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How often/ likely is a bailiff to knock

Closhields asked:


I think the most terrifying bit of all this is the bailiffs. I know their just people doing a job but it’s just the chance of a person knocking at the door who will try to get access to my property with just me and the baby here. The only reason I am in debt is because I’ve been to nice with money & lent more then I could always afford because I can never say no especially to family.

I’ve watched the videos on bailiffs but my questions are;

What have people experiences of bailiffs been like?

Do you have to speak to them or just ignore?

What times do they normally come?

sparkie72 replied:

Do you think they are tying to serve you with papers?

Have they lefted any calling cards by the front door?

Are they tying to exercise a court order?

If they knock and you don’t answer the door because did not hear them you are not dodging them.

If they leave a calling card, is there any proof that they leaved one? The wind must of blown the card away.

They may approach your neighbors to ask about your movements, like if you work, what time are you normally home, etc.

Closhields replied:

Everything is still with the creditors at the moment and 2nd letters go out tomorrow. It’s only been this last month I have paid my debts and I thought I would act quickly, plus want to be prepared for when the creditors pass it onto the debt collectors (which obviously will happen). Still no replies from the first letters.

I just want to be prepared for when and if they do come. I just have no idea about this at all.

No calling cards nothing at all. Obviously they have to write to me firstly don’t they? Or can they just turn up as soon as the account is passed to them?

Just looking at every possible outcome lol

scorpia6651 replied:

Hi Closhields

If everything is still with the OC and not debt collectors and you are following the three letter process, there is very little likelihood you will ever see a bailiff. Just keep following the letter process.


Closhields replied:

Thank you Scorpia.

That’s nice to know and very settling in a way. Is there a reason for that then? I my mind as soon as it is passed onto debt collection I will be inundated with knocks at the door.

Tiggy replied:

Debt Collection Agencies use letters and telephone calls to attempt to get you to pay NOT bailiffs xx

Closhields replied:

Thank you Tiggy. When are bailiffs used then?

royboyone replied:

Almost always after a claim has been won and a CCJ issued and not complied with, so that may be never. 🙂

FatGambit replied:

You are a long way from the Bailiff stage, and iirc on a general warrant of distress for non-payment of a ccj, they will only call 3 times before returning it to the court as unenforceable.

It is rare, but sometimes debt collectors may send a debt collection agent out to you to try and pressure you into acknowledging the debt and making a payment, as I said this is very rare, but it does happen. In this instance you are under no obligation to talk to them and if you’ve done the letters right (by adding in the request to conduct all activity in writing), then by doing so they are in breach if their own industry guidelines.

If someone does ever doorstep you, tell them you will only discuss matters in writing and request they vacate the premises, if they refuse you will call the Police.

Remember whatever they say, you are under no obligation to talk to them, or invite them into your house, if you don’t know who is at the door, don’t open it. If they continue to hammer on your door shouting your name, call the police and say you have a stranger on your doorstep attempting to break in are alone in the house with a baby, are in fear for your safety and require urgent assistance. Do not talk to the doorstep agent, ever. When the Police arrive, explain to them you will only let them in / talk to them once they have removed the person from the property, explain because you are a vunderable adult (single parent with young baby) you have requested all correspondence to be conducted in writing and requested that under no circumstances would you talk face to face with an agent, the person hammering on your door was upsetting your baby and causing you distress, which you believe falls under the criminal description for breach of the peace, so either the copper do their job, or they can piss off as well.

Closhields replied:

Thank you all for your help. So there is nothing stopping debt collection agencies from coming though? These can turn up with out a court order etc? Just trying the understand the difference 🙂

royboyone replied:

They can turn up but tell them where to go, some will send letter saying calling at such date to frighten you.

I had one turn up. I was there but didn’t hear him knock. He put a card in the door. I went out and saw him in his car. On the Phone I asked him if it was him who put the card in.

He said yes. He asked if I was MR xxx. I said no, who are you? He said if you are not MR xxx I can’t tell you. He must have heard the dog going nuts.

Saw the denial of access notice in the window so decided to call his office. He then drove off. 2 days later had a letter from his office saying we have passed the account back to the OC.

Haven’t heard anything since. Nearly 8months ago now. 🙂

FatGambit replied:

They can turn up, but it’s very rare, you are not obliged to talk to them.

Collection agent: hi I wish to speak to a Jamie bloggs, does he live here?

You: sorry I don’t discuss personal matters on the doorstep.

Collection agent: can I come in to discuss it then?

You: no, goodbye.

Slam door, conversation over.

As royboyone says, if you do not identify yourself, and you have no legal requirement to do so, then they cannot discuss the matter with you, if they do, they have broken the data protection act.

Don’t believe everything you see on ‘the sherrif’s are coming’ or ‘can’t pay, won’t pay’, these shows are deliberately misleading and edit in such a way as to instil fear into the general public.

thecrill1 replied:


Hust to add to the other members posts, Bailiffs CANNOT force entry to your home.

They cannot push past you to get into your home because that is assault.

They try and frighten you by saying they have sent for a locksmith, total rubbish.

The only way they can gain entry is if you let them in, no other way.

High court enforcement officers have this power but not bailiffs.

Take Care and lose the fear. 😀