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Letter from Shoosmiths acting on behalf of Arrow Global

paullavey asked:

Afternoon people, How is everyone?

I have had correspondence from SHOOSMITHS, with reference to an alleged debt through Arrow Global Limited who are intern acting on behalf of the ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND PLC. Their letter reads as follows;

Dear Sir

Our Client: Arrow Global Limited
Lender: Royal Bank of Scotland plc
Balance Outstanding: £XXXXXXXX

We propose to undertake a review of your current financial situation and also seek your repayment proposals.

We will work with you to achieve an affordable and sustainable payment arrangement, with any agreement taking into full consideration your financial circumstances. We would therefore ask that you to:
1. Complete the enclosed income and expenditure form including your repayment proposal and return it to us within 14 days
2. Provide relevant wage slips and/or proof of any benefits
3. Proof of other creditors, detailing the current balance(s) outstanding

How to reply/send the income and expenditure form and supporting information
POST: Please use the prepaid envelope
EMAIL: Please send to [email protected]
TEL: Please call 03700865731 and we will conduct the review over the telephone at a time convenient to you

As an alternative to the monthly payment option, we are also instructed to advise you that our client may be prepared to accept discounted settlement payment to conclude your liability which potentially could be CONSIDERABLY LESS than the current balance outstanding.

Please note that this offer is strictly in respect our your liability alone. Our client specifically reserves the right to pursue all other parties to the account, including any guarantors, for the remaining sum outstanding.

Should you have any queries regarding this matter, the above options or the enclosed income and expenditure form please contact us on 03700 865731.

Yours faithfully


Needless to say I was slightly perturbed as to this request from Shoosmiths as I have had no dealings with either them or indeed Arrow Global Limited in my entire life. I did however used to bank at the Royal Bank of Scotland but haven’t done for some time.

My response read as follows and was sent under the protection of signed delivery and I have the proof of delivery and also who signed for my notice.

5 – 7 The Lakes
F.A.O. – Matthew Murphy
23rd January 2016.

Notice to Principal is notice to Agent: Notice to Agent is notice to Principal.


You have apparently written to my address and made claims against under your above reference number. Having investigated the matter, and also the law appertaining to it, I am now writing to you in honour, seeking remedy in relation to this matter. I must point out that, I am not liable for any debt that you state that, I might owe to you, as you are a third party interloper and have no dealings in this matter.

Required Proof of Claim

I would be happy to settle any financial obligation, that, I may lawfully have, as soon as, I have received proof of claim against me, a human man, from you by way of the following documentation:

1. Validation of the Debt (i.e. the actual accounting showing SHOOSMITHS LLP SOLICITORS real losses, if any;
2. Verification of your claim against me (a sworn affidavit or a hand signed invoice in accordance with The Bills of Exchange Act 1882);
3. A copy of the contract signed by both parties and therefore binding both parties to the agreement.

Notice Period

I hereby give you 14 (fourteen) days from the date of this notice, to reply to it with a Notice, sent using recorded post and signed under full commercial liability and penalties of perjury, assuring and promising me, that all replies and details given to the above requests are true and without deception, fraud or mischief.

Notice of Terms

Your said failure to provide the aforementioned documentation with the said fourteen days to validate the debt, will be taken to constitute your agreement by acquiescence to the following terms:

1. That the debts is in fact either invalid, or did not exist in the first place or has already been settled in full, and
2. That any damages, I suffer you will be held culpable
3. That any negative verbal or written remarks made to a credit reference agency will be removed and
4. That estoppel results, (meaning that you cannot and will no longer pursue this matter any further).

Notice of Method for Contact

I also hereby give you notice that I wish to deal with this matter in writing and therefore, do not give your organisation, or any of its agents, permission to contact either by telephone or door to door calls, with me or with my homestead. Should this happen, I must warn you that any such calls could constitute harassment and may result in action being taken against you.

Address & Salutation for Correspondence

Please note the correct postal address (given at the top of this notice) to which you address any further correspondence, to the human Man, XXXX-XXXXXX of the family XXXXXXXXX, which may also be written as XXXX-XXXXXX: XXXXXXXXX. My name is not Mr XXXXXXXX or MR XXXX XXXXXXXXX, or any other capitalized and/or titled legal fiction, which relates only to the creation via the registration of birth by parents without full disclosure and without consent, (the details of which in any case are merely hearsay) and for which I can merely act as an agent in correspondence in the short term.

Faithfully in honour, with respect and without prejudice,

The have responded which reads as follows:

Dear Sir

Our Client: Arrow Global Limited
Lender: Royal Bank of Scotland plc
Balance Outstanding: £XXXXXXXX

We refer to the above and your most recent correspondence dated 23rd January 2016.

We note your comments and request for documentation. In response, we have asked our client for the following documents:

Copy of the Credit Agreement
Statement of the account
Terms and Conditions
Notice of Assignment

Any further information you have requested id disproportionate and our client Arrow Global Limited is only prepared to provide what is reasonable and proportionate to the pleaded case.

Your account will remain on hold until the above documents are received from our client Arrow Global Guernsey Limited.

Please note our client Arrow Global Guernsey Limited does not agree to the rest of your comments, including time stipulations you have set out. Therefore, upon receipt of these documents we will contact you again.

If you have any further queries, please contact our Matthew Murphy on 03700 865657.

Yours faithfully


Their reply certainly is interesting reading. They won’t accept my time constraints, yet they have asked me in their initial contact to adhere to theirs. Well needless to say the will be waiting until hell freezes over until they get anything from me in that respect.

I have drafted a further response, to the latest letter but would like some further insight in how to deal with these lower than a snakes belly arseholes. Or should I just leave it till they contact me again.


Tiggy replied:

ignore unless they threaten 14 days before legal action, then respond with the County Court’s pre action conduct – preliminary request for further information.

paullavey replied:

Where do I find the County Courts pre action conduct preliminary request. Should I continue to send the three letters.

Tiggy replied:

entirely up to you on the 3 letters, this is what I would have posted if you’d received a letter before action

If you’ve received a Letter before Action (ie threatening a CCJ) you can respond using the County Courts Pre Action Conduct – Request for Further Information. If they commence proceedings against you without responding, in full, to your request, you can apply to the Courts to Stay the Claim until they do respond. Look at the link there’s a letter on here you can adapt and send.