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Cabot Financial /Letter out of the Blue!

DaveyCo asked:


I took a loan in 2006 from NR that I started to default on in 2011′ ish (can’t remember exactly when!). Late 2013 I received a letter from Marlin Europe saying that they had taken over the debt (£6750). I didn’t contact them but made a few token payments through their website. The last one being in April 2014.

After this I then changed address due to a new job.

I received a letter from Cabot Financial the other day saying that they “have recently confirmed that you live at the above address.”

They (Cabot Credit Management Group) have recently bought the account that I held with NR and are now responsible for helping with management and receiving payments. The rest is just “next steps” saying they will help me in making affordable payments!! The outstanding balance, original lender and current creditor (Marlin Europe) is listed on the side of the letter.

As an aside I’ve checked 3 CRA and the original default doesn’t appear anywhere, it did appear around 2013!

I also live in Scotland!

Any help would be appreciated.


williams2583 replied:

for the moment wait do nothing other than Return to sender if you can (the nest one received),as they are still fishing

DaveyCo replied:

Thanks William

Before I’ve had a chance to return I received another letter yesterday. It contained the following headings:

Original Acc No:
Original Lender:
Date Agreement became an executed agreement:
Duration as provided in agreement:
Amount of Credit:
Contractual Payment:
Date Assigned:


Statement of Account

Covering 6th Feb 2016 to 5th Feb 2017

In this statement we give the date and duration of your agreement as provided in the agreement?? (What agreement?)

Opening balance on 6th Feb 2016:

Then box with 2 lines, headings:

Date of transaction

Transaction description

Internal write downs?

Debit £50 ?

Credit £50 ?


There is a line about no interest payable or been payable on the outstanding balance (nice of them!)

Finished with their Bank details!

To my untrained eye it’s seems a bit scatter gun!

Does this alter things? Shall I return both letters? (If so does it matter if they’ve been opened? Stupid question!!)

Will I at some point request a CCA?

Also I’m due to go away this evening for a week. Will a time lag in this affect anything?

Thanks for your help.

williams2583 replied:

as said ,just wait lets see what they say next ,its the agreement you need

DaveyCo replied:

Just updating, Friday received a letter that wasn’t heavy, just how they can “help” with payments if I might struggle with repayment. Basically to contact them to discuss!

williams2583 replied:

just file it ,you have not acknowledged debt yet

DaveyCo replied:


Still waiting on another letter from Cabot. That last one was dated 11 Feb. Any idea what the next one might be?

On looking at the last letter they say things like, “If we can find an opportunity for you to repay this account in the short term, then we will help you make that happen…”

“We own your account and are prepared to reduce the balance in order to help you become free of this debt sooner…”

“This account may affect your credit rating (it’s not on any of my history?) and the ability to get credit in the future (I got a new mortgage a few years ago!).”

Their last line is “Ask our team if your account is registered.” ???? (Do they not know??)


williams2583 replied:

usually one month one, wait

DaveyCo replied:

So the next letter arrived yesterday!

They have offered an amount of just under 5k to clear the account.

The most bizarre thing is the presentation of the letter. I thought it was something from a retailer or such like. The emphasis is on “Spring.” A “flowery” envelope then a cover page with “spring clean your account with a 30% discount” emblazoned at the top accompanied by a springlike picture!!

The actual letter is short and to the point with more flowers to the side.

It’s almost like they are trying to kill me with kindness, quite unnerving when your’re expecting something harsher!!

They say they want to make sure the offer is right for me by calling a consultant and discussing different ways that I can pay.

Once paid a letter will be sent to confirm closure.

They now also have a promotional code!!

Next move?

williams2583 replied:

ignore, had lots of those, its a con to get you to pay something/anything. Had the same with Arrow Global who started at 35% and after 1 year had moved up to 85% discount, i told them i would deal at 100% discount as i did not recognize the claim which remained disputed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SPring clean,FLOWERS and a discount means – we don’t think we can get the claim upheld as we cant find the evidence so lets try some flowers and a discount offer in the hope you bite – DONT

DaveyCo replied:

Okay, so do nothing?

Any idea when the next one might come?

Appreciate your guidance.

Thanks for enlightening me! Have a good weekend.



williams2583 replied:

what next, a repeated discount letter and a larger discount