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Is this a new Apex scam?

Brains asked:

I’m in dispute with Apex over an alleged debt. It’s been in going on now for 3 months and I’m actually enjoying the battle. Now then, I’m always wary about opening letters – I like to check out the envelope first. So, one day I receive an envelope and printed on the back was “if undelivered please return to Cardrew Way, Cardrew Industrial Estate, Redruth, Cornwall TR15 1SH (no PO Box number, no street number, no name). Having checked the internet, Cardrew Way is linked to Apex.

We all know that Apex works out from Stratford upon Avon – but here is the query … Cardrew way on the Google map is about half a mile long with dozens if not hundreds of businesses – so how does Royal Mail know where to return it to if it’s marked “addressee not known at this address please return to sender”

Unless maybe Apex do this on purpose so they can , if things go to the wire, claim that the mail was posted and, because it was not returned, it has been deemed to have been delivered and accepted.

Any comments?

ceylon replied:

whats it say in the letter

Brains replied:

oh it’s just the ususal blurb from a Customer Support Consultant saying they are looking into my complaint which is strange because my last letter to them was a bill for breaching terms in letter three which was sent separately (but at the same time) as the estoppel letter – this, despite being told for the second time that I am NOT a customer of Apex and have NOT made a complaint.

ceylon replied:

rts but write there address on the back

Faljay replied:

Postie will know where to send it if it was returned, as all these registered addresses of companies are on file on the royal mail computer, with their full addresses. But as long as you send any correspondence to the same address as you’ve been using, it doesn’t matter what address they have on the back of their envelopes.


royboyone replied:

All the letters I have had from Apex have that Cornwall address on the envelopes but I send my letters to the Stratford address and they always sign for them there. 🙂

FatGambit replied:

Its probably a po box without the po box part of the address, iirc you could pay extra to have a po box but omit the po box xxx from the address, the address would then be identified from the postcode alone which would be unique to whoever rents the po box.

Faljay replied:

postcode alone which would be unique to whoever rents the po box.

Post codes are set out in blocks and streets, they cover a large area apiece, so if it was a business estate, every building would have the same post code, and lots of business actually have their PO Boxes in the office reception area.


bluegangster replied:


Im dealing with those Ape- Ex monkeys too. Ive just been sending my letters to their Stratford address, and they are acknowledging them from there. I have only been sending letters with a Certificate of posting to keep my costs down.

I would just continue with the Stratford address.

Ive just sent Intention of Estoppell, and judging by their response i think they may fold anyway. If they don’t, well I look forward to their chasing.

I have other posts on here relating to them.

FatGambit replied:

I beg to differ, in a previous life I had a po box, it was a pigeon hole at my local sorting office and i had this little pink credit card sized card that allowed me access, the post code was unique to the box and I paid extra to use the 3 different addresses, street Addy with po box, po box only and street Addy without po box line, the only stipulation was I had to notify them in writing of all the addresses used so they could add it onto the system.

The post was either held for me to collect from the sorting office daily, or they woukd deliver it with the normal delivery, just had to give them 24 hours notice to switch between options, this was 20 years ago though, so it might be different now, but po boxes were no where near as exotic as people think they are LOL.

Sorry for derailing the thread, as you were 🙂

Faljay replied:

Aha, you paid specifically for a unique post code, that’s a different kettle of fish. Unless a PO Box owner does the same, it will be lumped in with the area post code.


FatGambit replied:

They must have changed things then, cos I always had unique postcodes on the po box addresses, I paid extra to use the alternative addresses, not for the postcode.

There’s a difference between having a post office issued po box address, and simply slapping po box 123 before the first line of your address on letters and envelopes, anybody can do that.

Faljay replied:

There’s a difference between having a post office issued po box address, and simply slapping po box 123 before the first line of your address on letters and envelopes, anybody can do that.

I wouldn’t put that past any and all DCA’s. 👿 😀


FatGambit replied:

Well it would save the £300 a year 😆

Mickym replied:

Ha I got 1 from the same address with how they are rated for customer service etc.

its from 1st credit….. who is apex?

anyway included was a sheet for me too fill in regarding my income/outgoings…

wonder where this is going.

its regarding an allege debt with Lloyds Bank Plc…. but I never had an account with them only Lloydstsb.

so here is a question! if this debt existed would TSB entitled to half the amount?

Faljay replied:

If Lloyds sold the alleged debt then they are entitled to nothing because as far as they are concerned it’s settled.

BTW, only a court can order you to fill in an income/expenditure form, you are not at liberty to fill it in or return it – although I would return it blank and inform them of the above, but your choice.

Take Care.


Mickym replied:

I know

but where is TSB?

but the point is

1 I never had an account with lloyds.

2 if there was an agreed debt.. TSB have half the right to claim?

3 so is 1st credit fraudulently claiming monies without informing TSB?

just my 2 pennies..

Faljay replied:

Hiding behind either Lloyds, or the DCA. 😆 😆 😆


FatGambit replied:

You are of course employing that age old argument often refereed to as splitting hairs.

Of course, that does not mean to say I disagree with your observation, it is a legitimate question, especially since Lloyds TSB and Lloyds Banking Group are two different entities, I can guarantee (from experience) that if you presented this kind of an argument to a Solicitor, it would be the first thing they would question too.

Now then, as it appears 1st Credit don’t know what they are doing, there’s no need to inform them of their incorrect assumption at this point, and you are well within your rights to inform them you have never had an account with Lloyds Banking Group, and demand proof of their allegations….

Telecaster replied:

I found a nice blue coloured envelope on my doormat this morning. it looked like the sort of thing you expect to find some sort of greeting card in and I almost opened it but saw the return address on the back so stuck a label on it & popped it back in the post box.

I’m thinking the fancy blue innocent looking envelope is a crafty ruse designed to catch us off guard.

Telecaster replied:

Just a little update on my previous post;

Thismorning another envelope arrived and this time curiosity got the better of me so “in error” 😉 I opened it to find a letter from Cabot Finncial (Europe) Ltd. whose address in in West Maling, Kent. so why is the letter in an envolope which has a Return Address in Cornwall??

(Both letter and envlope are currently making the acquaintance of Mr Shredder.)

royboyone replied:

Just a little bit of advice, never shred or dispose of any letter from any alleged Creditor or DCA. Keep all envelopes too as this is a lot of evidence if it ever gets taken to Court. 🙂

Shellshineshirl replied:

My very recent EX has not provided a forwarding address for his post and I have just received a letter addressed to him with the return address of Cradew Way, etc etc

I’ve been keeping a list of post received and the return addresses and dates I’ve sent them back marked Return To Sender.

My question is though, if they are from a debt agency, can they try and make his debt(s) mine?

We weren’t married , no joint accounts, no joint bills, no utility bills in his name etc (my house)….

royboyone replied:

His debts are his, never yours so do not worry. 🙂

Welcome, any more concerns repost us on here.

Burnsey replied:

Let’s keep it simple surely.

ANR/RTS. If you can identify it without opening it.

If you are unsure it hasn’t come from one of your nearest or dearest.

Put the kettle on have a nice cup of tea and gently steam open the envelope.

If it’s a lovely message from a friend treat yourself to a chocolate biscuit and reminisce.

If it’s from the parasitic branch of society. Reseal it then ANR/RTS it.

Then treat yourself to another chocolate biscuit……….You’ve just done society a favour.

It’s all about spreading the word and realising that we are the majority.

Mass civil disobedience is the goal, and in the process becoming a critical thinker and self educated is our peace dividend.