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deedpoll name change

AronSzczepaski asked:

if you change your name by deedpoll does that mean you get a new credit report as the last one in your last name is no longer you?

lambchop replied:

i think they just put a note on your existing file to say “now known as Ima Wake or what ever you changed name is..

AronSzczepaski replied:

ah, thats is a shame! 😆 😆 😆

lambchop replied:

If it was only that easy eh 😆 😆 😆

AronSzczepaski replied:

very true!

if it was that easy then Id be a lot more well off and wealthier than I am at the minute. lol

pommiebstd replied:

Many years ago I had a double-barrelled surname and defaulted on my mortgage and lost the house and 16 months later I then tried to get a new mortgage with a bank, to no avail. However, the manager was very understanding (said it was a long time ago) and he’d run just the second part of my surname through for a credit check and he informed me that it came up as white as the driven snow (but was not allowed to quote him obviously). I then changed my name by deed poll and applied to a Building Society for a mortgage and was successful. They may have tightened up their references now, but it must be worth a go.

againstthesystem replied:

No, you will be linked under your new name, especially if you apply for a new driving license in your new name. Been there, done that, it does not work for avoidance purposes. It used to years ago, but now everything is internet based for tracking etc, you cant get away with it.

karon replied:

hi there 😀 i would just like to add 🙄 my dear friend has been doing this for years and getting away with it the deed poll , not changing her car license but just all her bank details gone on the electrol list got new name and address as she is in private accomendation and she is doing fine she has done this method and changed her name lots of times , i guess its what your doing it for , her reasons were for her buisness and the out standing debt to bailiffs, and then she just starts up again,she will leave all her bills behind and move on , no one has caught up with her , now im not saying what she is doing is right, but i no this is what is going on , ohhh the people i no 🙄 🙄 karon xxx

iamnotanumber replied:

Karon could you explain what your friend does a bit more?

karon replied:

hi there 😀 basically my friend has had different buisness and changed her name on several occassion , and no one has found her or caught up with her for debt she has left behind , her name change has been , off the top of my head at least 4-5 two changes in the last three years, also she has moved property which might also be the case as why she has not got caught up with , may be every thing will catch her up at a later date who knows ,her credit rating she has to start up again, now if its for lending money from the banks , they are certainly harder than they were , she has not had credit for a while 2years , she has now going to change her name again as she is being evicted from her house and although she has built up good credit ie on the electrol list council tax bills ect money in and out of her new bank account , she will no longer be able to pay her bills when she leaves, so she will now get a new surname and move on , her solicator changes her name , he also knows all about what she is up too and tells her all what to do , so there you have it , she says it works for her the name change , i guess it might not work on everything , depends on why and what your doing it for , alll the best karon xxx

iamnotanumber replied:

Hey Karon,

I was wondering if you could ask, what your friend or friends solicitor actually does for this process of changing the name?

It might come in handy. I was thinking of changing my name, and going back to uni and getting student loans again.

iamnotanumber replied:

Bump for Karon