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HSBC not ‘pre’ notified charges

petrolhead asked:


At various times HSBC have charged me with what appears on my account as ‘pre-notified charges’ for being slightly overdrawn, for what is ridiculous amounts of money.

After I had a look online I found that they cannot do this with sending me a letter so I went in to my branch and they offered me half back which was £50. I told them that will be ok ‘for now’ and the woman who delt with me said ‘I promise the money will be back in your account in the next 24 hours’. This has obviously turned out to be a lie as 4 days have passed, and still no money.

I really have had enough with HSBC charging me huge amounts of money with no agreement what so ever, and since I’m not too clued up on dealing with banks, I wondered if anyone had any advice on what legal action I can take against them? And as soon as this is sorted, I’m charging banks as I’ve had nothing but trouble with them.


javfreeman replied:

Good Luck, Some people have had success using the invoice route. Getting back charges they have already taken is another question you have to put up a real fight with them.

Justice replied:

maybe go on the grounds of having a unilateral agreement.. and that you wanna change the conditions..?

petrolhead replied:

well I suppose really the only option is press that they promised me money and that they must keep to that, but then this a bank they specialise in not keeping promises and screwing people over.


Very difficult area = HSBC and charges claims, they seem to be in the land of no movement, told to listen to complaints etc but they are unable to comment or commit to solution to the area of concern, have been on phone to them in the past for nearly an hour to only wait at (their expence but they did not know it),, then passed to a department on hold, then to be told the lines are very busy in that area after 30 minutes, then put onto another person who just listens and basically informs you of nothing in a round about way, after 55 minutes, they sign off. = HSBC must tell their complaints department listen do not take any action = I wonder??? (the phone call was at their expence whether they know it or not).