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Change of name now i have cleared all my debts and ccj

jrad51 asked:

Ok Guys so here goes,

Im new to this forum and i have not posted on any forums what so ever in regards to the question i have.

After doing several hours of investigating and checking out tons of posts on several forums, i decided to try the user knowledge here, I sincerely apologize i has posted in the incorrect section i am not someone who Blogs or post’s on forums so i do apologize.

After spending 2014 Clearing all my Debt and CCJ’s left from my break up with the misses, And the fact she decided to talk me into getting £20,000 car on finance, Also i was self employed and when self employed you will always hit rocky roads in the way of DEBT!

So Now at the end of 2014 im left looking at my credit file:

Score of 120 (BRIGHT RED)
2 CCJ’s (although now paid)
36 Defaults (All now paid but recent up to November)
19 Credit searches in last 12 months (All Traces)
And well the list goes on… As you can imagine i am Bright red in all sectors!

So the idea is this; I have met a new girl, She is now pregnant and i have spent 2014 clearing all my debts without her knowing. Now my debts are cleared i have £12,000 saved up in cash thanks to a good job. The money is in her bank account as my wages go into her account, I closed my bank account as i was over drawn and decided it was best way to clear everything.

Now we have 12k in cash saved we would like to go for a mortgage next year, Due to my credit file i can not apply for the mortgage but its my wages that is the key to the mortgage.

So my solicitor has said i could change my name using there service rather than using a public deed poll for them to advertise it world wide that i have changed my name, Change my passport, I could hopefully be placed on the electoral roll in my girlfriends current (rented) property under new name, i could potentially put the gas, water, electric, internet and phone in my name, And start to build a fresh credit file from scratch, Then attend one of the banks with utility bills and Passport to open an account.

I understand they will see i have not been living at that address very long and ask for previous address. However i can provide my parents address of witch i lived at 80% of the time, the only problem is i was not on the electoral roll there.

I am not in any way shape of form trying to do this to avoid debt or cause fraud, my debt is totally wiped, I am not trying to get credit in any way as i get paid £3k a month for my job. It is to start a fresh credit file with no bad credit recorded and no good credit recorded, And then hopefully stage by stage be able to rebuild myself in the way i can ask the bank for a mortgage, My first step would be to obtain a bank account with my new start.

Again i can not stress enough after reading all the posts.. I am not trying to hide from debt. its all paid now, its just so i can actually get myself a mobile phone, a bank account (without overdraft) and just general life needs.

some friends have told me this is the best thing i could do while others have said just wait till the debt gets wiped off your file with good credit. The problem is i can not get credit to wipe the bad away! And with big plans for 2015 with our baby, Mortgage and Maybe a wedding to look at in the future, I really don’t want to bring my bad credit to my girlfriends perfect credit file as i have been told if we go joint on anything it will damage her credit.

I would really appreciate any input here, I am no scam or fraud person, I am doing this will the best intent possible. Maybe it just is not possible, Or maybe now i have paid my dues and everyone is off my case. i can now be allowed to create a new profile, new identity and not have to look over my shoulder as its paid and done with.

Look forward to hearing from you guys,

zark replied:

credit repair

ermm the solicitor and deed poll idea … will make no difference to your credit file, the file follows you.

save your money, time and effort.

a mortgage .. yeah.. i see your difficulty yet, heres a point to consider…

sit down and work out money savings possible
money spent on mortgage in first years usually 4 years fix rate
interest etc etc

now, by my calculations if you are able to ‘save £12,000’ while paying rent AND clearing debt it would be logical to say

“you can save up to buy outright a property in 8 years and SAVE massive amounts of interest AND not have another 17 years noose around the neck”

obviously the property price might be hinderance but consider the savings over the years because honestly

£12,000 saved
paying off debts seems to me a great basis for saving the entire house price.

8 years is NOTHING when looking at buying a HOME

Omoplata replied:

I considered this route myself previously. I discussed it with a friend who’s job it is, is to trace missing debtors. He agreed it possible.

The conclusion was, if you can change your name, change you’re address and you have no financial ties whatsoever to the previous name, no financial associations with your girl, and so on then it is plausible and will take less than 6 years to rebuild history in a new name.

I had reasons not to do it, that you maybe won’t have. So I didn’t do it. But it’s definitely an option, you just have to be real careful with not linking back to previous addresses/name. Forget about carrying on anything you have on credit right now, everything would have to be new from scratch. It’s possible. Also possible to change back to your old name sown the line.

ps. No need to pay a solicitor, as long as you sign a deed pole and have it witnessed that’s all. No legal requirement to publish it in a newspaper, you are just saying, you will use this name from now on and not the old one.

pps. It’s illegal. Not changing your name, but changing it to enable you to get credit when you probably wouldn’t otherwise be able. Also, SOME mortgage application forms will ask if you have ever been known by a previous name, some don’t ask. For the ones that ask, you would be committing fraud if you lied.

Still… it’s an option.

Omoplata replied:

I think the post title is misleading:

“Change of name now i have cleared all my debts and ccj”

This suggests you have done it successfully rather than you are considering doing it.