Here is an up-to-date list of bailiffs which approve IVA proposals.

ANH Recoveries
Able Investigations
Absolute Enforcement
Alamo Legal
Albert Chambers
Andrew James Enforcement
Andrew Wilson
Andrew Wilson Enforcement
ANH Bailiff
Apex Enforcement
ARP Enforcement
Asset Finance Recovery
BS Bailiff Services
B and M Recovery
Barabbas Limited
Barnwell Recoveries
BB Enterprises
Benson House
Bob Upton
Bond Street Consultants
BOT Services
Barshall Bailiffs
Brighton and Hove
Bristow and Sutor
Bryan Lecoche
Burlington Credit
Burlington Group
Burnard Accountants
BW Logistics
CM Recoveries
Capital Business Services
Cardiff Council
Causeway Reach Services
Celtic Recovery Solutions
Chandlers Limited
Change Finance
Chardel Limited
CIA Enforcement Services
CJL Debt Recovery
CJL Enforcement Solutions
CJW Services
Collect My Debt
Collect Services
Commercial Enforcements
Confero Collections
Constant Co
Conwy County
Cotswold District Council
County Bailiff Company
County Enforcement Group
Court Enforcement Direct
Court Enforcement Services
Court Enforcement Solutions
Court Enforcement Specialists
Cowgill Holloway
Croydon Council
Crystal Collections
CT Services
Cumbria Bailiffs
Curless Co
Davies Enforcement
Debt Diligence
DG Collection Services
DGA Collectioins
DH Bailiff Services
Direct Bailiff Services
Direct Collection Bailiffs
Direct Collections
Direct Commercial Collections
DNP Services
Dorman and Co
Dukes Bailiffs
Elliott Davies
Empire Recovery Services
Enforcement Agent Services
Enforcement Bailiffs
Excel Civil Enforcement
Filron Enforcement Services
Finlays Bureau of Investigation
First Enforcement
Flying Horse Enforcement
Fortis Services
Francisco Collections
Gallowglass Security Partners
Get it Done
Gills Collection Unit
GI Wison Assocaites
GKM Group
GLA Enforcement Solutions
Global Enforcement Solutions
GRC Legal Services
GTM Debt Recovery Services
Hambury Tilmond
Hartlepool Borough Council
Harvery Homerton
Howes Bailiffs
IBIS Services
Inerta Services
Jag Enforcement
James Warren
JBW Group
JK Enforcement
John Pye and Sons
JP Dawkins
JPC Asset Management
JS Collections
JTR Collections
JW Enforcement
KA Collections
KI Enforcement
KASA Limited
Kingston Council
LG Collections
Liquid Collections
London Warrant Enforcement
Lram Limited
Luke Morley Limited
Magnum Enforcement
Maidstone House
Marshall Hoares
Marston Holdings
MEC Security
Metro Enforcement
MF Bailiff
Mid Kent Enforcement Services
Military Precision
Millbank Recovery
Mistoria House
Mitre Solutions
Morgan Sheldon
MS Webb
Nautilus Management Solutions
North West Enforcement
One Source
Ozer Enforcement
P Jones Collectioins
Paragon House
Parkinson Bailiff Services
Paul Williamson
Penhal Excel
Philips Collection Services
Phoenix Commercial Collections
PM Enforcement
Proserve Enforcement Agency
RDT Services
Regional Collection Services
Revive Asset
RH Enforcement Services
Rivington Associates
Rock Haven
Ross Roberts
Royal Borough of Kingston
Rundle and Co
Sb Services
Shield Debt Solutions
Stanford Green
Steal Security
Steve Dent Recovery
Storm UK
Strikes Bailiffs
Swift Credit Services
Target Enforcement
Task Enforcement
TDI Serco
The Business Centre
The Sheriffs Office
Wayne Mitchell Associates
Whyte Co
Wigan Council
YLR North