out, the actual letters really ARE that piss poor quality.

I’m sorry if a similar question may have been asked before, but information from you fantastic knowledgable members would help immensely.

Thanks all!

royboyone replied:

Hi, No Deed of Assignment there, Hold the 2 letters together up to a light, you will then see the alignment of the printing, there are codes on the letters that will line up showing that the 2 letters came from the same source, the small faint code down the right side of the letters should give it away. 🙂

Welsh Man replied:

Hi, and thank you royboyone.

I suspected a bit of skullduggery from these clowns. From the quality of the printing, it did seem obvious they were printed from the same printer.

All companies seem to share the same PO Box return address as well 🙂

I shall inform StepChange that the balance to these idiots is 0 and stop paying them. 3 letters will be on their way.

Welsh Man replied:


I fired off the 3 letters to these clowns, each was replied with the usual template “Your template letters off the internet carry no legal weight…BLAH BLAH BLAH”

I suppose a major problem here is that my DMP refuses to stop the payments to Robinson Way, despite requests for them to cease. As such, I felt this was seen as an admission of liability, thus the letters truly would carry no weight. My mental health issues flared, so I made a (recorded) call to RW. Despite being literally on the call not far off 2 hours, and passed from rep to rep, their responses remained surprisingly steadfast. But so were my questions.

The ORIGINAL signed agreement. Still no sign of this to this day, despite assurances “we will contact the original creditor for this”, and constant telling’s that only a reconstituted version would be provided, NOT the original. A quick search online does show that a reconstituted agreement IS enough to satisfy a CCA request, without a signature. BUT a signature is apparently required for a court admission agreement. I read that as basically they can re-write any agreement with whatever T & C’s they decide. Did I interpret correctly?

Next, the Deed Of Assignment. Upon asking, each rep stuck to the script of “No sir. We are only legally obliged to produce a Notice of Assignment”. Taking a punt, I told each rep that a NOA and DOA have a different legal meaning. Weirdly, this never seemed to register, just going back to “we are only legally required to provide a Notice Of Assignment”.

Finally, the Deed Of Novation. Make of this what you will but NONE of their reps had any clue what this was, and they outright said so. 0% of the idiots knew.

I tied up their time by repeating myself, drilling them for answers. Each one got a tad annoyed. Even the final lady in “Complaints” I complained about lack of the above, went through it a couple of times, then fell silent on the line. She just asked if I was there and was going to terminate the call. Fine.

I got a complaints letter a few days later with a basic outline, but a ruling my complaints held no water, thus were dismissed, and to keep paying on time!

Any advice on the above is as always greatly received, or even a ticking off for being stupid. BUT if these idiots want me, I’m going to make it bloody difficult and frustrating every step of the way.

As always, a huge thank you not only to any responders, but also to the admins for maintaining this site as a fantastic resource to help those of us who need some help and guidance.

Tiggy replied:

There’s very little point in questioning the legitimacy of a debt if you’re paying it.

williams2583 replied:

exactly, i dont know under what authority the DMP still pays, cancel your dd or so and let them try !!!!!!!

1saberwow replied:

you should cover up any numbers on the sides and the boxes that can be scanned that will tell anyone who you are.. even the barcode on one letter from robway.

Welsh Man replied:

Thank you for the replys all, I have not been online much the last month or so.

Yes, my DMP ignore my every request to stop paying these idiots, even after attempts of me telling them I feel the alleged debt is now invalid. They just spout “We must treat all creditors fairly, blah blah blah”.

It is quite right that arguing with these fools is pointless whilst they are being paid, it angers me so much that the DMP work solo on this, with their pathetic ignore the client and pay whoever policy!

Tiggy replied:

You’re the one paying the DMP, so of course they’re just going to continue making the payments whilst skimming a load off the top for doing VERY little.

If there are creditors you want to continue paying stop the payment to the DMP and contact them direct!

Welsh Man replied:

Thank you Tiggy.

A kick up the backside in so few words. As usual, like so many others here, what you say is sound in the extreme.

Thank you!


williams2583 replied:

you have 3 alternatives:

1) Carry on and accept the DMP and pay the fees

2) cancel all payments and defend

3) negotiate direct with the creditor/s and avoid fees/cost.

Personally i would try 2 and if it fails move on to 3, but remove the DMP