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CLI International Debt Collectors

falkorn001 asked:

i recieved a letter from CLI today reguarding a debt, the debt itself i can only assume originated from the time i lived in sweden with my partner.

it’s been almost 5 years since we moved to the UK and this is the first time we have heared of this company or seen this letter.

at first i was trying to work out how to pay it but it’s just not possible.

in the 5 years i have lived in the UK;
– i haven’t recieved a phonecall.
– i haven’t had a debt collector pay a visit.
– i haven’t had any emails or contact with CLI or any other debt collection agency.

CLI didn’t even send this letter by recorded post it just had a 2nd class stamp attached.

surely they needed to notify me of the debt before they added almost £1250 in interest?

any help or advice the community can offer will be greatly appreciated and i have included a copy of the letter as an attachment and removed my private details

grumpyskintskin replied:

Return to sender addressee not recognized- that would be my first response- I received a notice from a credit card company after 4 or 5 years demanding payment of £17000 , I just sent it back addressee not recognized …never heard from them again.

relax they all go away eventually !

falkorn001 replied:

What should I do if they send an agent to collect?

effteedee replied:

Ignore the knock at the door, answer and tell the agent to “fcuk off”, or answer and advise them that you have no knowledge of the person they are looking for …. Up to you really, but they are agents and there is little they can do right now …. Chances are that they won’t come to your door …. I’ve had numerous threats of visits and never once has anyone turned up ….

All the best 😀

falkorn001 replied:

Well I discussed it with my partner we have downloaded the letters off the website and we will send them off. Both of us had no knowledge of this debt, we have signed no contracts that we are aware of.

The next question CCJ can they get one without informing us?

Neither of us have been to court or being served with court documents.

williams2583 replied:

no they cant get ccj without contact also their letter is really a fishing letter so i would ignore particularly if you are not 2 far away from the debt being statute barred so personaly would ignore

falkorn001 replied:

We ignored the first one now we have Received a new letter stating final notice and then another collector sent a letter from the same “creditor” just a different amount, it looks like the original debt was for £1100 and CLI have acquired it and inflated it to £3958 over the course of 5 years.

Sorry for the delay in communication I got married last week so haven’t been at home.

So now we have one company from Sweden claiming we owe £1100
the uk company claiming its £3958

williams2583 replied:

would still ignore unless they have threatened court

falkorn001 replied:

Update: Ignored the letters, they said they would send a doorstep collector, no one ever came now today I received a new letter

Final notice before court proceedings

Unless payment is received in 7 days we will instruct solicitors to issue a claim, I will scan the letters and upload them tonight they actually made alot of typos on one of them.

I tried contacting step change but they can’t offer me any advice on international debts.

Any further help will be appreciated thanks