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normany asked:

errmm… Guys- the Title Says it all.

DVLA Clamped me this morning. Simply got the Stihly Petrol Cutter and Cut it off.

There are not CCTV cameras of any kindon the street, no witnesses ect, – what is to happen?

Ive done plenty of reading about criminal damage, unsure how relevant or true it is, Besides, how can thety Actually PROVE that it i I whom cut the clamps of. Ive hid the vehicle in a private gated car park-

What do i do, and whats the possible outcome?

Car is on traders insurance and also registered to as a trader.

Many Thanks

Jinxer replied:

I’ve done loads of them mate, they have even sent me letters asking for the clamp back I just never ever responded to any. The only way they can do you for it is if they have any witnesses or any other evidence that you did it, One thing I will say though is if they see the car again they will just take it. The best thing you could do now is cover the number plate with black tape so anpr cant pick it up or better still take the plates off until you sell it or tax it again

normany replied:

Will / Can They take the car even if its on my driveway and ive got a huge CCTV camera pointing at it?

Robswift replied:

They may well try, Deny ever seeing a clamp on the car and make sure you have thoroughly disposed of the offending article a canal is a good spot, then re-register the in someone else’s name you know and park it away from your house that way if they take it, it would be an act of theft and new keeper can go and claim the car back for you,………..But I would definitely sell it, as it now has a bullseye painted on it!

Jinxer replied:

Yes they will still try to take it but if you take the number plates off then they cant tell its the same car and wouldn’t risk taking it.

Robswift replied:

Are you advising that he should drive around with no number plates, if so I feel this would be a dangerous move as he is more likely to get stopped by the police as he has in effect accepted DVLA terms and conditions by registering his car with them, which means they will try to punish further for this fact…………..Now if his car was de-registered that would be a different matter altogether!

Jinxer replied:

No sorry just to make it clear I don’t advise to drive at all with no tax. I didn’t realise that the car was going to be used on the road. My advise for taking the number plates off is only if the car is left on the driveway not used on the road. If you are going to still be driving the car then at some point the ANPR cameras will pick it up. ANPR cameras are in nearly all the petrol stations these days. I’m not sure if the police still get involved with untaxed cars these days so cant really comment whether they would take the car if they stopped you.

normany replied:

Just to add some flavour into the Mix and Bust some myths, purely for the benefit of the Forum readers

I have been driving around with no Tax since Beginning of the year. Using the car daily as normal.

(Although this was completely undeliberate as there is no paper tax disc, i must have missed the reminder notice and have been driving untaxed for so long) I as only caught with the 4 Point CCTV DVLA Vans flagging it on their ANPR whilst they simply drive up and down each and every road in the city. So Petrol station ANPR’s to be fair are probably nohing to worry about.

however, more importantly, what grounds do i stand upon, if they Photgraphed the Clamps being on the Car, and i deny them seeing them on the car. (They did take photos)

lobster replied:

Sounds to me like they didn’t secure the clamp & unfortunately for them it therefore failed & you were able to drive it. 😀

Register in some family members name & try to unload the car. They could try to remove even if not in your name as they don’t give a shit & you will go through most prob a lengthy process to retrieve it. But i wouldn’t worry about de clamping it if they have no evidence you did. Good on you is what i think. Fock em!