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British Gas – IMFS Credit Management (Leeds)

FreeOneday asked:

Have a letter from IMFS (Improved Financial Solutions) stating that they are acting for British Gas for an outstanding amount of under £100.

I am no longer a customer of British Gas since switching to another supplier. I was under the impression that the final bill to BG had been paid by the date of the switchover.

Advice please on how to respond….do I simply send them letter #1?

Has anyone any experince of this DC?

EDIT – just been looking at sample letters from other DCA and I can see the samples shown for “Collect Direct (UK)” are identical to the ones I have from IMFS… it is clear they are the same company. I feel better now…going to post letter #1. 😎

FreeOneday replied:

This “debt” was eventually passed from British Gas onto Moorcroft Debt Recovery in Stockport.

I used the template letters from this site and customised to my situation. Used the 3 letters and 2 others as a follow up (lack of £250 advance payment etc.).

I had one telephone call from them…told them straight away that letter #1 said not to call me….she tried to talk but I told her to go and read my letters as she said she was not aware of them …..and then I put the phone down.

Then about a week later I get a letter from Moorcroft saying my “account” is closed and the case returned to British Gas.

Get out the bunting and lets have a party!!!!! 😆 😆

So for those out there who doubt if the suggested process works….IT DOES !!!!

Cheers guys!!!