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How Can I Get Out of Debt?

With a simple legislated debt solution you can consolidate all your debts into one lower, affordable monthly repayment. Make one set payment per month for a set period, and after the period expires any remaining debts left are legally written off. This can be up to 90% depending on your circumstances.

Lion Finance – CLH Lawyers

Zarnaghi asked:

Hi guys,

I have a debt with Lion which they claim it is now 65K (Personal Unsecured Loan). how I ended up with that debt is another story.
As I stopped the payment (Last payment December 2014) , I moved from my address and my phone number also changed.
I don’t know even if I was served NoA by the bank or not as I moved and never returned to the address.
Since my last payment, All I received was three or four emails from Lion requesting to contact them which I ignored.
everything were quiet till yesterday which I received an email from CLH Lawyers demanding me to contact Lion to settle the debt.
interesting enough they never put their name at the end of these letters and therefore I totally ignore them.

now here are my questions to you fantastic guys:

Knowing that my debt is somehow large, they will not simply go away, they will try to take me to the court I believe but how they gonna serve the notice to appear in court if they do not have my address?

As I think I cannot get away with this debt after reading this tread … 2DQ4bt95D8

I just want to buy myself some time to come up with some money or find a good lawyer who can negotiate on my behalf.

I don’t want them to garnish my wages. I will give them my new address. Also I don’t have a house

How much tie do you think I can buy from them?

here is the letter they send me:

Dear XYZ

Client: Lion Finance Pty Ltd (“Lion Finance”)
Former: Westpac Banking Corporation ACN 33007457141 (“WESTPAC”)
Account: Personal Loan 000000000000
Amount Due as at 00/00/2016: $xxxxxx Around 67k (“the Debt”)

We act for Lion Finance and are instructed that despite previous requests, the Debt shown above remains outstanding.
We hereby demand payment of the Debt in full by the close of business on 00/00/2016. If you are unable to pay in full, we request that you urgently contact our client directly to discuss alternative payment arrangements.
Should you fail to pay the Debt, or fail to contact our client by 00/00/2016, we may be instructed to commence legal proceedings against you to recover the Debt. Such proceedings may include a claim for interest and legal costs. If legal proceedings are commenced and a Judgment is obtained, please be aware that this may affect your credit rating. Such Judgment may allow Lion Finance to obtain Court issued Enforcement Orders including a Garnishee Order over your wages or an Order for the seizure and sale of your personal assets to pay the Debt.

We urge you to give this matter your most serious and urgent attention by either:
Making payment; or
Contacting our client to make alternate arrangements for payment of the debt.

If we do not hear from you, or if you do not respond to this correspondence by contacting our client, no further warning will be given before our client progresses this matter to the next step.
Any queries about the content of this correspondence should be directed to our client in the first instance by telephoning our client’s contact number 1800 708 124. Please quote reference number xxxxxxxxxxx

CLH Lawyers
1300 355 662

Faljay replied:


Write to Lion and tell them you do not recognize or acknowledge any such alleged debt, nor Lion or any claim they have to collect any alleged debt and have no contract with them and by way of evidence that they supply:

1. A copy of the Original Agreement in its entirety, signed by both parties and dated.
2. Any existing Notice of Assignment duly made out under the Property Law Act.
3. Any existing Deed of Assignment duly made out under the Property Law Act.
4. Full accounting of any existing account associated to you by name and account number.

That should put them on hold while they find the documents, if they exist and should buy you time, though how long I am uncertain. I suggest you PM member; 1saberwow, who may well have all the necessary laws and civil procedure rules to hand so you can make out an accurate letter quoting them all as needed.

And this may help: … ation.aspx
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Take Care and Good Luck.