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EX96 what it looks like and a must read on page 2

ceylon asked:

EX96 what it looks like and a must read on page 2

butterfingers replied:

Right-As I’m understanding that,the EX96 must be signed by the judge (which we knew anyway).

In addition,the bailiffs may be asked to use force by the agent of the claimant but this person must then sign the form.

Bailiffs will then asses the situation to see whether force is appropriate.

Force cannot be used if the EX96 hasn’t been signed by a judge in the first place.

The householder may be committed to prison for failing to comply – BUT only if the EX96 has been signed in the first place by a judge.

mrkerr replied:

So you can go to prison for a debt regardless of that protocol 4.

moggy replied:

Sounds like more bailiff bollocks to me 😆 😆 and it’s got a box around it 😮

spike48 replied:

Hope the bailiffs and claimant are sure of their proof of claim. Sounds like there could be lots of Vicarious Liabilities and conspiracy Torts/Delicts. Person to Person! 😮

megagreezy replied:

Hi guys, cut a long story short, I’ve just had them lame excuses for human beings from the court turn up with EX96 and N54 ( Warrant of Possession and Eviction Notice).

They’ve turned up before and the Sargent on that occasion told them politely to FUCK OFF! as the EX96 was not signed.

This time they’ve turned up and the Sargent was not having it, he didn’t want to hear me mutter a word to get my case in. The bailiff didn’t let me see any documents only flashing them whilst they are folded. The eviction notice, if I remember correctly had the court stamp on it, with which the Police were happy.

My question is, the EX96 states it has to be signed by the claimant 3 days before, but it does not necessarily state it has to be signed by a Judge. How can I can the Police to recognise that this is the case.

Also, surely an eviction cannot take place without them having taken possession?

After wishing on the Bailiff that I hope his kids houses get taken away when they grow up, as I am only 21 years of age, and this house is my future, he proceeded to tell me they have had their houses taken before. KARMA- result!

deca321 replied:

“However, the claimant or the claimant’s agent can authorise the bailiff (and the police, if necessary) to use REASONABLE force, if that becomes necessary” 😮