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lowell fake ccj

Simongg4 asked:

After receiving what looks like a fake ccj for debt amount of £2157 for vanquis card from the Northampton business admin Center.

I seems Lowell have sent me a judgement for claim in default letter.

How can they send this stuff out from an Admin Center with no courts, judges magistrates only people with no legal knowledge what so ever.

This must be unlawful????. Was it Halsbury Laws that said that administrative law had no jurisdiction at all.

There is also an entry on my credit file.

Do I need to get equifax and experian to look into this at all with its false claim.

I did speak to lowell solicitors and stated that I need 4 things from them and that I would be happy to pay.

Their reply was there is no need to supply such information. Oh Well should I start the letters??


Tiggy replied:

The County Court Business Centre does have Judges ( I’ve seen and received orders from there myself ) and it is also attached to Northampton County Court.

So basically, because you didn’t respond you let them get a Judgement Order against you by default, Lowell love getting these – easy wins !

Pointless doing the 3 letters now as they’ve got their order.

williams2583 replied:

yes a bit late, either accept it or try to reopen the case but you will need a good reason as to why you did not defend in the first place and now it cost unless you are on benefits

Simongg4 replied:

Any how I did send a letter to them before I found this site. Even though I knew of the ccj business I had this letter back could you please advise on it.

Tiggy replied:

So you’re paying it back at £5 per month, as they say if you stop they’ll go for enforcement action – bailiffs, attachment of earnings or 3rd party debt order etc.

The only way you can possibly challenge this is to apply to the Court to set aside the Judgement – anything else you send will just be a waste of a stamp because the order will still stand.