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Issuing an Ecclesiastical Deed Poll

NoMercy asked:

Step by Step Process of issuing an Ecclesiastical Deed Poll and subsequent dishonors are the steps towards perfecting your competent living status and ensuring the dishonor of any inferior Roman officials associated withe the registrar results in the complete collapse of their authority, any trusts and the endorsement of any sin into money to you as compensation.

Step #1 Deed of Restitution

+ This is the first step, preparing and sending a Deed of Restitution also known as Pronuntio Restitutum (“pronouncement of restitution”) which formally annuls any and all claims of guardian, custodian, protector, attorney in law, or parent by the society or agencies of the society.

Step #2 Ecclesiastical Deed Poll (after 7 days of service/recording of step 1)

+ This is the second step, preparing and sending an Ecclesiastical Deed Poll. The Deed Poll must be strongly glued onto the back of a color copy of your certified copy of the Birth Certificate.
+ You must also prepare your Live Borne Record and include it in the package. Use a paperclip to connect the documents together with the Live Borne Record at the back. Do not use staples.
+ Please ensure you have read Article 133 of the canons of Positive Law and all the sections listed here.

Step #3 – Sending a Deed of Ecclesiastical Dishonor (after 14 days of service of step 2)

+ If an Ecclesiastical Deed Poll is refused to be recorded and they deliberately ignore their own sacred rules by which their whole system operates, unfortunately due to the high levels of incompetence and mental illness amongst legal professionals today. This is the next step in issuing a deed of ecclesiastical dishonor against them.
+ The Deed of Ecclesiastical Dishonor must be glued onto the back of your Live Borne Record, presented for the second time to the clerk and now registered as a deed in itself to the next most senior clerk of govenment.

Step #4 – Sending an Ecclesiastical Deed of Protest (after 14 days of service of step 3)

+ If the clerk still refuses to rectify the error and record your Ecclesiastical Deed Poll as valid, then by their own rules and all foundations of law, the Bar/Bank officials attacking you no longer have any ecclesiastical authority, because of extreme mental illness, incompetence and delinquency of office there is a strong possibility this second deed will also be ignored and dishonored. The next step is to issue an Ecclesiastical Deed of Protest which establishes the most ancient parameters of complete delinquency of the system, the collapse of any trusts and therefore your right to salvage all abandoned property owed to you.
+ Your Deed of Protest must be strongly glued onto the back of a copy of the Ecclesiastical Deed Poll to the most senior clerk of government and registered as a deed in itself with all previous material as exhibits to it.

Step #5- Deed of Final Irrevocable Judgment (after 14 days of service of step 4)

+ Incredibly, there will actually be officials, who are so thoroughly delinquent before the law, having no competence and so addicted to madness that a fourth and final deed may still be required to be issued as the fifth and final step. This deed forever collapses the systems rights to recreate any more Cestui Que Vie Trusts against you and re-affirms your right to pursue outstanding property that remains unaccounted following the collapse of all trusts against you in the Roman system.
+ Your Judgment should be strongly glued onto the back of the original Ecclesiastical Deed Poll and sent to Rome and the Pope as evidence of the complete delinquency of the system. … _steps.htm

idiot88 replied:

i not a 100% on Pronuntio Restitutum as this is the first step to my deed poll what dose it state, how do i lay it out and who do i send it to…. 😀

and another thing is step two who do i send it to and am i going to need more than 1 copy of my BC if they don’t return it….