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Anti-water meter protests spread to Dublin ...

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Anti-water meter protests spread to Dublin ...

Postby jimmyw » Wed Apr 23, 2014 8:51 pm

Resistance is fertile.....

Anti-water service charge protests have spread to Dublin as residents of a Cork housing estate continue to prevent Irish Water contractors from installing water meters in their estate.

In Dublin a group of people were this afternoon protesting against water metering in an estate in Raheny. However, a spokesman for Irish Water said the demonstration did not disrupt the installation of water meters.

About six members of the Ballyhphehane and South Parish Anti-Water and Property Tax group continued with their blockade of the Ashbrook Heights estate in Lehanahgmore in Togher on Cork’s southside this morning.

The group, who yesterday prevented contractors from Irish Water installing meters at the 65 houses in the estate, were warned by gardaí that they could face arrest if continued with their blockade of the estate.

Group spokesman, John Lonergan said that the campaign group had been contacted by residents in the estate who sought their support against the introduction of smart water meters and they were determined to stand with the residents.

“We’ve been asked by the people in this estate to come here last Monday, April 14th that Irish Water were installing water meters and the people didn’t want them so we came up here and we stood with them last Monday morning and we stayed here for the week. ... -1.1771005
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