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a couple of questions for beginner

For new members to post first time questions and get help.

a couple of questions for beginner

Postby gitardood » Wed Jan 11, 2017 12:55 am

Hi Hi everyone. First off let me thank those involved in creating / maintaining this site. I've done quite a bit of research but am still not certain of some things. First off, I've used the UCC and PPSA to make myself first secured creditor of the name of my strawman. I had a friend help me with it. I'm under the impression that protects me from people trying to make claims vs THE NAME ie strawman, agent because I've secured it. Secondly, we've been trying A4V but in Canada (Onatario) the banks, utility companies, etc don't honour them (my brother in law was told by Hydro Co. "we've seen stuff like this before" and then refused to honour his A4V. Another friend has tried a couple different methods to use it but again ran into resistance ie roadblocks. We did profit by David-Sidney: of the family Rideout videos Session 1 to 3. One question in regards to his info. He explains how when you copy-claim (what you call copyright) he does so with a 21 silver $ bond. He explains that this tells them in effect you're "another Crown". Some say (Shrout for one) to put exempt from levy, with exemption ID then "deposit to US Treasury - he's American- I think in Canada it would be Bank of Canada, then "and charge back to THB NAME with the SSN / SSIN / socialist insurance # - is this strictly a US method?
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Re: a couple of questions for beginner

Postby debtfreesoon » Fri Feb 17, 2017 3:49 pm

Just researching this process myself. Looks promising. Anyone had experience with Secured Creditor methods who can comment?
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