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mrkerr asked:

Dont know if this has been posted before but apparently the consumer action group (CAG) is run by marstons bailiffs, swift enforcement, been watching a thread in regards to bailiffs fees and they were all for paying the bailiffs, no remedies by them just pay or set up payment plans. fucking sly fuckers.

Marc Gander
Founder, Consumer Action Group
Advisory Group

Formerly a lecturer specialising in International Copyright and Trademarks Law and also the Law of Cultural Property, Marc Gander went on to take an interest in Consumer Law and is now administrator and advisor on the Consumer Action Group website which he founded in 2006.

“I am very encouraged to see Marston take a difficult lead within the Enforcement Industry by setting up this group of outsiders in an attempt to set standards of transparency and ethical practice.

“Many will want to criticise a national consumer service such as ours for participating in the Marston Advisory Group but our role will be to influence the Industry – and not for the Industry to influence us, other than, maybe, to help create greater confidence amongst consumers.”

The Consumer Action Group is a UK organisation that campaigns for consumer rights. Its free-to-use online service has a membership of more than 330,000 and receives approximately 750,000 unique visitors per month. It was also the first organisation of its kind to campaign for effective regulation of the UK retail banking sector while assisting many thousands of ordinary people to successfully challenge their banks for the return of bank charges and mis-sold PPI premiums.

The Consumer Action Group’s Consumer Forums offer free help and advice to all-comers on any consumer-related matter.

The Consumer Action Group has been featured on television and in national newspapers a number of times, including an appearance on ITV’s Tonight with Sir Trevor McDonald.

TomTubby from CAG is also a bailiff and has a bailiff site here … oblems.htm [ ]

You do not have to agree to sign a Walking Possession and you can simply refuse to alow the bailiff entry into your home.

Instead you can write to the bailiff company to inform them that you are aware of your rights and that you will not allow the bailiff into your home but that you are willing to make a payment arrangement to pay the debt.

assassin replied:

Typical smoke and mirrors, owning or running a group which allegedly supports consumers, but is geared to getting money from them by biased and prejudiced advice.

What’s the difference between this group and Citizens Advice Bureau? absolutely nothing as all they do is tell you to pay and offer a small amount which is so small by the time you have paid bailiffs charges nothing is being paid off the original debt, but it keeps you in debt for much longer so the bailiff wins every time through more administration charges.

3 letters sounds more appealing to me.

Baltic replied:

Wouldn’t surprise me, if you look on forums ref: CAG nearly all are advised to ring and arrange payment.

ceylon replied:

at least the truth is coming out

mrkerr replied:

The forum member known as lisp has now been banned for stating the truth about bailiffs and using your rights, the courts do not enforce bailiff fees the cag forum site team state they do. The bailiff fees are enforced by the bailiffs and has nothing to do with the courts, so they you have it BAILIFFS HAVE NO POWER UNLESS YOU GIVE IT TO THEM.

ceylon replied:

this would also explain why they were on TV a while ago

Somecamel replied:

I’ve been on CAG a few times, I find the people that reply to be rude and obnoxious

mrkerr replied:

That is a bully bailiff’s attitude and CAG is a bailiff run forum KEEP AWAY FROM THEM

AliveAndFree replied:

CAG does have some very insightful threads, especially regarding dealing with the DVLA and other government organisations, that involves fighting them and never paying.

mrkerr replied:

Oh most defenately they do but what happens when you dont pay tvl or government organisations? BAILIFFS, No wonder CAG help in in fighting them and not paying, its business for the CAG bailiffs later on. They are clever little bailiffs them that run the Consumer Action Group Forum. STAY WELL CLEAR OF CAG

AliveAndFree replied:

There’s also a fair few threads detailing how to deal with said scum bags, and last I looked those people haven’t been banned or threads removed.

mrkerr replied:

Like this forum says mate READ CAREFULLY and see where its heading so you can understand, BEWARE BAILIFF RUN CONSUMER ACTION GROUP FORUM

guardian replied:

The problem with banning people is that they can probably rejoin using another name, by using a different email address and possibly a different computer. In time you get to know who is working to the detriment of the majority of site members, Other more informed members of this group will more than likely correct errors or bad advice given on a thread. Just ignoring the shills is better than banning them.

Secondly we are all adults, we should be willing to see both sides of a story and make our own judgements based on what we have learned, after all we are trying in our own ways to re-achieve our sovereignty and part of that is about taking responsibility and acting in honour.

Buffy1973 replied:

I’m not sure about CAG, however, I received a lot of support from Tomtubby – real name Sheila, when I had issues with Bailiffs that would not leave my property. She calmed me down and told me what to say to make them leave. I know her quite well and can state that she is not a Bailiff, nor does she work for them. I can’t vouch for other CAG members 🙂

againstthesystem replied:

I have always been suspicious of CAG. There are a number of lead posters on there aimed at ensuring “you pay” – Why pay when debt is fictitious anyway? We all know how the money is created. At least on here we have opened our eyes!

ckaCraig2 replied:

Have a look at:

againstthesystem replied:

Now if that is not proof enough I dont know what IS. !

Now we all know why they extol the virtues of pay up !

mareo replied:

Just a thought, but if CAG was designed to support the consumer then why is GOODF not funded by the Government?

but it is safe to say that the cat IS out of the bag now, the sponsors of CAG have spoken, pay up

the patrons of GOODF say NO CHANCE without any proof of debt

againstthesystem replied:

Bang On Mareo! I knew there was something fishy about CAG. I have avoided it thus far. Now I will NEVER go near it!

lambchop replied:

Well well , who’d have thought that eh, you’ll be telling us next the the credit reference agencies are backed by banks and DCs 😆 😆 😆 😆

againstthesystem replied:

😆 😆 really?? Never!! 😀

ceylon replied:

😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

mrkerr replied:

Credit reference agencies are grassers used by banks 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

Minnie replied:

They are guilty by omitting important information that could help someone out of a difficult situation. I saw a thread where someone was being chased for a supposed overpayment of benefits. I read through the thread and various contributors offered advice. None told the author about Official Error which could mean the alleged overpayment is not recoverable.

I’ve been in that situation myself and had I not known about Official Error, I would still be repaying the ‘debt’.

They also admitted on a recent thread that they have DWP and local authority staff and ex-staff, and appeared to be proud of that fact. How can someone in those types of jobs be impartial? I think it is unlikely, even though in some cases they may provide some advice that could help – I’m trying to give them the benefit of the doubt 😀

AliveAndFree replied:

A Parliamentary document regarding “Recovery of benefits overpayments due to official error” – … 7100,d.d2k [,d.d2k ]

Apart from the obvious, there’s also a fair few statements regarding certain benefit overpayments being unrecoverable due to Common Law and other overpayments being recoverable under Statutory Provisions.

In a recent test case brought by the Child Poverty Action Group, the Supreme Court ruled that the DWP did not have the power to recover official error overpayments under common law and that recovery was only possible under the statutory provisions. The judgment does not affect overpayments of Housing Benefit of Council Tax Benefit, or tax credit overpayments.

smilingalltheway replied:

official error regarding underpayments / non payment from the cqv trust 😆

saxon replied:

in defense of CAG. Years ago, long before I found this site, it empowered me to take Halifax on for charges.

Then when my partner died, Zurich refused to pay out. They helped me with letters (me copying and editing for my use). Everyone said I would fail with that one, but you know when they say something and the hand clenches as you know you have them by the short and curlies, I had that moment. Even my solicitor was surprised when they paid up. He never believed I could beat them. CAG gave me the confidance.

I found them to be more help than the CAB who don’t tell you about the 6 year rule etc.

This is a much better site but, any help when you are drowning is better than none.

this site takes a lot of reading before you get the eureka moment , then wow, no looking back.

many thanks

red007lion replied:


‘Secondly we are all adults, we should be willing to see both sides of a story and make our own judgements based on what we have learned, after all we are trying in our own ways to re-achieve our sovereignty and part of that is about taking responsibility and acting in honour.’

Totally agree 😀

againstthesystem replied:

When the penny DOES drop, all becomes clear as to how bent the system is. 😉

JasonDealingWithBailiffs replied:

WOW! didn’t know this thread existed. Thanks for the tip.

Agree with saxon, CAG was good with spearheading the bank charges revolution, but since that was killed off by OFT v Abbey, its lost its focal point and bailiffs became a subject.

It was once the leading forum for giving bailiff advice and remedy – until it was killed off with all those nonsense threads and bad advice – much if it costing many members hundreds of pounds – which fortunately they switched forums and saved £300, e.g. this one. … f=6&t=1289 [ ]

I ought to add this comment … 60&t=55890 that tomtubby is not a bailiff, its someone who used to wok for Citizens Advice as a debt counselor and has an interest in bailiff politics, but her advice does (usually) come down on the side of the bailiff.

ellie12022 replied:

Wow is all i can say, thanks for the info.I have visited the site and some of it is quite helpful, but it is really interesting to know who set it up 😮

andydd replied:

Has anyone actually read this page ? >

Clearly Marc does not work for Marstons at all, he has been invited to work indepentdantly to help Marstons and other bailiffs act better as it clearly states “”I am very encouraged to see Marston take a difficult lead within the enforcement industry by setting up this group of outsiders (Advisory Group) in an attempt to set standards of transparency and ethical practice.

Many will want to criticise a national consumer service such as ours for participating in the Marston Advisory Group but our role will be to influence the industry – and not for the industry to influence us, other than, maybe, to help create greater confidence amongst consumers.””.

There is nothing secret about this and anyone can view the website and read the details.

Bailiffs are certainly not going to dissapear and therefore trying to get them to act better and more ethicall is surely a welcome step ?, dont forget that if bailiffs are involved then the issue has already been to court and a Judge concluded that money is owing, burying your head in the sand (as many do) and ignoring bailffs is not going to help and fees will only continue to be added.

I was very dissapointed to read he comments on here, I have been an administrator on CAG for a few years now and have helped many people within my specialist area of expertise, this being Leasehold and Service Charge issues.

I suggest many who commented negatively should ask themselves what have YOU dont to help other with debt problems, I suggest that Marc and thje CAG in general has helped many thousands with legal and debt related issues, there is NO secret agenda to help bailiffs, all he advice given whther my members or adminstrators is entirely seperate from each other and it is quite laughable that people think otherwise. As some of you will know, CAG grew from the fight against bank charges, a campaig that enabled many people (including me) claim back many millions of bank charges.

Feel free to read my posts (under the name andydd) both on CAG and LandlordZone to see the advice I give.



jord1981 replied:

Pffft I had a Marstons bailiff round this morning Definitely not acting better!

vagabond125 replied:

If court bailiffs are involver it probably has been to court.

But to imply all bailiffs are acting for the courts is totally misleading.

Anyone can employ a bailiff to collect for them just as DCAs do.

Most DCAs deal with debt that has never been near a courtroom so your statement is here lies in tatters.

fletch70 replied:

On various issues your information is well out of date.

Generally when a debtor comes to Cag they are advised to CCA and SAR the appropriate people. If there are errors that can make the agreements unenforecaeble they are helped in defending those.

If the agreements are fully enforceable then if the situation is correct making a payment arrangement can be the best answer (much as it goes against the grain).

If people are being chased by DCA’s then they are helped to bring them under control and if they are unlucky enough to have a court claim they get help to defend. There was a case recently, on the surface of it totally enforceable however by pressing the right buttons the case has been stayed.

God knows I have had my disagreements but currently I can not see a better more viable debt help site out there…however watch this space….more pop up at any time.

Yes I will stay there are some dinosaurs on the site who think they know it all and actually know nothing, I could name and shame but will not.

digitaldebt replied:

That is an absurd statement, especially coming from a self proclaimed “helper” offering help on CAG

1. I could employ a bailiff to collect £200 off a friend (even without any CCJ or court order) – It could be done on a commission or flat fee.

2. CERTIFIED Bailiffs can only charge for 2 visits (£24 & £18 respectively) ONLY if they gain access to a property can they attempt to levy (adding more fees) and then they can come back at anytime & charge for a van to remove goods (more fees) if no agreement has been reached to pay the balance when the levy was made!

3. Anyone can become a certified bailiff, it is just a license to “demand money with menaces”

thinwhiteduke replied:

i could shame some people too ones that think this site is for there amusement not naming any names but you know who you are

gt4god2ulot replied:

Ha hahahah the great Fletch70 who jumped on the band wagon with the mortgage thread on CAG,nice one thinwhiteduke 😆

lawmaster replied:

That IS good news!!

I used to go on there and started to tell people how the fraudulent banks use two entities (I can prove this and their legal defence counsels would claim Section 8 CCA 1974). I then got threatened with being banned from said forum and when I asked who was doing it he said he was a Solicitor and knew what he was doing!

I proceeded to remind him of the fact that I have been paid for restricted services, I have gone over the heads of Magistrates and Judges as they tell me they don’t know the law and that he was committing fraud by stating what he was stating on that forum!

Seems there was a good reason he is leading people on that forum to believe certain things – lining his own pockets methinks!

Pote replied:

He is not a solicitor but might like to think he is, same as Jason Benis $on is not a solicitor but likes to pretend he is. Gander doesn’t get paid a penny for the independent work he does on that group, nor does Bailiff Advice for her work in that area. It’s propaganda aimed to discredit them and used a lot by real bailiffs like Butterfingers on here who works for Jacobs – ask Jimmy. It takes the spotlight off them and the kickbacks they’re getting, when it’s pointed out all you get is a mouthful of abusive insults, the evidence is all on here.

Knowledge is power, the power to make real decisions. We all try to avoid paying what we can in a legal way, even if courts find it odd sometimes. Places like BHF criticise people for getting into trouble and publicly humiliate them. Act on knowledge friends. Love and peace to you all.

rsgtmajor replied:

Oh yes Gander is a company director using an address 923 Finchley road, a known boiler room for money laundering set up and protected by Mrs Thatcher & co.

A limited company that has ran for over 8 years has £4,327 in cash in bank with £4,777 assets, £4,466 net worth and Liabilitie at £6,388. He owns 90% of the company along with David Victorsmith who owns 10%.

First class fraudulant dealings and ROTHSCHILD’s BANKING Network

rsgtmajor replied:






butterfingers replied:

100% spot on sgtmajor

CAG is full of scum who want you to pay the bailiffs and want you to pay your creditors. I used to get banned from there on an almost weekly basis for telling my experiences of how well the NOROIROA had worked for me well on numerous occasions. I also had stuff deleted & threads locked when I beat a DCA using the Spaniards methods. I posted one of the Spaniards videos up so that others could use his technique that had worked for me. The admin deleted the post, thus depriving many people of the opportunity to become debt free.

On the bailiff front, people are advised not to use the NOROIROA and to pay the bailiffs. There is no real point of having a bailiff forum if the only advice is to pay them. Occasionally, Bailiff Advice phones one of her friends at Rossendales, Marstons, Excel or Newlyn & advises that a debtor is vulnerable. This is basically because she knows that the bailiffs will be wasting their time chasing the debt any way.

My advice would be to keep well away from that site-It has sold out to bailiffs & debt collectors long ago.

“Pote” is a regular on there & is friends with most of the scum on there, hence his sticking up for them. He is a no-mark with an addiction for slot machines (& posting on the internet using false names such as “Pote”) His addiction caused him to embezzle £28K from his company and when he got caught, he went crying like a bitch to CAG & LB for help because he was pissing his pants about going to prison. With their help, he got a suspended sentence while many decent people get jail for far less.