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Avoid paying PPI claims company fees success?

paymydues2 asked:


I’d like to hear from anyone here who has used a PPI claims company ( BIG MISTAKE), and successfully avoided giving them their extortionate fees with these methods?

I was sent the PPI monies through one successfull claim directly (even though at the time of receipt i was in a IVA).

I was then contacted by Claims Advisary group , stating , ‘we see you’ve had a successfull claim’ one year later.

You will now be billed for £1600!!!!!!!!!!.

I told them the monies been spent and i am a family carer.I made a token payment of £10 to get them off my back at the first call , as i did’nt know what to do.I am now being pestered for info on how i’m going to pay this off.They informed me they can help if i’m struggling financially.

I ignore the calls they make (every day).I received one letter from them wanting to know how i’m going to pay this invoice ( not bill).

Any help guys would be appreciated.

I want to know i’m within my rights and doing the right thing.


ceylon replied:

only you can decide what to do but if it was us we would start using the letters

paymydues2 replied:

Hi again guys

Firstly i really appreciate ALL the info research and contributions on this site to enable us to learn the sad truth of our enslavement from those in ‘control’.

I have now received my third letter ( first reminder) from CAG.

I am contesting their extortionate fees for what i believe their phoning up or sending a form to the banks in regards to my PPI claims.

I also believe they did nothing more as i received from the bank my PPI refund and the claims company phoned to inform me about this ONE YEAR LATER.Surely if they were working hard to obtain this for me they would’ve been sent the monies or known about this when i received the refund or close to it.

I also was not informed IF the bank found i owed (supposedly)them for a bank loan they could’ve kept this and i would still have to foot CAG’s fees.

From what i can remember CAG also told me they had more success or a lot ,and i don”t recall being told ‘you could do this yourself for nothing’.Plus the fact ,as with most they harass you constantly with phone calls.

Amazingly ,now they know i have received a refund ( all spent), they phone me every day , which is a form of harassment.

What i would like to know BEFORE i proceed is BY WHAT GROUNDS these letters i send will have to justify lawfully , why i should not pay them? This would seem different than sending letters because we borrowed money ala loans/credit cards.

Also i do agree a small fee should be paid as they did send ‘the letters’ gained permission (from my self with my signature) or made phone calls ( probably one) but £1600 is not what it cost them. Should’nt there be something of equal value given?

There was no evidence IF i would get anything or what my fees(if they did) would be.THAT is the problem,you don’t know.

Also i signed once on each loan claim (two)there was no double signature, from the company’corporation. .Now is’nt that needed for a lawful contract?

As i’m a family carer i could’nt afford more than £5 a month for their fee payback.

I want to know IF and how strong my argument is.They do take things further (or threat too) judging by the other dissatisfied ‘clients’ of theirs if your search on the net under ‘Claim Advisary Group’.

I appreciate ,it’s my choice’ but i would like to press on knowing that i’m right in my decision.

I’ve been duped so many times before by these companies claiming to ‘want to help’ only to make things worse.

PPI claims issues seems pretty thin on this site, hopefully i can, help others to know what they can achieve lawfully.

I am also at this time breaching a current IVA as i’m sick of paying out for things i can’t afford and are totally unnecessary and unlawful.I don’t own my own house either.It’s rented.

ANY help with these concerns would be very much appreciated.

Dive in guys

ceylon replied:

your asking them to prove you owe anything if they cant do that you dont

paymydues2 replied:


What way CAN they PROVE i owe them lawfully.Just so i know if they try to bluff me with what they state?

I have read a lot on the site and watched the great vids,but as i stated before, PPI claims companies are different from bank loans/ Credit cards, and the like are’nt they?

Thanks in advance………….Sincereley.

ceylon replied:

they are 3rd party interlopers

assassin replied:

Actually you shouldn’t be paying any fees as the law on this is quite specific, so get into the consumer legislation.

Under current legislation any PPI claims firm must make the claim on your behalf and give you the full reimbursement you are entitled to; they then submit another claim to the bank for their fees as they are charged separately, and directly to the bank, not you.

This is exactly the same way as no win, no fee works, you get 100% of your money and the bank gets hit for the costs of their unlawful actions.

paymydues2 replied:



Just the info and assurance i need.

Thanks to you both.

I have just received my ‘second reminder’ from the CAG.

The letters will now be sent out.I will use ‘Debt collectors’ ones as Ceylon suggests.

Once again A million thanks.

assassin replied:

Good luck, don’t forget the Estoppal notice as well, and removal of implied right’s of access letter to them, that’s in the templates section, and a fee schedule.

Einherjar replied:

I don’t believe you can (or should) get out of paying these people unless there wasn’t full disclosure at the start. You made a contract with them and so should honour it. If however you can prove they didn’t tell you how much they’d charge you (as a percentage) that would be a different matter…


paymydues2 replied:


How do you define contract?

As far as i know (although i have asked for proof) they sent out a template letter(for enquiry to the bank) and made one phone call(to find out if successful 17 months later).

I was not contacted by them in ANY way after i sent my signature off, as promised in their info,until 17 months later.

I received the refund directly from the bank three months after the application.I did’nt even know what the cheques were for,such was the poor contact from all parties.Having spent the monies (and assuming they had taken their fee) then receiving contact from the PPI claims company out of the blue and for that absurd amount for their poor service you can now see my predicament.

The claims company also cold called me by phone,something deemed out of bounds by many now, and unlawful.

Another who knows them well has stated it’s a scam, they just send out template letters and take a huge slice for their non existent work.Amazing too how the calls are non stop when they want their cash.

I would like to know how lawful and legal their ‘contract’ is,what about two signatures?

Yes i did know it was 39%(and to my dismay the highest ever for this action) but did not know IF or what i would be expected to pay out.I was also not told i could do this easily myself and have just as much success.I was also not informed that IF the bank had of kept the refund (as thy could have done as i do owe them still since 2003),i could be worse off with their fees.

Someone here has also suggested the claims company should be pursuing the BANK and not recipient for their fees,although i cannot find this info as yet.

My advice for prospective PPI claims enquirers is do it yourself 🙂

ceylon replied:

their is no contract just a agreement

use the letters is how we would deal with this

paymydues2 replied:

As indeed i will continue to do Ceylon.

Cheers again for your totally invaluable advice.

I hope others who have unfortunatley dealt with these unscrupulous thieves, reads this, as i would like to think i’m lighting the torch for others to follow with these PPI ‘robbin gits’ claims companies as you call them Ceylon 🙂

8balleight replied:

hello. wonder if anyone has any advice. I recently won my ppi claim. and used a claims company. which I realise now was stupid. but I have the check from my ppi claim,. now my claims company want me to send the cheque to make sure its ok and to check if im owed more. don’t understand why I have to send them the check to look at???? any help. they also they want £700 fees for winning my claim they say, do I have to pay these fees??? really need some advice. please help???

lambchop replied:

they want to cheque to hold till you have paid them their 700…cash the cheque and send them a photo copy of it…

or say i’ll send a copy of the cheque(photo copy) which will cost you £700 😆

8balleight replied:

really not sure what to do. will I have to pay them for there service. or is there a way of getting out of it

8balleight replied:

so what do you think is my next plan of action. coz Im gonna have these sharks on my case now. any advice???

8balleight replied:

thanks for your help lambchop., Im sure il be on here again tomorrow. asking more questions. thanks

lambchop replied:

Cash the cheque as it’s yours and made out to you, then ask the PPI idiots for a copy off the agreement/contract signed by both of you …

see what response you get and take it from there…it’s no good worrying about what they may or may not do till you have all the facts, lifes too short to worry about things till you get ALL the details..

8balleight replied:

ok I think il do that, thanks lambchop. the claims company are alwready on my case, ringing my phone, they said on a letter that if I don’t pay them there fees, eventually they will charge my credit card for the amount, can I stop them from doing this. any advice would be appreciated..????

8balleight replied:

I need some advice, do I have to pay my claims company there fees, as i was never told about there 29% fees + vat,. is there not a new law coming in about paying these sharks, and should i wait in case i don’t have to pay them.

lambchop replied:

Ask for a true copy of any thing you signed that should tell you what’s what..

paymydues2 replied:

In the middle of this myself.

What they are basically doing is FRAUD ,pure and simple.

There is no such thing as a unilateral (one person) ‘contract’.It’s just a one sided ‘agreement’.Sided against you.

It holds no water .That is why they persist with ongoing phonecalls.They try to pressure you into paying for something not even a valid contract.ALL they have done is sent off the ‘agreement’ you signed on your own (or if married your spouse too).

I have since found out too that even the agreement you signed, is classed as a security by the bank and they keep that ,when getting it off the claims company and make money again (fraudulently) from your signature.

Ask the ‘claims company’ for the original agreement/document.Ask them for SIGNED invoices (invalid without signatures), ask them for the contract with two signatures from human beings (NOT co-porations as they are not flesh and blood and cannot sign).They won’t send you any of these,just try to make you believe the photo copies of all those things they will send without the important relevant info is legitimate.It’s a scam .lie and fraud.

sonusairam replied:

Hi Guys,

I am in similar situation where i owe then a fee of £145 (not a lot) , the keep calling/texts regarding the fees. On a positive note they don’t have my address. I was annoyed with them as it took 4 months before they came to me with any updates instead of me who was chasing them. Can i avoid paying them the fees?

Thanks in advance

Topher replied:

This information is very much appreciated, its funny how I come across information most relevant to me. Mostly by accident, just at the right time, almost like it was no accident at all.

chuckles2 replied:

I got Action Direct Ltd chasing my Mrs for 400 and they didn’t make any claim. I’m now chasing them for compensation.

Topher replied:

For anyone reading this who has made a PPI claim that has been taxed, you can claim the tax back by filling out the R40 form, this also applies to benefits and earnings under the prescribed limit for taxation. If applying for a tax rebate you are also able to backdate the claim up to 3 years, but you need to fill out a form for each year and need the specific tax details e.g p60.

This form can also be used to claim any tax paid on interests and savings. … tments-r40