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Lloyds / Moorcroft overdraft. Is this good or bad?

eggnog asked:

I have had all my Lloyds debts transferred to Moorcroft Debt (Loan, Overdraft and Credit Card) I have sent letter 3 for the card last week and letter 3 for the overdraft and loan today, upon returning home this letter was in my letter box.

My question is, is this good or bad?

Also do I have to send the Estoppel notice?

Thanks in advance

eggnog replied:

What 66 views and no replies, is it that bad?

Tiggy replied:

It’s neither, Moorcroft as simply agents of Lloyds so have no powers to commence proceedings, my opinion just ignore them.

eggnog replied:

Ok, thanks for your reply.

1saberwow replied:

Hi eggnog,

you have suggested that members have viewed your post and are only looking without making a comment.

many members may only have started out and feel that they can’t help or they do not know enough to be of any help.

i would suggest sending a PM to one of the moderators.

i myself do not know about loans and overdrafts to be of any help and you have only sent off the 3 letters just the other day.

in regards to the credit card letters in the 3rd letter did you add that you do intent to send the estoppel letter after 30 days are up.

if you get a letter from moorcroft before the 30 days have passed you will then have to wait for a full 30 days before you can send the estoppel letter this is only if you never added your intentions to send estoppel.

if you did add that you intend to estoppel then send after the 30 days.

but if you get a reply about the loan and overdraft only and no mention of the credit card then you can send the estoppel letter.

someone may say different or you again can PM a moderator and ask them.

it is just that members do not want to make things bad for you and at the moment you have sent off letters for the loan, overdraft and credit card and they like you are now waiting to see what you get back in reply.

it is all speculations on what could or will happen and until you get something back no one can help at the moment.

you could be thinking the worst things at this time and you have that right to do so but no one else can help until you get a reply and then others can help as it is in black and white when you post it up for them to again view.

like i said you have only sent off the 3 letters for the loan, overdraft and credit card.

until you get a reply no one can comment or help.

again if no member has commented please PM a moderator for their help.

so when you get a reply post it up and cover what you do not want others to see like your name and address at least as it is your choice like in all things.

Jannon15 replied:

I’ve read the letter and it gives me some faith for me to start the three letters on them.

My Lloyds loan has been ‘transferred’ to moor croft, who are ‘acting’ on behalf of thier client despite Lloyds telling me only a few weeks back that they wouldn’t pass it to a debt collector.

Looks like tomorrow will be my admin day now.

Bring it on :mrgreen:

Jannon15 replied:

So I saw in another thread that I should send the Common Law Copyright Notice with my first letter.

I have read the notice, but for sanity check do I need to make any amendments to this or can I just send it as?

Trusgar replied:

Moorcrap are agents and have no powers as Tiggy, one of the more experienced and knowledgable posters on this board, has already posted.

They can do zippo to you except write and ask you to pay.

Why not just ignore and they will eventually pass it back and it will be sold on.

At this stage why waste time, energy, printing and postage costs when you can ignore?

As ever, your call. Good luck.

helpRequired replied:

Hi eggnog,

The letter says that moorcraft have closed your account and have returned it to Lloyds.


Think about it. If they had any lawful right to enforceably collect do you think they would have passed it back to Lloyds? They were instructed by Lloyds to carry out a task. Passing it back to Lloyds is a failure for them. If they pass too many back, I would think the amount of work they get would reduce, which would adversely affect their business. So it makes no business sense for them to pass back a task that they consider they could lawfully fulfil.

The fact that they returned it to Lloyds is an admission that they can’t lawfully collect on an unsubstantiated ‘debt’.

Now you need to wait for Lloyds, see what they do, and respond accordingly.

I’ve just had a smilier situation with Lloyds and capquest. After they received the estoppel, capquest wrote saying the account was closed, and returned to Lloyds. Lloyds then wrote to say they have sent the account to westcott. Well they won’t get any further than capquest did so bring it on.

The letter you received is basically the same content I received from lloyds and capquest – it seems to be a pretty standard rebuttal, but also has no foundation in law AFAIK.

Good luck, and post back if you need to.

There are some good documentaries on netflix if you have it and have a browse, and I watched a good one on you tube the other day, google “Strawman nature of the cage”, well worth a watch and should give you a bit confidence in dealing with these reprobates.