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Has anyone heard of DEBT & REVENUE SERVICES ??

beaky1 asked:

Im currently dealing with correspondence from Debt & Revenue Services based in Liverpool…It clearly says on their correspondence letters “Debt Collection Agents” so I sent off Letter 1 and received a reply saying they are not debt collection agents and have not purchased my outstanding debt ??? any suggestions anyone..

Many thanks for any help with this one

Faljay replied:

It is obvious they are lying as per their website:

They are part of the Arden group, who are debt collectors.

They are breaching FCA rules, as per:

3.3.1: (1) A firm must ensure that a communication or a financial promotion is clear, fair, and not misleading.

General requirements:

3.3.2: A firm must ensure that a communication or a financial promotion:

(1) uses plain and intelligible language;

(2) is easily legible (or, in the case of any information given orally, clearly audible);

(3) specifies the name of the person making the communication or communicating the financial promotion or the person on whose behalf the financial promotion is made


Contacting customers:

7.9.1: A firm must ensure that a person contacting a customer on its behalf explains to the customer the following matters:

(1) who the person contacting the customer works for;

(2) the person’s role in or relationship with the firm; and

(3) the purpose of the contact.

7.9.2: A firm must not in a communication with the customer make a statement which may induce the customer to contact the firm misunderstanding the reason for making contact.

Quote the above in your next letter and cite their website page stating:

Debt And Revenue Services

Debt Collection Agency

Inform them that if they continue to contact you insisting they are not a Debt Collection Agency that you will report them to the Financial Ombudsman Service and the Financial Conduct Authority and the Information Commissioner’s Office, as they must hold a Consumer credit License to be a debt collection agency, and if they do not, then they are acting illegally and have no right to contact you whatsoever.

Take Care. 😀

beaky1 replied:

Many thanks Faljay

Could I possibly send you a copy of my last correspondence from Debt & Revenue? to see what you make of it ? Cheers

apertures replied:

Post it for all to see if you would be so kind?

Dont forget to blank out any details and try and upload as a pdf, it makes any possible document sniffing that little bit harder.

It also helps anyone else who receives the same kind of letters.

Faljay replied:

By all means, and I replied to your PM.