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Famous paedophiles exposed

Spiritualism asked:

I thought I would do some investigating and uncover the dirt on other possible and named and shamed paedophiles in the music, film and politics industry that need to be exposed. So first there is:

1.) The former prime minister of England, Ted Heath.
2.) Then former health secretary Ken Clarke.
3.) Singer Gary Glitter.
4.) DJ and presenter Jimmy Saville
5.) DJ John Peel
6.) Actor David Jason
7.) Comedian Ronnie Barker
8.) Singer and producer R Kelly
9.) Singer Cliff Richard
10.) Kray twins used by the British intelignce services, possibly mk ultra victims, to form paedophile rings, and were given leeway in their criminal actions because of this.
11.) Musican Pete Townsend.
12.) Music Producer Quincy Jones.
12.) Film Director Steven Spielberg.
13.) Film Director George Lucas.

If anyone has anymore possible or name and shamed paedophiles that we can add to this list, then the better.

billyandrew replied:

erm…. thats a pretty bold list of accusations there, i can quite believe names 1 to 5 and 8 and 11 because the’ve been brought to the publics attention,but the rest?. can you provide any evidence to back up these claims, also are you maybe not confusing ronnie barker with his son who was recently convicted of possessing indecent pictures of children. i’m not criticising i just wanna be sure your right about this.

seceded replied:

In Australia we have:

Jeff Kennett Vic’s ex-premier and keeps rearing his fugly head in public blowing his trumpet.

According to many sources there were and probably still are a few in channel 10 TV.

Bert Newton alias “Moonface” who appeared with his sidekick Don Lane on their show called “In Melbourne Tonight”

Graeme Kennedy, comedian who is now dead.

Quite a few top Judges who are in on the racket along with crooked cops.

I do know David Icke is aware of these fugly toads in our society and I think he warned them to back off from a girl who is a whistleblower, otherwise he will expose them.

iwanttolearn replied:

He should expose them anyway not threaten to, this could be seen as protecting pedos couldnt it?

Rickmondo replied:

Not forgetting the paedophiles in power:

denman54 replied:

Have seen various sites on the net that allege Gordon Brown is one … p?ID=12246
[ ]

No big names here but sure same applies to the other parties

andymoore replied:

His Royal Highness Prince Charles, The Duke of Edinburgh, David Cameron, Nick Clegg and any other in the establishment who isn’t speaking out to stop the wars which are systematically fucking children to death around the globe are all as guilty as can be in my humble opinion.

Barack Obama, Benjamin Netinyahooo, our armed forces, the UN, NATO, the Pope, Monsanto, McDonalds, Coca Cola and television are all guilty of child abuse too.

Esther Rantzen for not saying anything and no; setting up Child Line doesn’t make it right.

Kate and Gerry McCann.

seceded replied:

I heard the Queen Mother was right into it. Somebody did see her shapeshift and go into a frenzy. The old bat lived to…. what….102?? You Brits would know. She sure did suck alot of pre-pubescent kids; look how old she got to?

gingerbiddy1 replied:


Spiritualism replied:

This site says that David Jason sexually abused children along with the then chief gliding instructor Derek Sear, during the 80s and 90s when he was a member at the London glider club Dunstable and at the Turweston Aerodrome at Blackley, Northants:

He also keeps very bad company in the form of other paedophiles, one he has known for 25 years now, which is Derek Sear.

TWO child sex perverts abused teenage boys at the home of Only Fools and Horses star David Jason, it was revealed this week.

The actor was filming in Australia at the time and was unaware of the offences until police told him of the shocking activities last year.

Derek Sear, 50 – a friend of the Del Boy star for 25 years – and Albert Tarnow, 56, lured the two victims to the actor’s former home in Aylesbury, Bucks, by boasting of their connection with David.

Sear, who was looking after the house at the time in 1991, assaulted one of the boys in David’s bed. Tarnow abused the other boy downstairs and the two paedophiles later “swapped boys around,” Luton Crown Court heard.

Flying instructor Sear became a friend in the early 1970s when he gave the actor gliding lessons.

He was jailed for five years in April after admitting 12 sex offences against youngsters but the case could not be reported until Tarnow’s trial ended.

Tarnow, also a flying instructor, was jailed for eight and a half years for 24 sex offences.

Read more: … z2B6tlWRre

So David Jason uses his house as a sex dungeon for children and allows his sick friends to do as they please.

Plus he has been knighted by the Queen, which means he has been allowed into their “inner circle of truth”, which draws attention to him, as he is then either a paedophile, a psychopath or some dopey **** who they have used over the years to manipulate the masses, e.g. Paul McCartney, the man who has betrayed his former friend and bandmate John lennon, and now kisses the asses of his killers.

Cliff Richard was friends with Jimmy Saville and the Kray twins, all were linked to paedophile rings, and as for Cliff’s secret love life, it’s secret for a reason, as he has a penchant for young boys. I think Cliff Richard has also been linked to the Jersey care home, along with Jimmy Saville

As for Steven Spielberg, paedophilia is rampant in Hollywood, so it would seem that anyone that holds standing in the film industry is a paedophile. I think Corey Feldman was raped as a child by Steven Spielberg plus both he and George Lucas were trying to write into the script of Indiana Jones of him being a paedophile to fulfil their fantasies.

Spiritualism replied:

billyandrew, both him and his son.

Spiritualism replied:

A list compiled by David Icke of famous satanists, paedophiles and mind controllers and their links to the Royal bloodlines and their psychopathic traits: … tanist.htm
[ ]

mareo replied:

Wow, just checked the list out,
There is a predominant race that are clearly pedo’s & satanist;
they occupy various positions in society;

house hold named celebrities,
Members of the royal house hold,
care home moduli,
do gooders
any other weirdo in position to abuse or excuse this inhumane treatment of innocent children

Has to stop, Now is the time please

KevinEdwards replied:

Have a look at this … ry-we.html
[ ]


Spiritualism replied:

In 1983 Anthony Charles Lynton Blair was arrested for soliciting sex in a male toilet. He was fined £500 and then let off by his contacts, perhaps it was being married to Cherie that was enough to turn him gay lol as they got married in 1980. He was also know at university as “Miranda”, a promiscuous cross dresser who played the guitar badly.