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georgiexgrace asked:


Hoping someone can help with this please 🙂

I receive a letter from BPO collections stating i owed them £5163!… on behalf of a company called Cash choice UK.

The opening paragraph of the letter states;

We are writing to notify you that your account has been sold by MCO capital to Cash choice UK and BPO collection Ltd will act on their behalf.

The original debt was for £300, borrowed in 2011. I have no recollection of this, and am not sure where this has originally come from. I did around that time take out a few payday loans, but I have paid them all off, and can see them on my experian credit report. I kept a record of all agencies that where contacting me for my debts, set up a DMP and paid them all off.

I have no record of this on my credit report, and no defaults so can’t tell where it has come from. The have added in the letter that I can pay £300 to settle the debt.

My main questions are;

1. Can this be added as a debt/default to my credit report even though it was nearly 5 years ago, and I have had no contact about this before?

2. How do I go about verifying that this debt is actually valid?

Please help!


1saberwow replied:

Hi. i suggest you go to Action Fraud’s website and report to them about the letter you got. as this could be a scam as they said in the letter that you owe £5163 but will settle for £300 to settle the account. if you can scan the letter then send it too Action Fraud and it will save a lot of typing. let us know what happens or happened.

1saberwow replied:

Hi. i looked up MCO Capital and they had been closed down in 2013. look it up on google yourself. as how can a closed down company sell off an alleged debt when you would have gotten a letter from whoever had the job of closing down MCO Capital. if you did owe money back then why had you not gotten a letter from them asking you to pay that back at the time. how could any alleged debt be sold and how then did Cash Choice UK get hold of this alleged debt to have BPO collections send you a letter demanding that you pay the £5163 but then settle the account if you just pay £300.. why ask you to pay £5163 and settle for £300 as this doesn’t make any sense. so like i said get onto Action Fraud and let them look into it as soon as possible.

1saberwow replied:

also go back to Announcements and click on “Debt Collectors Chasing You – Begin Here and Lose the Fear” and read through it. read “new info” Be Cautious of Notices of Assignments! since i had read where MCO Capital was closed down in 2013 who is to say that the Letter of Assignment isn’t fraudulent and if you have no Notice of Assignment from MCO Capital then no one has been assigned your alleged debt. check all your letters if you have still got them and see if you had missed this one letter. so get onto Action Fraud and if you are not able to scan then write what was said in your letter and give dates and ask if MCO Capital had been closed down in 2013 and are they able to sell off alleged debts to DCA’s later on? so if MCO Capital had been closed down this will interest them to have a closed company still able to sell off alleged debts to dca’s for collections.

georgiexgrace replied:


Thanks for your reply!

I will get on to action fraud first thing Monday morning.

Interesting to know about MCO capital. Shall keep you informed on what happens.

Thanks again 🙂

1saberwow replied:

just incase i am wrong it will pay to have a good look yourself just to make sure that i have it right. or you could call Action Fraud and ask them if MCO capital has been closed down and are they now back in action as a company. if they are still closed down then tell them about the alleged debt and who is now wanting payment as they had brought the debt from MCO capital. that would get their attention if the company is no longer operating.

Hammy100 replied:

Hi, I hope you have managed to sort this issue but I had a similar experience which I managed to resolve. See my post on another forum copied below:

Last week I received a letter from BPO collections to advise me that they have been asked by Cash Choice UK limited to collect a repayment for a loan taken out in 2012. I had never heard of Cash Choice UK Limited before and from the letter I managed to work out that a loan I had taken out in 2012 through Speed Credit was now claiming to be owned by Cash Choice. This letter came as quite a surprise as since 2013 both myself and Payplan, who I was using to run a debt management plan, had tried to contact the various companies who now claimed to own my original debt from Speed Credit, which seemed to change quite frequently, finding many attempts at communication and repayment to be unsuccessful. I contacted BPO regarding this and they advised me that even though Cash Choice claimed I owed over £1000 I could repay the original loan amount of £400. I explained the situation and lack of response from the previous owners of the debt to BPO and they agreed to put the account on hold whilst I contacted Payplan and various other forms of support with this matter. The most useful conversion I had that afternoon was with the Financial Conduct Authority. The advised me that they couldn’t check the original owners of the credit (Speed Credit, MCO Capital, Web Processing Ltd to name a few) but they could check on Cash Choice and BPO to check they are authorised to own or collect this debt. It turned out that Cash Choice UK Limited are not licensed by the FCA as this lapsed in February 2016 therefore cannot legally lend or own such debts. Although BPO are a genuine company who are authorised by the FCA they couldn’t collect this debt due to Cash Choice’s lapse. The very helpful lady at FCA gave me the registered phone number for BPO to check I was indeed contacting the legitimate company which it turned out put me straight through to the managing director of BPO. After explaining the information given by the FCA he took no time in looking into my information, finding out it was indeed correct and closed the account and any attempt to reclaim this debt! I have since received both and email and letter from BPO to confirm they have closed the account and apologised for contacting me, If any one else has had the same issue then I hope that this information will help you to sort out your issues with unauthorised companies too!