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Debt Collectors and Electoral Roll

Marshall asked:

Hi all!

Slightly noob question, but can a DCA check the electoral register? There are two types, the edited one anybody can get at, but I am not on the edited.

Can a DCA access my details?


Baltic replied:

They can get your name from the electoral role, they commonly use your name and date of birth via various data bases, sometimes illegally sometimes bought.

Here are just a few they buy data from:

Banks, council tax register, DVLA, NHS, energy companies, facebook, store loyalty cards, credit capture companies, insurance companies, HP companies the list goes on.

Selling personal data is big business and second nature online with mandatory field filling pages capturing and retaining your personal info and purchase habits.

Marshall replied:

Oh thanks very useful, I’m glad it was you that responded because I want to know, if I use the return to sender tactic, and they confirm with somebody else that this is my address, what will happen? :/ thanks!!!!! Thanks for your other thread aswell brilliant stuff!

daveiron1 replied:

Hi, you are forgetting their letters will be addressed to your legal fiction, and thats not you.

Personally i dont fill in the electoral role form anyway.

regards dave

andymoore replied:

Anyone can buy data.

Including YOU.

Being off the consenting to be screwed by the government list, or electoral role as you might know it is a good move to reduce marketing crap as well as taking a layer of verification away from debt scum.

Marshall replied:

Even if they verify it somehow, really there is sod all they can do if I keep returning them right?

Appreciate your replies!!!

Baltic replied:

Marshall lets put it this way:

If you don’t sign as receiving mail, recorded delivery etc, then where is the proof it was ever delivered?

The burden of proof is with the sender not the receiver, so your response if questioned would be ” I don’t recall receiving any mail from ………”

DCA’s do this all the time that’s why it’s always preferable to send correspondence to them registered, recorded or special delivery it allows you to track the post and even view the recieving signature as proof of delivery.

The posters above me also make very valid points.

Personally I wouldn’t keep returning their mail, I’m too inquisitive and want to know what’s inside, not opening them doesn’t make the matter go away, it just delays you becoming pro active and resolving the issues.

Theirs a chance you could miss a court summons or a county court judgement if you bury your head in the sand and dismiss all the mail your unsure of.

They can’t kill you and they can’t make you pregnant.

Even if you open it you can still return it ” opened in error, addressee not at this address” or words to that effect, you always have options!!

1111BIGDAVE1111 replied:

Marshall, they can get it no problem but from someone else. when you put your name down for the none edited one that shouldn’t be past about by the electoral register. they have to give it to the credit report people by law, and they believe that register only apply to electoral roll and not them. so they are happy to sell your info. iv got this argument going with Experian at the moment

smilingalltheway replied:

that DATA is yours, they wanna make money out of it, BILL the fuckers, simple

warn the credit reference agency also

there are rules against DCAS and other parasites looking at your data prior to them being assigned any so called debt

(they use this to see if you have any other debts outstanding and contact the company that claims you owe something, then they work as a racket to attempt to get you on more than just the debt they are currently claiming…… their plan is: if they don’t get you on one they get you on the other, which then gets you on both…. keep your eyes on the ball)

read the connecting thread where it opens up exactly…

This is because debt purchasers are not permitted to access customers’ credit files until after sale and assignment have taken place.

you can bring claims against them for looking at your credit report prior to being assigned anything…..

1.simply check the dates of any sale / assignments, (get proof which provides dates)
2. check the credit report
3. if they’ve looked at your credit report prior to notification / having any right, title or interest assigned.

they are screwed, but only you can screw them

that is one way of using your credit report to your advantage……

find out which rules they have violated and what punishment awaits them and how to enforce the punishment…

only a deed of assignment can show these dates…..

so this is the reason we can be using for requesting the deed of assignment….. to see if they’ve violated their rules regarding viewing your credit report.

the dates need to be verified.

bring the nails and hammers people, give it to them.

smilingalltheway replied: … 042006.pdf
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