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jaytop21 asked:

Now just need to figure out how to fill it in and send it of for my little cousin … f_life.pdf
[ ]

gem78 replied:

jay, where did you find this form?

jasonessex replied:

This form is confirming a PERSON is living! Why would you want to use this form? Look at the wording.

marukee replied:

Can someone explain how this form works?

What it does?


jasonessex replied:

I’ll be honest with you. I have never come across this form but after reading it I would not have anything to do with it.

I see it as a way to confirm you’re the PERSON.

If anyone thinks different then please explain.

Englishman replied:

Sorry but this came up months ago if you have the time to trawl through and find the thread, posted by Ceylon. Unfortunatly nobody (me included) could actually come up with what to do with it when filled in.

If it is such a thing connected to the Cestui Que Vie act 1666 , then it goes without saying that there will be nothing in the public domain to instruct you what to do with it.

iwanttolearn replied:

Exactly, all these people talking about it and making it sound exciting but not one person says how to go about it, RESEARCH hahaha its not their or i cant find it anyway, so guys it looks like its just a form, you could end up in prison, why? well if london was on fire and everyone was dead then you are the survivor and could be accused of causing it hahahaha hey haha or sinking the ship hahahaha admirilaity get it

jasonessex replied:

If this form does as some claim then I’ll sure someone with a higher IQ than me would use it.

I’m sure the form serves a purpose but not what some think it does.

notinmyname1 replied:

Came across some intresting and useful information in connection with form 206 and cestui que vie act 1666 which i like to share.


under the freedom of information act 2000 Dr.Julian E.G. Dransfield filed for information to be requested from the prime ministers office. In the corresspondance the cabinet office acknowledged form 206 and cestui que vie act 1666. check it out: … cestui_que
[ ] … d.pdf.html
[ ]

I personally think Dr.Julian E.G. Dransfield was asking the wrong office, may be if he tried the cheancery division would be more productive.

A poster by the name of homobullavanitas posted the following (all credit to his reserch) on a diffrent forum which is informative.

Cestui Que Vie 1666
Colonial Stock Act 1877 (UK)
Evidence of Life Form 206 (Cheancery Division of the High Court (UK)

I refer to the Colonial Stock Act 1877 (UK) as it subtly reveals/suggests how; the trust system works and (by virtue of trusts) why they are required to be hidden (held in trust). Hidden in plain sight.

I have underlined the parts and quoted the sections (in an order) that I feel to be the most significant – yet the whole Act makes a truly marvellous read.

Colonial Stock Act 1877 (UK)

15 Notice of Trust
No notice of any trust in respect of any colonial stock, or of any certificate thereof, or of any coupon annexed to such certificate, -shall be entered in the register or receivable by the registrar or by the government of the colony.
(I encourage you to look up the legal definitions for “notice” and “receivable”)

My interpretation (for what its worth): notice is “information”, receivable is simply “able to be received”. i.e. no information about the existence of “a trust” is able to be received (recognised) by the government of the colony. I.e. don’t bother with you colonial government – they are literally not allowed to recognise the fact that a trust exists, they are holding your prize “in trust” for you.

17 Register to be evidence
The register kept in pursuance of this Act shall on its mere production from the custody of the registrar be evidence of all matters entered therein, and, as regards persons entered therein -as proprietors of colonial stock to which this Act applies, of the title of those persons to that stock.

My interpretation (for what its worth): the certificate of personal estate (Birth Certificate) is evidence of the trust and “title to the title” (i.e. title to the name as on BC)

7 Stock Certificate to Bearer
The registrar, if so authorised by the government of a colony issuing stock to which this Act applies, shall on application and payment of the fees and stamp duty, if any, chargeable in respect of the certificate, grant to a stockholder a certificate (in this Act called a stock certificate to bearer) which shall entitle the bearer to the stock therein described, and shall be transferable by delivery. There shall be attached to such certificate coupons entitling the bearer of or person named in the coupons to the dividends on the stock for a limited period. Any stock in respect of which a stock certificate to bearer has been so issued shall, so long as such certificate is outstanding, cease to be dealt with through the medium of the register. A coupon so issued shall be deemed to be a cheque on a banker within the meaning of any law or enactment for the time being in force relating to cheques other than any enactment relating to stamp duties.

My interpretation (for what its worth): the most interesting parts for me are “There shall be attached to such certificate coupons entitling the bearer of or person named in the coupons to the dividends on the stock for a limited period” – I would not be surprised if “the bearer of” and “person named in the coupons” are in practice (usually) two different parties. Hence this next part is interesting too: [b]”A coupon so issued shall be deemed to be a cheque on a banker[/u] within the meaning of any law”. Therefore someone who has a claim “to the dividends on the stock for a limited period” has a security against the dividends of the stock and it is by this action (paper) money is created (maybe) and circulated. This would be in fitting with the notion that everyone is in fact a banker :within the meaning of any law”. Check out your local Bills of Exchange Acts

The person becoming entitled to any stock or dividend thereon in consequence of the death, bankruptcy, or marriage of the stockholder, or of any devolution in law from the stockholder, or otherwise than by transfer of the stock, shall produce such evidence of his title as may be reasonably required by the registrar, but the person so becoming entitled to any stock may transfer such stock to another person without being registered himself.

My interpretation (for what its worth): I believe this maybe a reference to the Cestui Que Vie Acts (including that of 1666) and to what to me is maybe its most important caveat (section IV): “If the supposed dead Man prove to be alive, then the Title is revested. Action for mean Profits with Interest.” Hence the Evidence of Life form 206 lodged appropriately (in combination with other forms for due process procedurally) in claim of property (and freedom) and dividends

22 Stock to which Act applies to be personal estate
Colonial stock to which this Act applies shall be personal estate, and shall not be liable to any foreign attachment by the custom of London or otherwise.

My interpretation (for what its worth): herein is recognition of our De Jure freedom.

I imagine that some of these other forms are likely to be important in the process too but I am not sure which ones

Form 200Payment SchedulePDF | RTF
Form 201Request for payment out of money in court to satisfy a Part 36 offerPDF | RTF
Form 202Notice of consent for payment out of monies in courtPDF | RTF
Form 203Payment on MajorityPDF | RTF
Form 204Certificate of Taxed CostsPDF | RTF
Form 205Request for Payment to Payee’s bankPDF | RTF
Form 206Evidence of lifePDF | RTF
Form 207Notice of Payment due to CreditorPDF | RTF
Form 208Notice of payment due to security holderPDF | RTF
Form 209Declaration proving RepresentationPDF | RTF
Form 210Declaration of Nearest of KinPDF | RTF
Form 211Transfer to a county courtPDF | RTF
Form 212Request for Investment DecisionPDF | RTF
Form 300Request for certificate or copy of accountPDF | RTF
Form 301Declaration of change of name or stylePDF | RTF
Form 319Notes for guidance on investment of damagesPDF | RTF
Form 320Initial application in respect of a fund in courtPDF | RTF

These above list of forms came from the following link:

what your guys take on this?

meskalin replied:

Wow – I know some people have been looking into this for 2 years … but it seems other people in the US and Canada have been getting ‘somewhere’ with the Cestui Que Vie trusts.

The forms mentioned in the last post, you can get from the Courts Funds Office

However …. the forms you need are NOT available to download (thformes misinge I rekon be what is importante)

These are : (None of the forms at the link in the previous post are available anymore when I checked)

Form 203 Payment on Majority
Form 204 Certificate of Taxed Costs
Form 206 Evidence of life

However you can ring the Courts Funds Office and request these documents ! I have them all on the way to me. jasonessex said the evidence of life form is something he’d question signing… My view here (and others online, watched a vid earlier is something like this) Your legal Strawman is created, you are Gifted a name …. after Seven years of being ‘out of this Realm, being beyond contact Your Legal fiction STRAWMAN (AND YOU if/because you admit to being your legal strawman) are DEAD or LOST AT SEA and are therefore fit for salvage and need to be re-presented in court as you are a child or an imbascile

Also posted here are ALL 3 Cestui Que Vie Acts – the 1540 Act was obtained from ‘ENGLISH ACTS APPLICABLE TO HONG KONG BY VIRTUE OF THE APPLICATION OF ENGLISH LAW ORDINANCE’ unfortunatly my time at the National Archives is limited. (need to actually Work as well 🙄 )

Went to the National Archives today …Have some interesting ACTE’S, The Act of Supremacy ‘Creation of the Crown’ or for its FULL Title ‘An ACTE concnynge the Kynges Highnes to be supreme heed of the Churche of Englande & to have authoryte to refourme & redresse all errours heresyes & abuses yn the same’ its quite long – about 7 pages …. but can be posted if anyone wants it…

May slap a torrent link here to all the actes, will seed plentifully ? if anyone wants …acts

I can only guess the certificate of taxed costs – is just that…. a certificate of PROOF of all YOUR STRAWMAN/YOUR COST to the Governement – As EVIDENCE of how MUCH ££ has gone for COSTS purposes from YOUR CQV Fund ! ??

Payment on Majority form, I am not too sure about … however I was told these forms come with some explanitory notes – I shall wait with eager anticipation to receive these forms … I have TWO small one…. NOT of an age to be classified as ‘LOST AT SEA or DEAD…..

The CQV Act 3 the 1707 one – the Title (full, old title says it ALL)

An Act for the more effectual Discovery of the Death of Persons pretended to be alive to the Prejudice of those who claim Estates after their Deaths……….. Surely you must be living to be able to ‘Pretend to be alive’

feel a bit Off track from getting out of debt… but then I guess this is all a big part of it, as the system (yes, systems are what the 5hi7 flows through) is designed to have us in debt!

Oh man, now to read ‘For recoving of Arrerages by Executors & Administratols’ or CQV 1540 in it short modern title!

want2bfree replied:

I have 2 little ones, what would be the correct method in obtaining the forms and submitting the forms to gain their full sovereignty. I guess from the little knowledge that i have the strawman is created from this act so this could be the starting point?

ceylon replied:

in the first post is a link

jaytop21 replied:

Anybody figured out what to do with this form yet???

Lord_Milkman replied:

has anyone had any luck with this yet and tried it out?

marke replied:

Listen to jean keating latest vid,he ses you have to send a ss40 form or something,declare the name is actually dead,collapse the estate (long form birth certificate ) and transfer money,property,digits,paper with ink on it into another trust, foreign indenture trust maybe,audio not to good.

he also ses court of record are probate courts,that would tie in with the constructive trust they build in the courts to transfer funds from the estate,which sit within the county’s to fund the bonds,stock market etc.

he also ses a judges bond and oath are located with the cardinal bishop of the county/ diocese as itz all cannon law.

they are debtors in the public side and they need a constant fresh source of credit for the bankruptcy,which iz you.

they are stealing,usurping,swiping your credit! more paper with ink on it

i have come 2zee conclusion that we are run by pirates and clowns.

handle replied:

Could you please post a link to keatings latest vid.

Lord_Milkman replied:

what the hell. im goin send the forms out. he who dares. :mrgreen:

pooky2483 replied:

Any news yet?

teddy replied:

pooky 2483 , Eternal thanks remember this thread could not find it , will get me further.

newleaf replied:

Before anyone sends this form anywhere it could be a good idea to check this out, it looks like this form is for people who the court has money in hand as awards made to them through a court case or so it seems. (sorry to piss on the parade if it is) 😥

Google court (funds rule 40 on the bottom of the form) also and you get link below … tation.pdf
[ ]


zark replied:

Even if the beneficiary does notice that he should still receive benefits of the account

We do not know the account number or the full title

AND has one been assumed dead? Has one been given a notice anytime telling you after x time you must complete form 206 or assumption of death and no payments will continue

Nope….. I would suggest that form 206 is maybe for ex-pats with pensions and stuff like that

handle replied:

I think all this proof of life confusion is controlled conspiracy.

It diverts us away from the real accounting issue. WHERE ARE THE ACCOUNTS THAT SHOW THE DISPOSITION OF AMOUNTS COLLECTED FROM EVERYONES SALARY? Where are the profits on investment? Who is managing the safe investment of such money and are they regukated and scrutinised?

Do we trust civil servants not to ‘dip in’ to monies collected?

This is the real question, while everyone us chasing shadows.

teddy replied:

A distraction perhaps , the fact of the Trust being available , the government , councils and courts use it to immense effect , a claim can be brought however un founded and “cashed out of it”. the name , national insurance number . birth certificate. death certificate.

My belief is that the whole court system is about access to the trusts , albeit defendant, witnesses , any living “outsider that enters there place of play is carved up as a contributor.

The councils claim from between £120,to 150,000 per year on every person. maybe thats why they need the signature on the electoral role.

When anyone without assets is made bankrupt the spoils are to be had by all involved . and as we ,every court, council, police force, and even the pigeons on county hall are classed as corporations . its a free for all frenzy to bring any infringement to become an offence.

They are paid out on the claim then harrass every one for the alleged debt.

All of this , could be a total myth , but on some of the instances i have been involved in it stacks up.

HM ‘the’ Queen replied:

Of course it isn’t easy to climb a 100ft wall with toothpicks but that is what you will have to do (metaphorically speaking) if you want to get your hand on the Holy Grail that is your trust. Being dead and lost at sea isn’t all bad. If we all have our hands on our pots, money would devalue to compensate.

What we should do is stand back and laugh at the decapitated corps of stupidity that is our ‘government’. They separated the head from the body. In all of their ignominious splendour and Majesty, resolutely before God, they committed an act more stupid than any that had gone before it. They achieved the ultimate maxim of stupidity. The self decapitation.

“Blessed art Thou who rejoice verily of the magnificent creation that lay before them. All those who seek justification and strength through enslavement of others shall become slaves.”

lopsum replied:

still no reply from the freedom of info request, the guy never clarified the question.

marke replied:

anybody who is a citizen is a roman dead citizizen accross the planet,one has to change is status to the living man.

there are no million hairy fairy’s

if you believe in santa,tooth fairy’s and dino saurs you are well and truly brain fucked!

there is know money

debt money is usury military script,the planet or what you want call this blob of shit planet has been going through this crap for thousand of or so called thousand of years.

when you die? yeah!

who will be taking there body with them?

it’s a credit system which mines your energy

the more you are ignorant the more credit they steal of yours to enslave you.

why not get a piece of paper and place your thumb print and tel phone number and control your labour and skill on what you scribe on the paper or contract.

i suppose if you are a banker,lawyer,politician this counts you out as you are completely incompetent,aka your fucked!

so now you have neil keenen so called jesuit jews in suits and karen hudes hud wink who are promising ? with ben fulford as a side order.

they’ve stolen trillions of credit over the 70 year bankruptcy now were goin to reverse the trillons of bull shit (energy units to manipulate the brain into moving north east south west.

who’s in control?

who’s got allodial title to property?

i have 400 billion in a swiss nazi account
i won the euro lottery 500 million

your all a bunch of fucking clowns!

virgo7281 replied:

Damn! that last post…man you are angry at someone..I thought money bought happiness, so why aren’t you happy?

For what its worth, from what I’ve gathered so far, trusts are kept at the FED and the account # is your s.s.# without dashes. In order to access this account, you’ll need to routing number for the FED assigned letter on the back of your s.s. card. Mine is an E which is the fed bank in Richmond VA..I’ve also understood that filing a ucc-1 AND the form 206 is necessary but also suggested to place a bond against yourcertificate..generally 1,000,000 maturing in 10 years and a peace treaty with the us corp pledging a portion of your living trust upon your death to the national debt etc. This supposedly keeps them happy and you out of jail. I guess it makes sense though, paying our debt to society regardless of the fact that we are sold on the exchange to fund the paper money for the monopoly game of this fake reality. Tex Mason provides an excellent guide or master file of everything and instructions of how to do and where to file..although he does leave some work for you to do on your own.