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At the end of my tether with EON – any advice please?

skintmalcolm asked:

Hi everybody

This is a problem I’ve already posted about here, but I don’t think my last message really made things clear, so I’m writing again. I’ll try to make it as brief as I can, but it’s a bit complicated.

In 2012, I tried to phone EON to tell them that I thought my electricity bill was suspiciously high for the tiny amount of electricity I use, but I kept finding myself in a queue, and as I have no landline, only a pre-pay mobile, the call charges, of course, rocketed. So I gave up trying to phone them.

In October 2012 I tried writing to them. They didn’t reply, and so I wrote to them again…and again…and again. I’ve been writing to them ever since, and haven’t had a single reply to this day. That’s around 16 months of constantly trying to get them to answer. I even checked their address to see if I had the right one, and I had.

In my original letter I made it clear to them that I suffered from depression and anxiety, and that this uncertainty about possible over-charging was exacerbating my illness. A year later I reminded them of my mental illness, and told them how their refusal to reply to my letters was making this worse. I’m given to believe that all energy companies make special considerations for what is termed ‘vulnerable’ customers, but this does not seem to be the case with EON.

In November of last year I informed them that if I did not get a reply from them within 21 days, I would go to the Ombudsman. Still no reply from EON. Early last month, I made my complaint to the Ombudsman, and sent a copy to EON with a covering letter. I thought that if anything would prompt them to reply, this would. But still no reply – just a hand delivered note a couple of days ago saying that they were going to install a prepayment meter, and that I was being charged £55 for the delivery of the note.

My latest bill actually includes £120 that isn’t for the electricity I’ve used – that £55, another £55 for a note they delivered last September, and a £10 penalty charge. My electicity usage amounts to just £51.

I was so worried about this preypayment meter threat that I paid my bill the next day – but only the £51. I’m also sending them a recorded delivery letter to explain why I am not paying the extra £120, and to make it clear that I do not want a prepayment meter.

I still haven’t heard from the Ombudsman, after nearly a month.


So that outlines the position I’m in. Could people here please give their opinions on the following questions?

1) The most important question is about these two £55 ‘visit’ charges, and the £10 ‘penalty charge’. I made it clear to EON right from the beginning that I have no intention of avoiding paying for my electricity, but that I would rather they ascertained that I wasn’t being over-charged before I actually paid the bill. It’s true that I have delayed paying every bill since October 2012, but they knew the reason why and did not address it. Instead, they stuck on £10 penalty charges (I’ve had three so far) and sent round these notes threatening me with a prepayment meter, charging me £55 a time.

So my first question: in view of EON’s behaviour since October 2012, do I have sufficient grounds for refusing to pay the two £55 ‘visit’ charges and the penalty charge?

2) As I said, I made it clear to EON that I was suffering from mental illness in my very first letter to them in October 2012, and reminded them of this at least once, in December 2013. And yet they have continually refused to reply to my letters and have twice delivered these notes threatening a prepayment meter and charging me £55 each time. Does this constitute harassment? And if so, is there anything I can do about it?

3) This concerns the threat to fit a prepayment meter. I cannot afford to pay those two £55 charges or the £10 penalty charge. I already use the tiniest amount of electricity because I can only just pay my bill most of the time. If they threatened court action to recover these charges I would not be all that worried because I feel any court would see that the charges are unfair. But if EON fitted a prepayment meter against my will, they wouldn’t have to defend their reasons for making these charges – the meter would get the money out of me sooner or later.

This brings up another problem. If the meter were in my own home, I would simply refuse access to EON, and if they applied to a court I would assert my belief that EON is trying to recover unfair charges. But the problem is, my flat is part of a complex, owned by a housing association. All the front doors of the flats give off corridors, and the meters are in the corridors. Mine is a couple of feet from my front door. So EON could come and fit a prepayment meter without my even knowing it.

So how can I prevent them doing this?

4) Just one last question, which isn’t really important – I’m just asking out of curiosity. Has anyone heard of EON, or any other energy provider, refusing to answer a customer’s letters for sixteen months?

I’d be really grateful for any advice I can get on this. Thanks very much for reading this message – and I’m sorry it’s so long.

scrooom replied:

Hi there skintmalcolm, skintscroom here 😉

You have enough – more than to be fair to report these idiots to the OFT.

OFT Guidelines for debt collection

This doc is well worth a read, sect 2 says in part:

2.1 In the OFT’s view, there are a number of overarching principles of consumer protection and fair business practice which apply to all debt recovery activities.

2.2 In general terms, businesses 17 should:

• treat debtors fairly – debtors should not be subjected to aggressive practices, inappropriate coercion, or conduct which is deceitful, oppressive, unfair or improper, whether unlawful or not

• be transparent in their dealings with debtors and others – information provided should be clear and should not be confusing or misleading

• exercise forbearance and consideration, in particular towards debtors experiencing difficulty – we would expect businesses to work with debtors with a view to providing them with reasonable time and opportunity to repay debts and, where appropriate, to signpost them to sources of free independent debt advice

• act proportionately when seeking to recover debts, taking into account debtors’ circumstances – actions taken in respect of

Sect 3 says:


3.1 This chapter identifies matters that the OFT considers to be unfair or improper business practices for the purposes of section 25(2A)(e) of the Act. These are set out under the following sub-headings:

• Communication: businesses should communicate in a clear, accurate and transparent manner

They have not communicated appropriately with you and are causing you a TORT!

• False representation of authority and/or legal position: businesses should accurately and truthfully represent their authority/status and the correct legal position with regard to debts and the debt recovery process

• Physical/psychological harassment: businesses should not engage in physical or psychological harassment of debtors or relevant third parties

• Deceptive and/or unfair methods: businesses should be truthful and fair in their dealings with debtors and others

• Charging for debt recovery: charges should not be levied inappropriately or unfairly

• Debt collection visits: those visiting debtors must not act in a threatening or unclear manner

• Statute barred debt: businesses should not use unfair methods (including misrepresenting the legal position) if seeking to recover statute barred debt

• Data accuracy: businesses should have appropriate processes in place with a view to ensuring that customer data is accurate and take reasonable steps to ensure that it is adequate, with a view to only the actual debtor and valid debts being pursued for repayment.

They have failed on both sections 2 and 3. The OFT should therefore take appropriate action for for your alleged creditor failing to provide information you have lawfully requested.

there is case law that in my opinion and that is all it is, my opinion, that would support you having cause for civil damages against them Ferguson v British Gas

keep up the fight and dont give in! 😉

Faljay replied:

Before you do anything else, change energy suppliers and inform EON of this in a letter, telling them to remove their meter before the date of transfer to the new company, as you are no longer contracting with them. That way they cannot bill you anymore. Then begin your complaint against EON through OFT and the regulatory board that deals with such complaints. They will send letter demanding money, but you must reply saying the account is in official dispute until such times as they have rechecked their metering system and can prove the bills were correct at time of billing.

Take Care. 😀

skintmalcolm replied:

Thank you both for your very swift and helpful replies.

Re your suggestion, Faljay: I’d love to change suppliers, but the last time I had trouble with a supplier and tried to change, I was told that I couldn’t because I was ‘in dispute’ with my current supplier (by which I think they meant I owed money to them).

This is exactly the position I’m in with EON, so how can I change suppliers? Is there a way around this ‘in dispute’ rule?

Faljay replied:

When we changed suppliers, we owed the previous supplier money, as the account wasn’t up-to-date at that time. This is not a dispute concerning the new supplier, and they have no right to interfere in it, nor fail to supply you, unless you have a criminal conviction for stealing energy. Check a few suppliers out and see if they are willing to contract with you, There’s no reason they shouldn’t.

Take Care. 😀

Hinder replied:

mse have an energy club which allows you to compare the best deals from suppliers and alerts you by email if a better deal comes up. It only takes a few minutes of your time and will save you money from now on. They also handily tell you which companes you can leave without exit fees (for a better deal) and which ones would charge you to leave their contract, so you’re totally informed when choosing to change supplier. I use it, it’s saved me a couple of hundred quid this year as opposed to staying with the tariff and energy provider I was using.

I had issues with E.On about four years ago. It took countless phone calls to sort out, at one point I think I was receiving letters after ‘sorting things out’ on the phone, then having to call them as yet again they’d got it wrong, about twice a month. Plus all the letters of apology they sent about their mistakes followed by NOT sorting out their mistake. People at CS saying ‘sorry the last person you spoke to didn’t update this on our records when they should have done’ every time I called. The worst CS I have ever had. Took two years to finally sort it out – long after I’d left the property I was still getting bills, red bills and threat-o-grams that they had acknowledged I did not owe them, to my new address for the old address!!! Won’t touch them again with a barge pole!

Good luck in sorting it all out 🙂

skintmalcolm replied:

Well, yesterday I finally gave up waiting to hear from the Ombudsman and phoned them. The conversation had me tearing my hair out.

“Didn’t you get our reply?”


“Well, if you had, you’d have seen that we can’t help you. You have to apply to us within 9 months of beginning your complaint.”

I replied, quite reasonably, that a person is only likely to go to the Ombudsman where they’ve exhausted their complaint with the supplier – and it’s only then that he learns of this 9 month time limit. So how is anyone supposed to know?

That got me nowhere.

I then pointed out that the only reason it’s gone on for 16 months is because I’ve been super-patient with E.ON, and given them every chance to write to me. Why should the Ombudsman punish a customer for being patient?

That got me nowhere either.

Finally, it was decided that, since all my letters were simply asking for a reply, they did not constitute a complaint, so my complaint hadn’t actually begun. Then he suggested I email E.ON’s Director Of Customer Service to make a formal complaint, then send a printout of the email to the Ombudsman. So that’s what I’m doing.

Another ‘hair-tearing moment’ – he said that Ithe Ombudsman could only proceed if I got a deadlock letter, but that the energy company couldn’t be forced to issue one. I told him that, surely, this would mean the companies wouldn’t issue one, since it’s in their interests not to have the Ombudsman getting involved.

That got me nowhere as well. I came away from that conversation with the impression that the Ombudsman is not there for the benefit of the customer.

Faljay replied:

You can always try Ofgem, the energy watchdog.


mareo replied:

Energy secretary needs the migraine

skintmalcolm replied:

Original poster here.

Things are now getting REALLY bad.

I said in my original message that the hand-delivered ‘threat to install a prepayment meter’ letter I got earlier this month quoted a bill of which £120 was penalty charges – 2 x £55 for those hand-delivered letters and £10 late payment fee. The part for the electricity was just over £51 – so the penalty charges were over twice what my electricity charges were!

Well, I was so worried about this threat to fit a prepayment meter that I wrote to EON by recorded delivery. In the letter, I told them I was paying the £51 for the electricity (which I did that same day, over the post office counter) but was not paying the £120 because I was disputing this. I finished the letter by saying that under no circumstances did I want a prepayment meter, and that they had no right to fit one while I was disputing EON’s charges and complainting about EON’s refusal to answer my letters.

The next day, I rang the Ombudsman, and was advised to email their Director Of Customer Complaints (he dictated the email address to me). I was to outline the whole saga, right from its beginning in October 2012, send it, then make a printout of the email and post it to the Ombudsman.

This I did, and as soon as I sent the email, I got an automated reply to say EON had received it and would get back to me within 10 working days.

So, just to make this clear, EON now had a recorded delivery letter explaining everything AND an email explaining everything (an email they definitely got, since they replied that I’d hear from them in 10 working days).

Naturally, I thought, “They’re bound to put any debt-collection stuff on hold while they’re looking into this”. But no – I came back from a hospital visit this morning to find a THIRD hand-delivered letter sticking out of my letter-box. And this one is really nasty. Like the first two, it’s a pre-printed form letter where someone has filled in the blanks in biro. It’s headed:

Don’t ignore – We’re now applying for a Warrant to enter your home

And it doesn’t even have my name on it – it’s ‘Dear blank’ and in the blank space someone’s just written ‘customer’ in blue biro. Then it says, “we visited you today at (‘AM’ in biro) to collect the money that you owe for the energy you used.

Then next to ‘balance now due’ someone’s written ‘£165.94’ . Now, I don’t know WHERE they got that figure from. On about the 12th of this month I got a proper bill for £171.15, and £120 of that money was for those hand-delivered letters and one £10 late payment fee. Then about the next day I got the hand-delivered letter with the same figure – £171.15. Then I paid the £51.15 for the electricity and told them I was disputing the other £120. So this letter I got today, should have been demanding £120 if it had to demand anything – I haven’t had another bill since I paid that £51.15. So I just don’t know WHAT they’re on about here.

The letter goes on about how I’ll have to pay £57 if they apply for a warrant and another £257 ‘if we have to visit you to carry out the Warrant of Entry. It also says they will be accompanied by a police officer and a locksmith ‘if we need them’ All pretty threatening stuff.

And nastiest of all – the person who’d delivered it has scrawled on the bottom, “YOUR PREPAYMENT METER WILL BE FITTED ON MY NEXT VISIT”. He doesn’t say when his next visit will be and most importantly, he doesn’t even give his name. The only signature on the letter is printed along will the letter itself:, and it’s that of Keith Argent, whose title is ‘Field Debt Operations Manager’.

So, I’m really frightened now. I’ve explained everything in a recorded delivery letter to EON and in an email to EON, an email they’ve acknowledged. Yet they’re STILL not talking to me – just sending more threats.

This afternoon I sent another email to the EON address the Ombudsman had given me, reminded them they’d said they would get back in 10 working days, told them they still hadn’t got back to me, then described the threatening letter I’d just got. I also pasted in a complete copy of the earlier email. And when I sent it – to the email address I’d got an answer to just a fortninght before – it bounced back! I got an automated reply saying they weren’t using that email address any more, and that I would find a new one on their website! So I don’t even know if they got my first email – that ‘we’ll get back to you in 10 working days’ automated reply might have been something they’d just forgotten to switch off, and the email address might have already been abandoned when I’d sent that first email.

So what the hell am I to do? How can I stop them fitting this prepayment meter if they won’t talk to me? The Ombudsman will only intervene if EON gives me a deadlock letter, but EON simply aren’t speaking to me.

And as I said in my original message, I can’t even physically stop them from fitting the meter, because it’s outside my front door. I could come home one day to find it fitted – and then I’d have no choice about paying all the various penalty charges they stick on, because the meter will charge me.

I just don’t know what to do – what’s my next step here?

Faljay replied:

Send then a Denial of Implied Right of access, found here:

Whilst the account is in dispute, OFT guidelines state they:

* may not demand any payment on the account, nor am I obliged to offer any payment to you.
* may not add further interest or any charges to the account.
* may not pass the account to a third party.
* may not register any information in respect of the account with any credit reference agency.
* may not issue a default notice related to the account.
* may not apply for a court order

I believe they cannot gain entry into your home except for health and safety reasons.

Hope this is of some small use.

Take Care. 😀

ccxmmfcm replied:

I am an energy broker and I have recently helped a client in dispute.

I would phone E.on and ask for the complaints dept. The first person will try not to put you through and say they can help….

No thank you, just put me through to complaints…. Do not try to explain to this person! Give account number and nothing else.

You will probably have to demand 3 or 4 times (KEEP INSISTING), they will put you through.

When you are put through, insist on speaking with the Senior Complaints Manager. If they don’t, TELL the person you intend to register your complaint with OFGEM. It’s amazing how quick you will be put through.

Then ask for the Senior Complaints Manager’s name AND email address, which he / she will willingly give, and confirm at what address does he / she work.

Send that person an email re your complaint etc. It will be responded to in about 5 days.

In the meantime, print the email and send it direct to the Senior Complaints Manager via registered post requesting a written confirmation of receipt. Emails aren’t admissible in court, however, your written one IS.

Everything will be put on hold until sorted out.

This is what I do and have done for business clients who spend an awful lot more.

It’s never a pleasant experience, but the quickest way is to do the above and threaten in no uncertain terms that OFGEM will be contacted with no further reminder if they do not sort it out. Now the Senior Complaints Manager HAS to sort it as ALL complaints ARE registered.

You could remind them that SSE were recently fined about £35 million by OFGEM because of complaints.

Good luck, and keep us informed. 😀

Faljay replied:

Fab, ccxmmfcm. This should really help.

Nice to know we have people in powerful places with expert knowledge.

Take Care. 😀

scrooom replied:

ccxmmfcm I’m saving this to my file of what to do’s. Excellent info thankyou 😉

Knowing what to ask is 99% of the solution.

ccxmmfcm replied:

😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

skintmalcolm replied:

Thank you all so much for you very thoughtful replies.

This message is chiefly about the advice ccxmmfcm gave me, and I’d be very grateful if he would comment on it.

I rang EON’s complaints number, ccxmmfcm (it was 0345 300 6301) and after several menus, I finally got through to a real person. I did what you said, ccxmmfcm, and asked to be put through to the Senior Complaints Manager. She said there was no such position, but could she help? I told her I was sure there was such a position, but she kept saying there wasn’t. So I gave up and asked her name, which she readily gave. I then asked for her job title, and she said, “Customer Resolution Manager”. I asked if there was anyone higher I could go to, and she said there wasn’t – I’d have to go to her first.

I then made it clear that I wanted everything to be in writing, so I asked what her address was, so I could write to her by name. She wouldn’t give it, First, she said she didn’t know where she’d be from day to day, then later she said she wouldn’t give her address “because that’s not how we do things here”.

So I asked her for her email address, which she gave. Then I pointed out that as emails are not admissable in court, I intended to make a printout of the email and send it by post, and I needed to know where to send it. She just said I should send it to one of the addresses I’d get on their website, or she could tell me now over the phone. I said I needed an address where I could send it to her by name, but that got me nowhere – all she’d give me were ‘generic’ addresses such as Customer Services, Customer Complaints, etc.

I kept telling her that in order to get the kind of evidence I needed that I had actually complained to EON, I needed a copy of a letter addressed to a particular person, with their name on it. I still got nowhere.

I then tried telling her that I intended registering my complaint with OFGEM, but she just said, “They’ll say the same thing that I’m saying to you”.

So, I feel I’ve been totally bamboozled. I’ll email this woman, but I haven’t got a good feeling about this.

Any opinions, anyone?


Another development which I find very worrying. A few minutes ago, I bumped into a fellow tenant (as I’ve said, we live in a complex of flats, where everything is under one roof). He said to me, “Yesterday a chap was asking to see the warden. I told him we used to have a warden, but not anymore”.

When I asked my neighbour if this man had said what it was about, he said, “He wants to fit an electricity meter, but he said he needs to get permission from the warden to do this”.

Well, of course, this was the EON debt collector. Now, I find this very disturbing. Our complex of flats was sheltered accommodation until a few years ago, but isn’t now (it’s now ‘supported accommodation’). But that fact that this man asked for the warden means he thought it was sheltered accommodation – which makes EON’s bullying and harassment even worse.

EON is evidently willing to force a prepayment onto someone in sheltered accommodation, without entering into any dialogue with them. Totally disgusting.

ccxmmfcm replied:


I’ve just sent you a pm.

When you reply I will action on it

skintmalcolm replied:

Here’s the latest. I’d had to give my full details, plus my email address, to the woman I spoke to on the phone this afternoon (see my last message).

Just now I’ve logged on and found this message from her:

“Dear Mr

Further to our conversation today I really would like to assist with any issues you have relating to your account with E.ON.

If you would like to email copies of any correspondence you have sent to E.ON, or outline the issues to me I would be happy to investigate these for you. As I mentioned to you our complaints handling procedure can be seen on our website and the first step for us to assist you with any complaint is for you to call us so that we can be aware of the issues and offer a resolution.

I have opened a complaint on your account, a letter outlining our complaints handling procedure will be sent out to you but if I do not hear further from you by Wednesday 5th March 2014 I shall close the complaint.

Kind regards

Glynne Wilson
Resolution Manager
Customer Resolution Team
Customer Operations
T: 0345 300 6301
[email protected]

Customer Service Centre
Raw Dykes Road
Leicester, LE2 7JY”

Now, she refused to give me an address where I could write a letter to her, or send a printout of any email I sent to her, which makes me very distrustful. So I’m wondering if there’s any point in composing an email detailing everything that’s happened, as this will take hours, and without being able to send a printout of it by recorded delivery, I won’t have much proof that she got it.

I feel she’s getting me to play EON’s game.

But since there’s not much else I can do, I may as well email her.

SalliNae replied:

Why don’t you email her saying:

“further to our telephone conversation wherein you agreed to provide your personal address for service of email hard copy, I note you failed to include the same. I am afraid the company general correspondence address will not suffice as you are well aware.

I look forward to receipt of an address wherein you are guaranteed prompt next day delivery so that we can then work to resolve issues.”

or something to that effect. A request in writing referring to a verbal request puts her in a position.

ccxmmfcm replied:

Firstly, I would ring E.on again, whoever you get through to first just give them your account number and then ask for the Complaints Reference Number. Thank you – hang up.
0800 0511 626 let them pay for the call. 😆

Yes, I would definitely still email Glynne Wilson. Scan and attach any previous correspondence you have already sent in.
In your opening sentence, I would request an acknowledgement of this email by return, also click on ‘read receipt’ before sending.
Another address is: Customer Service Centre, E.on, PO Box 7750, Nottingham NG1 6WR.

I would put in the email subject line, Attn: Glynne Wilson – Resolution Manager ref Complaint No: ****
Print-off the email and post it via recorded delivery to the address she gave you.

Request a written confirmation of receipt of letter (even though you will have proof of delivery).

Last year E.on received approx 930,000 complaints. ❗

Faljay replied:

930,000 complaints and no one has sanctioned them yet? Just shows how useless the system is and how they all back one another. Pathetic.


scrooom replied:

makes me wonder, they are obviously not resolving those 930k complaints.

So what now, if with the goodf storm that is coming at them, they become 930k SCC cases? Where does that move the pressure to then, that was on us before we learned how to fight back? hmmmm…

I keep saying it, others have too, get one’s kit into trusts before the smelly stuff hits the whirly turny thing. 😉

Faljay replied:

If we all made SCC against this lot and the others, they would panic, run to the government, who would then ban the SC Court. They have to keep their phoney-baloney jobs, don’t they.

😆 😀

scrooom replied:

Faljay you are probably dead right there. I hope the OP has success. its a mindscrew fighting these big companies.

skintmalcolm replied:

Here’s the latest. On Friday I sent my long email to the person who named herself (but refused to give her address). Now it’s Monday morning, and I got this in my inbox:

[email protected]
To Me
Mar 1 at 3:30 PM

Hi, thanks for getting in touch. I’m sorry it’s taken us so long to reply.

Unfortunately, you have not provided your customer account number or your full address in your email. As a result, I have been unable to locate your account and respond to your query.

To enable me to locate your account, please re-send your query along with the missing information. As soon as we have this, I will ensure your query is resolved accordingly.

Alternatively you can call us on 0345 052 0000 with your query and we will be happy to help.

Kind regards,

Rebecca Moore
Customer Services

First of all, note that this is an automated response, so I can’t reply to it or challenge what it says. Secondly, it doesn’t refer to which email I sent (it doesn’t give the date of the email) so it’s hard to know what they’re referring to. Thirdly, it claims, “Unfortunately, you have not provided your customer account number or your full address in your email.” Well, I certainly put both my address and account number on Friday’s email, and though I didn’t put the account number on the previous one, I did put my address, because I ALWAYS put my address on emails.

And no reply from the woman I sent Friday’s email to.

I think they’re going to go on ignoring me until they fit a prepayment meter.

Faljay replied:

Resend the email with theirs quoted within it and then add this concerning the pre-paid meter.

[COLLECTION CONTACT] Collections Department


1) ANY employee, principal, agent, third party or representative or any other person acting on behalf of any CORPORATE BODY (i.e. Company) howsoever named and,

2) ANY POLICE OFFICER who is acting for the CORPORATE POLICE and NOT acting as expressed in the Oath of Office of all POLICE men and women, that is as Public Servants, upon your Oath of Office to serve “with fairness, integrity, diligence and impartiality, upholding fundamental human rights and according equal respect to all people; and that I will, to the best of my power, cause the peace to be kept and preserved and prevent all offences against people and property”

We do not have, and have never had, a contract. And any permission that you believe you may have from me is hereby withdrawn. If you believe that you have power of attorney to act on my behalf you are hereby fired, and any consent that you believe you may have, tacit or otherwise, is hereby withdrawn. If you feel so inclined as to enforce statutes as a consequence of this matter I will report your conduct to ALL relevant bodies and will pursue Proof of Claim in affidavit form, under your full commercial liability and under the penalty of perjury. You are deemed to have been served this notice with immediate effect. There will be a charge of 4995.00 (FIVE THOUSAND POUNDS) for any incursion what so ever.

In sincerity and honour, without ill-will, frivolity, or vexation. Without any admission of any liability whosoever, and with all Indefeasible Rights reserved.

Errors & Omissions Excepted.


Authorised Agent and Representative for [FULLNAME UPPERCASE]

That will keep them out as they may only enter your home for health and safety reasons.

Take Care. 😀

skintmalcolm replied:

After a long an exasperating phone call to EON, I finally got the person I’d emailed on Feb 28th to acknowledge receipt of the message. So, a small victory:

Wilson, Glynne
To Me
Today at 10:32 AM
Dear Mr ,

Please accept my apologies for the delay in responding to your email dated 28th February 2014.

I was not in work on Friday 28th February or Saturday 1st March and only started work at 10am today. I have just opened this email and will respond shortly after having carefully perused the contents.

Glynne Wilson
Resolution Manager
Customer Resolution Team
Customer Operations
T: 0345 300 6301
[email protected]

Customer Service Centre
Raw Dykes Road
Leicester, LE2 7JY

Faljay replied:

Finally, Sheesh!


Hinder replied:


Although you don’t want her to simply ‘peruse the contents’. It’s all very nice that she will give what you say some thought, but some actual action on the back of that perusal is what I have my fingers crossed on for you. Hope you start to get positive answers over their mess.

zark replied:

yeah, its top …

they are at work and doing it 9-5

you are at home living it 24/7

is that fair?

ccxmmfcm replied:

Glad it’s moving forwards BUT I would give her only 5 days to have some sort of response and if not I would email / write again to keep it moving forward. 😀

skintmalcolm replied:

I’ve just had a response from Glynne Wilson, and I’m not at all happy with it. Here it is in full:

Dear Mr

Having read through the email you sent on 28th February 2014 firstly may I apologise but we really have not received any previous letters from you apart from the one received 25th February 2014. I am so sorry if these have gone astray and we have been unaware of the issues that have affected you. I am also very sorry to hear of the medical condition that you have, we have been unaware of this as we have never received the letters which may have mentioned this previously. I can assure you we treat all our customers, vulnerable or otherwise with respect and as mentioned in my previous email I confirm that a letter regarding our complaints handling process is on its way to you to advise of your rights should the issues you mention remain unresolved.

I would advise that when we started to supply you on 9th March 2011 your meter reading was 08782,
on 10th February 2012 we obtained a reading of 09323,
on 9th August 2012 we obtained a reading of 09653,
on 15th February 2013 the reading was 10055
on 6th August 2013 the reading was 10425
on 10th February 2014 the reading was 10827

This shows you have used 2045 Kwh of electricity over 1068 days, which averages 1.914 Kwh each day. If you use only a fridge, microwave, kettle and lights you could use more than this per day. Your current tariff has a daily standing charge of 24.78pence per day and each Kwh of electricity used costs you 13.510 pence. This means that currently your electricity is costing you around 50 pence a day including the standing charge and before discounts and VAT.

There are two debits of £10 for non payment of bills together with two charges of £55 for pre-disconnection visits undertaken, the second of these was only applied to your account today. These charges are valid because the bills remained unpaid for longer than your contract allows and both visits have been carried out.

Your meter can be checked of course but there is a charge of £93.00 including VAT which is payable if the meter is found to be accurate and no faulty. Please let me know if you wish this to be done.

I trust the foregoing answers your queries but if you wish to discuss this further please do not hesitate to contact me.

Glynne Wilson
Resolution Manager
Customer Resolution Team
Customer Operations

First of all, I’m certain that there were THREE £55 ‘visit’ charges. I was notified of the first in September of last year, and the second in January of this one, so both of those will surely have already been put on my bill, So when Glynne Wilson says, “the second of these was only applied to your account today”, I just don’t understand how this can can be.

And on February 26th I got a THIRD hand-delivered letter, and the ‘balance due’ written on it (£165.94, when previously it had been £120 ) can only mean I’ve had a third £55 put on the bill.

Secondly, note that Glynne Wilson denies EON receiving any of my letters.

Thirdly, and most seriously, Glynne stands by all the penalty charges, with the justification: “These charges are valid because the bills remained unpaid for longer than your contract allows and both visits have been carried out.” No mention of the point I stressed in my email that I WAS IN DISPUTE WITH THEM.

I think it’s a disgusting response – it appears to deliberately ignore or deny everything I have put to EON for the last sixteen months.

So, any thoughts of how I should proceed from here? As always, any help here would be greatly appreciated.

Faljay replied:

Resend all the letters and inform them that a letter posted is deemed delivered unless proven otherwise. Apply to the post office to trace all your previous postings and if they were delivered, then you have them as everything you sent will stand as of the dates on those letters.


skintmalcolm replied:

Faljay: Well, I can trace the last letter I sent them, on February 12th, but that’s because I sent it recorded delivery.

But as for the others, I have health problems that prevent me from getting to the nearest town, so I have to post my letters here in my own village, where there isn’t a post office. That means I can’t send them by recorded delivery – just put them in the pillar-box. I doubt if there is any way the Post Office could trace any of them.

Are you sure that letters that are posted are deemed to be delivered? Seems a bit too good to be true.

As usual, I’ll be grateful to anyone reading this thread who can give me some opinions on this problem.

skintmalcolm replied:

I hope nobody minds my pasting in copies of the emails between me and E.ON – I think they help clarify what’s going on. Here’s my latest to EON, sent just now, to try to prevent them fitting a prepayment meter before this is all settled:

To [email protected]
Today at 8:45 PM

I am writing in response to your email of March 3rd, which I read this morning.

I intend to make a detailed reply to your email as soon as I can, but I do not feel well enough to do so at present, and may also need some help do do so.

For this reason, you may not receive the reply until tomorrow or the day after.

The reason I am writing now to to ask you to give me your assurance that no E.ON employee will attempt to fit a prepayment meter while this matter is still in dispute. Please reply and give me this assurance at your earliest opportunity, as the propect of E.ON taking this step is causing me a great deal of worry and is making my existing health problems a lot worse.

Please reply by tomorrow at the latest.

Yours faithfully

As I understand it, EON should give this assurance not to fit a prepayment while this matter’s in dispute, but I’m not sure I can insist on this. I believe the OFT says utility companies shouldn’t try to collect a debt while there’s a dispute going on, but isn’t it just a ‘guideline’ of the OFT, and not law?

I’ve a feeling that when this Glynne Willson replies, it will just be to steamroller me. I’ll paste in her reply when it comes.

Faljay replied:

First, try the post office website to see if you can have them trace your letters that way.

The OFT guidelines are official and if they don’t comply then they can be reported. Do you have a Denial of Implied Right of Access posted on your door and windows? If not, print off as many as you need and tape them up.

Find the DOIRA here:

Take Care. 😀

skintmalcolm replied:

zark, troll post reported.

skintmalcolm replied:

Original poster here. First of all, I’d just like to say I was surprised to read the reply from ‘zark’. I was under the impression that this website was free of irritating trolls like him. I hope he’s a rarity here.

Just to bring this up to date. Yesterday I wrote a long, long reply to the first response I’d got from Glynne Wilson on March 4th. Basically, in her email she just denied EON had received any of my letters, denied they knew I had health problems, maintained the penalty charges they’d imposed were fair, etc, etc. So I emailed a reply where I answered her message point by point. It took me four hours to do, and it wound up over 3,000 words long (and believe me, that was the shortest I could make it). I won’t inflict that email on the good people here.

But before that reply, I sent another email designed to forestall any attempt by EON to fit a prepayment meter:

To [email protected]
Mar 4 at 8:45 PM

I am writing in response to your email of March 3rd, which I read this morning.

I intend to make a detailed reply to your email as soon as I can, but I do not feel well enough to do so at present, and may also need some help do do so.

For this reason, you may not receive the reply until tomorrow or the day after.

The reason I am writing now to to ask you to give me your assurance that no E.ON employee will attempt to fit a prepayment meter while this matter is still in dispute. Please reply and give me this assurance at your earliest opportunity, as the propect of E.ON taking this step is causing me a great deal of worry and is making my existing health problems a lot worse.

Please reply by tomorrow at the latest.

Yours faithfully

She emailed back:

Wilson, Glynne
To Me
Mar 5 at 11:18 AM

Dear Mr

Thank you for your response and I do understand that you require assistance to reply however we really would like to help in sorting this out for you as swiftly as possible. If you contact us on 0345 301 5313, either yourself or possibly a friend, carer or support worker if you have one and you are happy to give them permission to discuss your account with us, we do have a specialist team who can discuss your situation and help resolve these issues. The number noted takes you through to the pre-disconnection visit team and if you discuss your circumstances with them they will advise you of any assistance we can give to sort this out.

I will unfortunately not be available on this team after tomorrow evening, Thursday 6th March 2014 as I have Friday off and on Monday `10th March I start a different job within E.ON however if you prefer to discuss this further with me I am here for the rest of today and tomorrow.

If we do not hear further from you by Monday 10th March 2014 we shall close the complaint that is currently open on your account and this will start the debt collection process again.

Kind regards

Glynne Wilson
Resolution Manager
Customer Resolution Team
Customer Operations

Well, it looks as though I’m stuffed here!

The last day she has a chance to reply to the mail I took most of yesterday composing is today – and there’s no sign of it yet. She has Friday off, then she’s working in a different department. And then she says, “Monday 10th March 2014 we shall close the complaint that is currently open on your account and this will start the debt collection process again.”

Worst of all, she doesn’t give the name of anyone I should continue this correspondence with.

I get the feeling E.ON are just backing me into a corner here. Any thoughts?

Faljay replied:

Send this to the complaint’s dept:

Whilst this account is in official dispute, as per OFT, and soon to be FCA, guidelines state you:

* may not demand any payment on the account, nor am I obliged to offer any payment to you.
* may not add further interest or any charges to the account.
* may not pass the account to a third party
* may not register any information in respect of the account with any credit reference agency.
* may not issue a default notice related to the account.
* may not take out a court summons

My complaint squarely places this account in dispute and it has been since XXXX Date.

Take Care. 😀

zark replied:

i dont consider that trolling — maybe you consider it ‘unhelpful’ or ‘brash’. i was referring to how companies and their staff have all the time in the world with no worries, while the injured party suffers with no sympathy.

yet, i have been in a similar position with countless companies and spent hours upon hours trying to formulate the best response and a great letter but alas each time i was met with frustration and annoying responses which usually avoid or deny the issue.

further .. to be helpful … i have found 5 of my Notices and Demands immediately settle the issue for penalty charges or taking of monies without permission.
my N&D are from a standard template upon and tailored to me and my circumstance

better 1 swift N&D to the chief executives office than the merry-go-round of customer services

my best experience was 5 months chasing virginmedia for overcharging me .. letter after letter
then 1 N&D within 30 days a received a phone call from a department i had never heard of and the lady just straight out asked me
“what is it you would like regarding this issue?” 3 mins later i had a favourable solution.

my recommendation — go to the top and hold the boss responsible.

ccxmmfcm replied:

I would email Glynn Wilson and say you DO NOT WANT THE COMPLAINT CLOSED ON MONDAY 10th MARCH.

I want you to give me the name and email of the person who will be in charge of my complaint when you move department and to forward to that person ALL of our recent communications immediately.

If no response, call E.on ASAP and demand the same.

SalliNae replied:

Hi Skint Malcolm,

Have you noticed how they don’t like dealing with issues by email and are forever providing phone numbers and encouraging you to talk over the phone. This is not acceptable. You have a chosen method of correspondence and it works for you. Why should you have to tell your tale to a carer or support worker for chinese whispers over a phone when you have direct contact.

Simply respond to Ms Wilson as follows.

“Thank you for your email. I have explained my situation and the fact that the account is in dispute. I have also explained why it is necessary for me to prepare a response in my own time. I therefore do not appreciate being pressurised into responding over the phone or via a third party when email works for me. I also do not appreciate being given a restricted timescale due to your work commitments. This is tantamount to bullying and is not fair and reasonable on your part given that I am trying to be reasonable and sort out this matter. Your company is supposed to help its customers not dictate to them when and how to respond.

I have advised that I will be responding in full and in the meantime, I formally request that you recognise this account is in dispute and provide me with the name, email address and direct postal address of another member of staff who will be taking over your case files so that there is a smooth handover to the next person once you have taken up your new job.

If you persist in giving me deadlines and not take on my reported concerns and restrictions in responding due to disabilities, I will have no option but to copy this email to the Chief Executive Officer and report your company for discrimination.”

Hopefully something like this might buy you some time. As a customer you have rights. You are not avoiding payment. You have a genuine dispute and they need to listen and cater for your requirements.

Hope this helps.

skintmalcolm replied:

I’ll reply to the new messages soon, but I would just like to say right now that I completely misinterpreted a recent post from zark, and thought it was trolling.

It wasn’t, and I apologise for getting this wrong.

skintmalcolm replied:

Well, I’ve been handed over to another ‘complaints resolution manager’, but before that, I got a nasty surprise from Glynne Wilson in her last email:

“On 3rd March 2014 a further pre disconnection site visit was carried out and a further £55 charge has been applied to your account on 4th March 2014. This now leaves an outstanding balance of £175.94 on your account.”

This is truly disgusting. They know I can prove that I wrote to them in mid February, and they know I rang Glynne Wilson on February 27th, and have been emailing her ever since, yet they still do this. It’d truly disgusting. Surely no-one could say this was anything but harassment.

Anyway, here’s the email from the new person, Thomas Harris:

Hi Mr

I would just like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as the new resolution manager that will be dealing with your ongoing case.

As per your communication with my colleague Glynne Wilson, I would like to reiterate that the resolution we are offering would be to remove the three £10 late payment fees that you have incurred on your E.ON account.

Please can you provide me with your contact telephone number so that we can discuss this resolution. If you are unhappy with the resolution, I would be happy to connect you with our impartial review team.

Kind Regards,

Tom Harris
Resolution Manager
Customer Resolution Team
Customer Operations
Tel: 0345 300 6301

And my reply:

Dear Mr Harris

It is with some surprise and disappointment that I find that Glynne Wilson, the person with whom I was conducting this complaint, has left this post without warning me and has handed my complaint over to you. This lack of continuity can only add to the confusion E.ON’s behaviour has caused me since I began this correspondence back in October 2012. Furthermore, her last email does almost nothing to bring this matter any nearer to a satisfactory resolution.

I look at the emails I have sent to Ms Wilson, and the many letters I have sent to E.ON over the past sixteen months, some of which were very detailed and took hours to compose, and I note that none of them has got a response that a reasonable person would describe as satisfactory. Throughout this whole period, E.ON has either ignored my correspondence or answered it by totally denying culpability of any kind.

The longer I go on writing to E.ON, the more sure I become that my correspondence will get me nowhere and that I am wasting my time.

For this reason, I am looking into the possibility of suing E.ON, using the small claims track, and shall be taking legal advice towards this end. In view of the great distress E.ON has caused me over a long period of time, and the fact that it behaved in a way that could clearly be described as harassment, even though it knew I was in a vulnerable mental state, makes me think that a personal injury claim would be appropriate, but I shall have to take advice on this.

If I decide upon this route, I shall pay E.ON what it claims I owe (I stress – what it claims I owe), switch energy providers and thus rid myself of all the pressure and worry I have been experiencing while this dispute has been going on, and then commence legal proceedings against E.ON.

However, I would much rather settle this problem amicably without resorting to a third party, even at this late stage. This is of course entirely up to E.ON

Before I go any further, I must make a few points:

1) I am very unhappy that Glynne Wilson gave me no warning that she was about to leave her post within days of taking charge of my complaint. I am also unhappy that she did not tell me whom the complaint would be handed over to. This was very unprofessional of her.

2) I note from your email and Ms Wilson’s that you both appear to be very kean to conduct this complaint via telephone conversations, even though my letters and emails can have left you in no doubt that I prefer everything to be in writing, so that I will have evidence of everything that passes between me and E.ON. Please cease pressuring me to telephone me when you know this is not my preferred mode of communication.

3) In this email you give me no indication that you are in possession of all the communications between E.ON and myself, which include eight of the letters I have sent to E.ON since October 2012, plus the emails between Ms Wilson and myself. Please confirm that you have these.

4) Yesterday I telephoned an employee at the pre-disconnection visit team named Richard, whose internal ID number is R25549. He assured me that while this remained an ‘open complaint’, as he put it, no attempt would be made to fit such a meter or carry out any other debt collection procedures. As this was a telephone conversation, I have no written proof of this assurance. Please provide such proof, either in your next email or by letter.

5) On March 5th I sent Ms Wilson an email which was very meticulous and took around four hours to compose. This was the email to which I had attached eight of the unanswered letters I had sent to E.ON since October 2012.

I received her response this morning, and found it to be totally unsatisfactory. Not only does she fail adequately to respond to the many points I made in that email, be she also says:

“On 3rd March 2014 a further pre disconnection site visit was carried out and a further £55 charge has been applied to your account on 4th March 2014. This now leaves an outstanding balance of £175.94 on your account.”

I must make two points here.

First, I can be almost certain that no such visit occurred on March 3rd. I heard no one at my door, and neither did my next-door neighbour, and no letter saying a visit had been made was posted through my door. I have had three previous ‘visits’ (I put the word in quotes because on two of those occasions I have good reason to believe no one bothered even to knock on my door), and for each of these ‘visits’ I have a hand-delivered letter saying someone called. Either the person who called forgot E.ON protocol and did not post such a letter when he came on March 3rd or, more likely, Ms Wilson is wrong when she writes that a visit took place on March 3rd 2014.

Secondly, if this visit did take place on March 3rd 2014, then E.ON acted in a totally unprofessional manner in carrying out such a visit, and was ignoring Office Of Fair Trading guidelines which make it clear that no such action should take place while a dispute is in place. All three previous visits and their attendant fees, plus the £10 penalty charges, were also in contravention of OFT guidelines, since E.ON and I have clearly been in dispute since October 2012. I realise that E.ON has been trying to evade its responsibilities with the old ‘we didn’t get your letters’ excuse, but you know that I have proof of my letter of mid-February, as it was sent by recorded delivery, and that I have proof of the fact that I had a telephone conversation with your resolution manager, Glynne Wilson, and subsequent emails clearly showing that a dispute is in place.

To make these visits, knowing that a dispute is in place and with the full knowledge of my frail mental condition, is truly disgracefully. It is harassment of the worst kind.

As Ms Wilson handed over this complaint so abruptly, and as I found her latest reply to be so unsatisfactory, I think the most sensible way to resume things is for me to paste in the email that her reply concerned, and give you a chance to address all the points it makes. I should mention that I have corrected the spelling of Ms Wilson’s name, and changed ‘months’ to ‘sixteen months’, but in all other respects it is the same email I sent to Ms Wilson.

Please answer this email point by point:


I’ve cut the copy of the email I put here – it would make this message too long if I included it.


As I said, this time I expect a reply that fully addresses the points I made. It is now Friday, so I do not expect a reply until next Monday, but I do expect one then or very shortly thereafter.

And finally, I MUST have your written assurance that no attempt will be made to fit a prepayment while this dispute is still in place.

I’ll have to wait to see what effect this email has.

ccxmmfcm replied:

Very clear!

I’m currently going through a major complaint with NPower on behalf of a business client. They have a written Letter of Authority (LOA) and are still refusing to comply….

They really do think they are above the law etc…everyone of them!
You, I, we all MUST ensure they comply with law and regulations etc.

Keep up the fight (even though you shouldn’t have) and don’t give up!

skintmalcolm replied:

Another fruitless round of me trying to get my problem across and EON ignoring most of what I say. At the risk of boring the pants off everyone, I’ve pasted in my new resolution manager’s email, and my (by now very crabby) reply:

Dear Mr

Thank you for your email highlighting the issues that you would like me to resolve for you.

I would like to take the opportunity to apologise for the swift nature in which your case has been transferred to myself. Nevertheless, Glynne has provided me with a full and comprehensive account of your concerns and the resolution that she has offered. She informed you of her change of role and that I would be looking after your complaint, in her email dated 06.03.14, but I am sorry that this may not have been clear.

Having reviewed your account and the details of the complaint, I can confirm that our records indicate that your meter is likely to be functioning correctly. However, as you are in doubt, we can arrange to investigate your meter. This process involves arranging for a check meter to be placed alongside your meter, in order for the recording rate to be established. As you have been advised by Glynne, if your meter proves to be running accurately, there will be a charge of £93.00 added to your account.

You state in your email and have attached copies of letters that you have sent to us since October 2012. I am sorry that we have not received these, I assure you that had we received them we would have responded accordingly. We have received a letter dated 12.02.14, which you have confirmed in your email, was sent via recorded post. As this is the only letter we have received this is when we became aware of your vulnerability. Due to a lack of receipt of your letters, we were unaware that you were disputing your balance, which is the reason why follow up on your account has continued.

Your correspondence with Glynne has been logged on your account as will any correspondence between us. We also have a record of a conversation that you had with my colleague yesterday regarding our pre-disconnection visits and I can confirm that whilst we are resolving your complaint, we will suspend any follow up of the balance. We hope to resolve all of your concerns soon and are happy to set up a payment arrangement with you, should one be required. Please let me know if this is required.

I appreciate that you prefer for all correspondence to be via email and I am happy to do so, yet we really like to talk to our customers over the phone so that we can answer any questions that they may have in the moment.

I want to clarify the situation regarding the visits to your home. We visited your home in September 2013 and twice in February 2014. Two charges of £55.00 have been applied to your account for these visits. You are absolutely right in that no visit took place on 3rd March 2014 and I am sorry that you were misinformed.

I can understand, how the events over the last few months have made you feel and I hope that I have clarified our position. I am equally as keen as you are in coming to a satisfactory resolution with you. Therefore having considered the points you have raised and having reviewed the account, please see below details of my resolution to you:

– To arrange for a check meter to be installed at your property. Please note that should the meter prove to be running accurately, a further charge of £93.00 will be applied to your account
– To withdraw the late payment fees we have applied to your account, to the sum of £30.00
– To acknowledge the experience you have had in resolving this matter, by a payment of good will, to the sum of £20.00
– A payment arrangement of up to 12months to clear any remaining balance, should this be required

Please let me know by 12.03.14, should you wish to accept this resolution. If I do not hear from you by this date, or you choose not to accept my resolution, your complaint will be referred to our Impartial Resolution review team, who will review your complaint impartially and respond to you.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Tom Harris
Resolution Manager

To which I’ve replied (somewhat despairingly):

I refer to your email of March 7th 2014. You will recall that it was in reply to a very long and detailed email I sent you the same day, in which I made several points I wanted you to comment upon.

That email took me all of a morning to compose, and yet your own email hardly addresses any of the points it makes, but instead repeats most of what your colleague, Glynne Wilson, has said already. After the great amount of work I put into making the essence of my complaint as clear as possible, I frankly feel insulted.

You begin by trying to mitigate the very unprofessional way Ms Wilson failed to warn me she was leaving her post. You say, “She informed you of her change of role and that I would be looking after your complaint, in her email dated 06.03.14, but I am sorry that this may not have been clear”, but you neglect to note that 06.03.14 was a Thursday, and that her last day in that post was the very next day. Have you any idea how dispiriting it is to put together a detailed email to someone, one that took four hours or so to write, only to find after sending it that the recipient might not even be in her post long enough to read it?

You then go on to tell me that my meter is likely to be correct, and how I can have it checked if I’m prepared to pay £93, but in this you are only repeating what Glynne Wilson has already written to me.

You then claim E.ON did not receive any of my letters, except the one dated February 12th, but again, you are only repeating what Ms Wilson has already written to me.

You claim E.ON had no idea about my mental illness until you received my recorded delivery letter of February 12th – again, mere repetition of what has already been said.

It is obvious from everything that has passed between you, Ms Wilson and myself that E.ON’s technique for dealing with complaints is to ignore or skate over what the complainant says, flatly contradict anything that does not suit the company’s purposes, and simply carry on doing this, letter after letter, email after email, in the hope that eventually the complainant will be worn down and will simply go along with what E.ON wants.

I have set out the problem in emails that took hours to compose, yet from the replies I have got from Ms Wilson and yourself, I may as well have been talking to myself.

As well as just neglecting to properly address the previous email I sent you, you say something in your latest email that clearly shows that, even after sixteen months’ worth of letters and emails, the staff at E.ON just do not understand what I have been saying to them. Near the end of the email, you give as one of the ‘points of the resolution’ you are prepared to offer me, “A payment arrangement of up to 12 months to clear any remaining balance, should this be required”. Don’t you understand? This is not about any difficulty in paying my bill, and it never was. It is about (a) worry that I might be paying for electricity I had not used and (b) my refusal to pay penalty charges and charges for visiting my property, as they should not have been imposed while I was in dispute with E.ON, as per OFT guidelines. I do not know how simpler or how clearer I can explain things, Mr Harris.

I have little doubt that if any fair-minded third party read all the correspondence that has passed between E.ON and myself since October 2012, they would see, on the one hand, an aggrieved customer making very reasonable requests and backing up those requests with carefully reasoned arguments, and on the other hand, an energy supplier that is determined to handle the matter exactly the way it wants to, and is totally uninterested in any facts that might prevent it from doing so.

One last time, I will explain the problem to you and tell you how E.ON can resolve it.

Since October 2012, a dispute has existed between E.ON and myself, because I held a reasonable belief that my meter might be wrong and that I might therefore be paying for electricity I was not using. I set out my concerns in a letter I sent to E.ON on October 2nd 2012. Twice in that letter I also made it clear that I was suffering from mental illness. No debt-collection procedures should have taken place since then, because (a) this letter brought a dispute situation into existence (b) it was clear from that letter that there was no intention on my part to refuse to pay E.ON what I owed it and (c) I had informed E.ON that I was in a vulnerable state.

Subsequent letters reiterated what I had told you in that first letter, and also reminded E.ON of my mental condition.

Now E.ON is simply saying that it ‘never received’ the numerous letters I sent it, except the one I sent by recorded delivery. This, of course, is very convenient for E.ON, because it helps it to claim that no dispute situation existed when it imposed all those charges.

However, I cannot accept the idea that your company can just walk away from its responsibilities with the old ‘we didn’t get your letter’ excuse. You have not even replied to my letter of February 12th, which I can prove I sent. And the contents of that letter made it obvious that, not only did I need a reply, I needed an immediate reply.

With every single letter I sent to E.ON, I printed the full postal address, plus postcode, in block capitals. I also printed my own name and full address, again in block capitals, on the back of the envelope. My printing is very clear, and I checked E.ON’s address on the Internet to make sure it was correct. In other words, I did everything I could to make sure those letters got to E.ON, and there is no reason they should not have.

Once I have put them into the post box, however, I have no control over them, and if somehow they ‘go astray’ once they have reached E.ON, that is not my concern.

If you, Ms Wilson or any other of your colleagues simply decide to repeat, “We didn’t get your letters”, ad infinitum, then all I can do is either take the matter to the Ombudsman or to the County Court, because I know I sent those letters.

So for the last time, I will tell you how E.ON can resolve this matter:

First, It should rescind all penalty fees. This includes the three fees for visits to my property. You say there were two, but I can prove there were three:

I received a bill on November 26th which included the phrase “£55 adjustments on 14.9.2013” which proves conclusively that the charge was applied to my bill.

On January 16th of this year, I received a reminder stating my bill to be £126.15. Then less than a month later, without any fresh bill in the meantime, I received a hand-delivered letter stating that I now owed £171.15, a sudden leap of £45. The day after I got that hand-delivered letter, I got a bill, which was for £172.09.

I paid £51.15 over the post office counter on February 11th. That left £120, consisting of penalty fees, on my bill. But when I returned from hospital on February 26th, I found a third hand-delivered letter, stating that I owed E.ON £165.94. This was despite the fact that there was no further electricity bill between my paying E.ON on the 11th and getting this on the 26th.

So, three occasions when my bill jumped either by £55 or by £45. Clearly, three visit fees have been imposed, not two. I want them all rescinded, because I was in dispute with E.ON when they were imposed.

Secondly, it can pay me reasonable compensation for the worry and distress it has caused me over these many months, and also for the hours of work I have had to put in writing all those letters and emails explaining the problem to E.ON again and again.

In this respect, I have to say that your offer of £20 goes way beyond being merely insulting. If it turns out that I have to take this matter to the County Court using the small claims track, and if the rules allow me to take an action on the grounds of personal injury, what E.ON has put me through over these months would, I feel, justify my claiming the maximum amount of £1,000.

If E.ON is prepared to accept my suggestion of how to resolve this, then, the solution must not include another insult of this kind.

Since I cannot afford to gamble £93 I will withdraw my request to have my meter checked, and therefore the rescinding of all penalty charges and the payment of suitable compensation are my only two demands. If E.ON meets them, the dispute will be resolved.

I feel I am being very reasonable in this – more than reasonable. If E.ON still refuses to meet these very modest demands, then I shall have to take the matter further.

But, hey, I have to look on the bright side! They’re willing to give me £20 for sixteen months of tearing my hair out!

SalliNae replied:

Electricity Suppliers have a duty and responsibility to look after and maintain the equipment they are reliant upon to bill the customer. If a customer has concerns, the customer should not be put off from pressing for a check of the equipment because he/she might not be able to afford the check if it is working. That is discrimination.

You have raised a concern. At the very least they should tell you how old the meter is when the meter was last maintained/checked by an engineer. Their wording “it is likely” that the meter is working properly is simply not acceptable. What grounds makes them believe it is likely to be working? What paperwork have they seen? Is there a certificate that exists saying it is working correctly?

Don’t settle for this. At the very least ask these questions. Make them accountable for their decision to charge you for electricity through a meter which you suspect is defective.

They have created a situation whereby they profit if it is not defective but they profit from false readings if it is and you don’t get it verified. A win win for them. No Court in the land would deem that fair and reasonable and it is certainly not in the best interest of the customer who cannot afford £93.

Just my opinion but what they are suggesting is wrong.

skintmalcolm replied:

Original poster here. Just when I think EON can’t get any worse, it goes and surprises me.

As you can see in the previous message, I sent a long and carefully crafted email to one Thomas Harris. You’d think he’d reply, don’t you?

Well, instead of a reply from him, this is what I got in my inbox:

Resolution Review Team
Today at 2:56 PM

Hi Mr

We want to hear from you

Thanks for taking the time to contact us and letting us know about your concerns.

I’d like to introduce you to my team. We carry out reviews of cases for customers who aren’t happy with the outcome. We’ll be reviewing your case to decide whether what we offered you is right or whether we should do something different.

We’d like to hear from you so we can understand things from your point of view. This will help us to make the right decision. When you’ve some time to spare please call us on 0115 843 4968. If you can’t call, please write to us or email us with any other information you think we need to know.

We really want to make sure we review your case as fairly as we can. If, for some reason you don’t get in touch we will do the review based on what we already know. Once we’ve carried out the review we will let you know if we think what we’ve offered to do is right, or whether we should do something different.

Contacting us

You can get in touch with us on 0115 843 4968, email at [email protected] or write to E.ON, Wyvern House, Phoenix House, Colliers Way, Nuthall, Nottingham, NG8 6AT. Please contact us by 15 March 2014 so that I can look into the matter with your input.

Just in case…

If you’d like to have a look at our complaints process you’ll find it by visiting: If you want a paper copy, please just let us know.

Kind regards

Melissa Thompson
Resolution Review Team

So without warning, Thomas Harris has bounced me over to this ‘Resolution Review Team’. He hasn’t commented on my email to him, hasn’t warned me he’s switching me to this team, hasn’t said if the team has my correspondence. Nothing.

And note that it’s the equivalent of a ‘form letter’, and that it expects me to get in touch with them. If I do, will I have to start explaining things all over again? And note the second sentence: ‘Thanks for taking the time to contact us and letting us know about your concerns’. I certainly didn’t contact them! Bloody disgusting.

skintmalcolm replied:

Just received the verdict from the ‘resolution review team’:

Resolution Review Team
To Me
Mar 13 at 4:04 PM
I’ve reviewed your case

Dear Mr

I’ve looked into what we did wrong and what we’ve offered to do to put it right.

Our offer to you

I believe that what we’ve offered and the advice we’ve given to resolve the issue is fair. I understand that you don’t feel that Thomas has fully addressed all of your points, but after reading through your correspondence I believe that he has.

There is unfortunately no indication of any letters that you’ve sent until November 29 2013; as you’ve been advised, if we do not receive any letters there is unfortunately nothing that we can do.

We have offered the following:

· To arrange for a check meter to be installed at your property on the understanding that if the meter proves to be running correctly, there will be a charge of £93, which I know you have now declined;
· To withdraw all late payment fees applied to your account (a total of £30);
· A £20 gesture of good will for any distress caused by this situation;
· An extended payment arrangement over 12 months to pay back the balance, should you wish.

Under the circumstances, I believe that this is fair.

What happens next?

Please let me know if you accept this outcome. If you do I’ll put things in place right away. If you don’t, we’ll write to you to let you know how to have your complaint looked at by the Ombudsman. The Ombudsman’s decision is legally binding on E.ON but would not stop you from taking legal action.

You can get in touch with me on 0115 843 4968, write to me at the below address for Wyvern House or email me at: [email protected]

Kind regards

Melissa Thompson
Resolution Review Team
Business Transformation
Tel: +44 (0) 345 302 4340 Extension 3396
Fax: +44 (0) 115 958 0835

Wyvern House
Phoenix Park
Colliers Way

They’re really playing hard-ball, aren’t they? I don’t know whether to go to the Ombudsman, the County Court, or both.

zark replied:

you’ll give yourself an ulcer and headaches.

have you tried using an energy monitor plug for each appliance

plug in the energy monitor to the fridge for 4hours = x 6 to equal 1 days use then the same for the freezer etc etc

2kw a day – 50p including the standing daily charge .. jeeze …

i,e a fridge can use 350kwh per year — thats 1kwh a day… so theres half your meter reading.

since 2010 the charges for kwh have doubled at least. suck it up. its crap but there you go

seriously, why havent you checked your appliances then you can take issue with the meter reading.
seriously — you are banging your head against a wall and the company isnt arsed

skintmalcolm replied:

That’s very good advice, zark, and I really appreciate it.

The thing is, though, that my doubts about my electricity usage are no longer the main subject – if the meter’s wrong and I’m paying too much, I can probably just put up with it, though I don’t want to.

The main subject now is those three £55 fees for visiting my property. They shouldn’t have imposed them, as we were in dispute, but they just won’t budge on this.

I can’t afford to throw away £165.

I might try suing them using the Small Claims track, but I don’t know if I’d be allowed to claim for the distress they’ve caused me as well as the penalty charges they’ve wrongly imposed. I went to CAB the other day to ask for the list of solicitors that do a half hour of free advice, but CAB said they no longer do such a list, as the ‘free half hour’ thing is more or less a thing of the past.

zark replied:

dont pay em.

switch supplier immediately. eON need to give a reasonable reason why it refuses otherwise its plain sailing.

Minnie replied:

i think zark’s advice is right – don’t pay them….. and switch suppliers. SSE have charged me for three ‘debt visits’ the last one was £75 👿 Under no circumstances will I be paying for the visits.

I am now looking for a new supplier and hope SSE won’t be able to stop me 😕

skintmalcolm replied:

Once again, thanks for everyone’s help here.

Not paying them, and switching suppliers, are exactly what I want to do. Two problems. though:

(1) My meter is outside my property, so they can come and fit a prepayment meter whenever they want to – and they’ll set it to take these penalty charges. I don’t think they’ll even need permission from a magistrate, since it’s outside my flat, and therefore on my housing association’s property. I could come home one day to find it’s been fitted.

(2) An energy company can prevent you from switching away from them if you’re in debt to them. I maintain the debt is made up of charges they had no right to impose, but of course, they’re maintaining that they did have a right to impose those charges. I’d switch from them tomorrow, but I feel sure they’ll block me.

I don’t really see a way around either of these problems.

AliveAndFree replied:

If they take it to a Magistrates court to obtain access to fit a pre-payment meter, then does that not mean you will have the perfect opportunity to take them to task ref the charges whilst in dispute, right in front of the Magistrate?

mareo replied:

Nonsensical to obtain a warrant of entry to change a meter in a public location – they may only apply for a warrant for safety issues – the correct venue for account disputes is the county court – they are using legislation in a manner not designed to be used – this is what you need to state in court –

have a snoop around the site as there are some videos explaining exactly this