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Ascent Legal – Solicitor or Debt Collector?

RedundantJammer asked:

Can anyone please confirm if Ascent Legal are bona fide Solicitors or just another Debt Collector?

They are behind a claim that has been submitted to Northampton BCC on behalf of their client Sygma Bank.

They have referred to my Standard Debt Collector Letter 2 and 3 and dismissed my request to provide the required evidence as they are acting as an agent on behalf of Sygma.

Need clarification as I need to put my defence together.

waylander62 replied:

have a look at this: and check them out

Ascent Performance Group Limited is registered in England & Wales with number 6742453, having its registered office at: Riverside East, 2 Millsands, Sheffield, S3 8DT and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Irwin Mitchell Holdings Limited. It is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. Ascent Performance Group Limited is also regulated by the Office of Fair Trading under Consumer Credit Licence No.625759 and holds professional indemnity insurance. Please be aware that we may record calls for training and quality assurance purposes and have a complaints handling policy and procedure.

Ascent Performance Group Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) under licence 570670.

As a business regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) we are subject to rules and principles of professional conduct. This link will enable you to access the SRA Code of Conduct by which the firm and its employees have to abide: SRA | Welcome to the SRA Handbook | Solicitors Regulation Authority.

hope this helps

RedundantJammer replied:

Thanks Waylander62 for the prompt reply.

It looks like I should have sent my 3 letters to the main Company then at Sheffield as opposed to the Legal element at Manchester.

We live and learn. I may have to exclude the three letters sent to Ascent Legal from my defence and just concentrate on the original 3 letters sent to their client. 😡

waylander62 replied:

not necessarily, from which office did you receive correspondence from ascent ? if you received letters from their manchester office and sent your letters there, to whoever sent them to you, you are fine 😉

that information is from their own website , with registration numbers to check them out.

might be worth checking the SRA website ( solicitors regulation authority ) to see if they have followed protocol in issuing a claim, if you have put the debt in dispute they should not continue collection until they have answered your requests.

only you know what they have sent you, remember solicitors are just DCA’s in suits they are all dishonest and dont follow the rules, its up to you to catch them out 😉

RedundantJammer replied:

That’s encouraging waylander62.

I think it is the fact that I have received my first claim from Northampton BCC and as you can appreciate I don’t won’t to let myself down by including anything in my defence which they will attempt to wriggle out of.

Egalitarian replied:

Hi There.

Can you tell me what your outcome was with this as I am also dealing with Ascent at the moment over an old accountants bill which I have been paying off monthly for a year or so now.

Ascent recently took the account over (on behalf of the accountants firm) and the monthly S/O which I had been paying to the previous company was stopped at their end.

Apparently Ascent sent letters advising of the change to my new accountants address but I did not receive these and in December 2015 I received a claim from Northampton BCC.

I reinstated monthly S/O payments as I am quite happy to pay the original accountants bill as they had done work for me. However, I received a letter today from Ascent which shows an outstanding balance of £2,522 when the actual amount remaining is only £1,636.

The letter (from their Manchester office) has an illegible photocopied signature and no name.

I certainly have no intention of paying an additional £900 to them and wonder now whether to start sending the 3 letters out to question whether the account is payable at all.

I would be very interested to hear what your experience was.

Thank you.