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Council tax scandal

Topher asked:

I hope you all had a good Christmas, there is no break from the relentless harassment of demands of money, especially if its a tax issue.

I have been living with no fixed abode for almost two years. Because of this I have been using my mothers address as a postal address for financial and other services and registered vehicles. In November 2015 I registered with here local council on the electoral roll to help me acquire a loan. In November this year I lost my drivers license and asked if I could temporarily rent a room. Loosing my drivers licence has prevented me from carrying out my normal business, so I applied for benefits whilst I set up a new business which I can carry out without a licence.

My mother is a single lady close to retirement and only pays a single persons rate for council tax as she is on her own

Due to ignorance I did not realise the implications of my actions, Her local council have become aware of my personal records since applying for benefits and are claiming I have been living with her since I registered on the electoral role November 2015. They have demanded £500, which is a big problem for her and are going to take £100++, £300++ and £100++ in the consecutive months.

She now has to prove that I have not been living with her, they have asked for a tenancy agreement, bill etc. She has spoken to them and explained I have had no fixed abode. She thought they dropped it but 2 days before christmas she got the letter with the demands for this money.

The only proof I would have is having a doctors in a different county. Beyond this I I can not provide any proof to her for where I have been living, Ive had no fixed abode.

To be able to make sense of this, I was building a golf course in another county and stayed on site once or twice a week, but there is no record of this. I stayed at my girlfriends house on average two times a week (not every week). I have had to stay in my car and at friends and other family including my mothers occasionally during this period.

I did not realise that I was going to get my mum in trouble for using her address as a postal address. Above that I haven’t even been living there permanently, it has just been somewhere fixed for me to register things at and an occasional place to rest my head.

Her council is a private business and they seem to be persistent at getting this money from her, can anyone offer any solid advice on this?

Topher replied:

For the benefit of those reading this, it is perfectly legal to register to vote at an address you used to live at if you have no fixed abode. In fact the government even recommend it … Wales_.pdf [ ]

In this current situation no body has done anything wrong and the council are treating innocent people as guilty, without any proof.

What has happened to our rights!!!

Topher replied:

It also appears that they only need you to register yourself at a residential address as the keeper of a vehicle for contact purposes … ixed_abode
[ ]

te4549 replied:

I have not been paying council tax I’m on benefits they are now deducting from my esa did not even ask me for permission seems they do what they want

Topher replied:


The council have cancelled the charges and are now referring to the actual date I moved ito my mothers property, however, they are sneaky buggers and `i wouldn’t put it past them reversing this.

They have also sent a new letter to my mum stating that I have made an application for residency in order for them to process it can she provide them with information from November 2015 to December 2016 and have asked a series of questions

two of which are:

What has been the full address of my place of work for that period, and
What is the full address of my girlfriends property.

They need this information to process this matter going forwards.


Since when does a British citizen make an application for residency to live in the UK?????

They are sneaky bastards and fishing for info to find out where I have been for that period so they can screw someone over, they are relentless at stealing money from people