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How Can I Get Out of Debt?

With a simple legislated debt solution you can consolidate all your debts into one lower, affordable monthly repayment. Make one set payment per month for a set period, and after the period expires any remaining debts left are legally written off. This can be up to 90% depending on your circumstances.


essenz asked:

I’ve had these Interlopers AVANTIS call my mobile phone, my house phone and also send me a letter this January…..

1- answered call said this is not the person you are looking for don’t call my number again and please take my number off your system

2- Last number that called me on my house phone is AVANTIS 01782 401121, as they have NOT been able to get hold of me I will be calling there office myself and tell them to STOP calling my house number and take my number off there system as if they don’t this will constitute in harassment and I will take action against them. To stop all there nuisance trying to bully me calls.

3- I will be returning the letters back as return to sender! so I am not contracting with them.

I am guessing that advantis has been provided with mobile/house/work number and address by HMRC, That is a invasion of my privacy?

Amyway It is not my fault at all for tax overpayment, as a matter a fact I disputed this with HMRC as its not possible that they over paid me tax and came up with that £1780.00 figure! and there wanting me to suffer there mistake consiquence? this is day light robbery this is actually a CRIME I find very fraudulent? seriously? they have overpaid tax credit to over 800 people?? I think HMRC needs to be investigated

williams2583 replied:

If HMRC they are agents and have no standing anyway,thus ignor and block

essenz replied:

Thanks William, I will put updates on here, If anyone else has successfully delt with avantis for hmrc tax overpayment please share the experience. What method was used eg return to sender or 3x letter method

I do know that tax overpayment has happen to a very large amount of people which has put them in to unnessary debt without cause of there own but hmrc own false mistake and they expect people to pay them the debt which is in its thousands? do they think we pick money of the tress? this is day light robbery slave entrapment

williams2583 replied:

I would RTS and after a while they will get the point and pass back,and witha bit of luck after a while HMRC will give up anyway.

Onedale replied:

I had the same problem with avantis a while ago, I used the 3 letters on them and they passed it back to HMRC, Ive got some others on my case at the moment but am just going to ignore them

williams2583 replied:

Yes HMRC will try at least 2-3 dcas then either give up or ???????,its the civil service anyway so what incentive to collect ??

laudydale replied:

I’ve got Advantis and Past Due writing to me for tax credit overpayments.

I’m doing the 3 letters, 2nd letter already sent.

HMRC have powers to take money from savings and pensions, robbing barstools.

Note it doesn’t say overpayments can happen when HMCR purposely let you depend on the money then swipe the rug from under your feet.


Onedale replied:

I have looked into this and they rarely do this or take money from your bank account, if they intend to do so they have to give you 28 days notice, so until you hear from them regarding this take no notice