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Have your own meters fitted legaly!

Englishman asked:

Take a look at page 36 regarding meters. You can legally fit your own meter for gas and electricity.

Also electricity act 1989 and gas act 1986.

Now picture this. If you have no contract with the existing supplier, you have no debt and if sent to a DCA we all know any alledged debt is gone. So when they come to change your meter to pre-payment , you can arrange for your meter to be fitted by a competant person of your choice.So you are left with no contract with any supplier and their meter is gone. Any alleged link between a supplier and you is now non- existent, and your supply from your meter is straight from the national grid. How would you be billed ? and how would that be measured?

Okay, going out on a shoe string here but their last resort, to take the main fuse……….. Out pops your spare ! Proof of claim…… how?

Seem an extreme sceario??……………… Or does it!!

Am i getting carried away ? I really dont know. It quite possibly might not be so far from a solution as it sounds… time will tell.

Sent off bill A4V, promissory note and covering letter today so see how this one turns out however many months down the line.

ceylon replied:

i sent a notice to the energy minister asking that and he did not reply so he agreed as i putr in my notice if he did not respond he was agreeing so yes you can but it is still a fight

Englishman replied:

Just re-read your elec and gas post. Thanks for paving the way so to speak and i agree with you on the part about avoiding at all costs the pre-payment meter. Not only do you need to so as not to contract with them but also if i read the electric act 1989 correctly, they will deduct a percentage of whatever goes on the pre-payment untill the alleged debt (arrears) are paid back. 😥

doobryfirkins replied:

reading that file is abit too much to take in I wish to fit my own gas and electric meters but I would like to know.

how much does it cost?

is there a company that can do it for you?

can Npower my current supplier remove them?

and will Npower disconnect me once they see I have my own meters fitted?

will I be billed by anyone?

do you have any useful links on this and has anyone done it?

ceylon replied:

you really need to do research before even looking at this

yes i did it all

they lie and steal

see my post in A4V

MrNinetails79 replied:

im just looking at the linked pdf and cant see anything on p36 to indicate what you suggest re fitting your own meter… but i was skimming so maybe i missed it? a more explicit pointer to its location would really help…


ps what if there is already a pre-pay meter installed? can we get rid of, or hack it?

MrNinetails79 replied:

found it lol its actually page 29 of the linked pdf


saxon replied:

hi, first post, I’m gobsmacked at all the info on here.

so much that I didn’t know or even think was possible.

On this topic I have saved meters onto my watch page on ebay, for future purchase.

I was wondering who would connect said meters, trusting a good friend to know a suitable person is a good idea, question though, can the meter be fitted as soon as the company removed theirs?

javfreeman replied:

My Understanding to this is first you would need to cancel any contracts you have with any providers. In other words your supply being cut off. Then you would require an authorised person to come and fir the new meters. Each meter has a serial key knowan as the Meter No. and that is registered on the databases of the fitters. That database is also shared with the providers so they link the meter to the address it is fitted.

It would be interesting to know if any authorised fitters are willing to fit the meter without instructions coming from a supplier. Even if you do find someone to fit the meter will they fit it activated or disconnected whereas you still have to go to a supplier to have your electric and gas activated?

I think a lot more research is required into this. Another point we can check is it illegal to fit one yourselves I know plenty of people who could fit them it is easy question is would they be authorised to change your meter?

ceylon replied:

mine was fitted by a fitter but i would not say what his name was

javfreeman replied:

Ceylon: So you have your own private meter fitted. Prepay or normal meter wuld be interesting as I could go down these lines aswell. I have plenty of people who can fit one for me. You can Private Message me if you wish. You probably know the following questions I am going to ask so I wont post them here for many reasons.

ceylon replied:

you have to follow a certain process like send a notice to the energy minister asking him to confirm or deny the fact you can fit your own meter and give him a set time limit to respond if he dont he agrees with you, there is much more to it than you think

javfreeman replied:

That makes sense. Do you have a procedure we can follow? Templates?

saxon replied:

Hi I would be very grateful for any guideance on this, I have pre-payment meters inside the house, for gas and electric plus my water meter is metered if you understand me, not the set tarrifs, that meter is outside of my propety.

dbc1702 replied:

Unfortunately I don’t think the contract bit of this will work.

As long as a property is supplied by an electricity company, you cannot NOT contract with them.

The Electricity Act 1989 states at schedule 6 as amended F259.

That the use of the electricity is deemed as a contract to supply.

3(1) Where an electricity supplier supplies electricity to any premises otherwise than in pursuance of a contract, the supplier shall be deemed to have contracted with the occupier (or the owner if the premises are unoccupied) for the supply of electricity as from the time (“the relevant time”) when he began so to supply electricity.

(2) Where–(a)the owner or occupier of any premises takes a supply of electricity which has been conveyed to those premises by an electricity distributor;(b)that supply is not made by an authorised supplier; and(c)a supply of electricity so conveyed has been previously made by an electricity supplier,the owner or occupier shall be deemed to have contracted with the appropriate supplier for the supply of electricity as from the time (“the relevant time”) when he began to take such a supply.

(3) Nothing in sub-paragraph (2) shall be taken to afford a defence in any criminal proceedings.

(4) The Authority shall publish a document containing provision for determining the “appropriate supplier” for the purposes of sub-paragraph (2).

(5) The Authority may revise the current document published under sub-paragraph (4); and where it does so it shall publish the revised document.

(6) The express terms and conditions of a contract which, by virtue of sub-paragraph (1) or (2), is deemed to have been made shall be provided for by a scheme made under this paragraph.

(7) Each electricity supplier shall make (and may from time to time revise), a scheme for determining the terms and conditions which are to be incorporated in the contracts which, by virtue of sub-paragraph (1) or (2), are to be deemed to have been made.

(8) The terms and conditions so determined may include terms and conditions for enabling the electricity supplier to determine, in any case where the meter is not read immediately before the relevant time, the quantity of electricity which is to be treated as supplied by the supplier to the premises, or taken by the owner or occupier of the premises, during the period beginning with the relevant time and ending with–(a)the time when the meter is first read after the relevant time; or(b)the time when the supplier ceases to supply electricity to the premises, or the owner or occupier ceases to take a supply of electricity,whichever is the earlier.

(9) A scheme under this paragraph may (subject to section 7B) make different provision for different cases or classes of cases, or for different areas, determined by, or in accordance with, the provisions of the scheme.

(10) As soon as practicable after an electricity supplier makes a scheme under this paragraph, or a revision of such a scheme, he shall–(a)publish, in such manner as he considers appropriate for bringing it to the attention of persons likely to be affected by it, a notice stating the effect of the scheme or revision;(b)send a copy of the scheme or revision to the Authority and to the Council; and(c)if so requested by any other person, send such a copy to that person without charge to him.

ceylon replied:

😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

dbc1702 replied:

Also, as regard to fitting your own meters.

The 1989 Act states that a customer may use his own meter, but only with the permission of the supplier.

wakeup replied:

Act is not Law its an Act of Parliament. Regarding getting permission from the supplier 😆 😆 😆 😆

If the Parliament Acts say bend over you bend over! ❓ 🙄

Act can be updated and new ones can be made up one day to a next skys the limit with out the peoples concent. ❗

Treesarenice replied:

Hi everyone

Interesting topic is changing meters the change of the meters should be by eon or the national grid for the gas they are the main two companies that do it.

Not just anyone can fit the meters

the consumer unit (fuse box) comes under different set of rules altogether and a qualified electrician should install that part but the meters come down to the supplier or the companies above.


raina0962 replied: