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Lowell pre legal assessment

Emz4388 asked:

Hi guys,

New on here. Just need a bit of help. I had car finance years ago. For 14000. Paid for a few years. Then the car was written off. I had insurance and gap insurance etc. Well the gap insurance was a rip off and they didn’t cover the gap lol. I was left with 2600 left to pay. Which obviously I didn’t pay.

Well I have checked online today via clear score and there is no default on there for this. So I assume it’s over 6 years ago.

I have had a few companies chasing me over the years. But I am not on the voters register and sort of live with my perants. But work away a lot.

So they just been passing it on to different companies. As I ain’t replied to none of them.

Received a letter off lowell. A pre legal assessment saying they will knock off 25% of the dept. And can pay over manageable installments.

I just need a bit of help to know where I stand.

I know I owed the money but I feel that I made a big loss being 12000 pound down. And as my credit wasn’t good I was charged high interest in the first place. So the company I had finance with made their money and more. So I really don’t want to pay this.

Any help would be appreciated

Tiggy replied:

You need to find out EXACTLY when you stopped paying / when you received a default as there’s a chance that if it’s over 6 years since the default the remainder of the debt is now statute barred.

Emz4388 replied:


I am trying to work out when I defaulted. I know it definitely over 5 years ago. Wouldn’t it show on my credit file.

Faljay replied:


If this alleged debt is over 6 years old it will not show up on your credit file due to it dropping off at the 6 year period.

If you still have the paperwork check it and see what the default date was, if not you could write to the original creditor asking them for a copy of the default notice they issued you, if they can provide you with one then you will know for certain, or if they say it is no longer on record then it must have been more than 6 years ago since they issued it. However, if Lowell are offering you a discount, that usually means they do not have the required documentation to prove your liability for the alleged debt, and/or know it is already statute barred and are, unlawfully, trying it on.

Take Care.


williams2583 replied:

Pre legal and 25% discount means we dont have evidence but hey ho we hope this punter might pay – ignore.

Emz4388 replied:

Hi guys,

Thanks for ur advice. Looks like lowell have given up and passed on the debt to arc Europe Ltd.

As they have started texting my phone and ringing me. Getting fed up of blocking numbers.

Is there any way I can put a stop to this.

Thanks in advance for your help

williams2583 replied:

other than blocking or writing no, but as said they don’t have the evidence so not all bad. You could also answer and tell them you have never heard of yourself – worked for me !!!!!!!!

Faljay replied:


You can send Arc this letter, if you wish:

Their address. Your Address.


Reference Number: [DCA/OC Reference number pertaining to account]

F.A.O: [Name of person on letter/s contacting you]

Dear Sir/Madam,

Despite my letters regarding ANY communication from your company, which stated that I require ALL communications in writing, your telephone calls/texts/emails continue. [Remove this paragraph if you have not written to them before]

This behaviour constitutes harassment; the letters stated quite clearly to you that I require ALL communications in writing for future Court use. Do not telephone/text/email me again – remove any telephone numbers/email addresses you hold for me from your systems.

Your telephone calls/texts/emails are in breach of the Financial Conduct Authority regulations. If you continue with them after the receipt of this letter an official complaint, together with a log recording the times and frequency of the calls will be passed both to the Financial Conduct Authority, Financial Ombudsman Service and to the Trading Standards office. For your information note that ALL telephone calls are recorded/texts and emails saved.

Under the Financial Conduct Authority rules, the following applies:

7.9.4: A firm must not contact customers at unreasonable times and must pay due regard to the reasonable requests of customers(for example, customers who work in a shift pattern) in respect of when, where and how they may be contacted.

This type of debt collection method is contrary to the ‘Administration of Justice Act 1970’ in that it is intended to cause alarm and distress to the recipient. Your methods will not be tolerated. A formal complaint, containing copies of all correspondence including yours, has now been submitted to the relevant authorities. This will be relevant to questions of your fitness to hold a licence under the Consumer Credit Act, whether or not it results in a prosecution.

Take further note that continued telephone calls/texts/emails after the receipt of a request not to call/text/email may constitute a criminal offence under Section 127 of the Communications Act 2003. Also, be aware that if you continue to contact me in this excessive manner, stating you can resume calls after a certain period, or whenever you like [remove this if not applicable], I will take legal action against you personally, [name of individual calling/texting/emailing if known], under vicarious liability, as well as your employer [name of company], under the Protection From Harassment Act 1997. Nevertheless, if the calls/texts/emails do not cease I will take legal action under the aforementioned Act.

Communicate in writing and ONLY in writing, your telephone calls will NOT be answered.


I trust that I have made myself understood on this matter,

Yours faithfully,
Your name

Take Care.


lizc replied:

I have received a Pre-Legal Assessment from Lowells. This debt has been passed to at least 5 debt collectors.

It was for a Three mobile dongle which has never worked on my laptop. The helpdesk talked me through procedures and it ended up that I could not even go back to my previous dongle as whatever happened with the procedure I lost the ability to go on the internet. I refused to pay them. The debt is now £271.

I have ignored all letters and phone calls but have received the letter today regarding a Pre- Legal Assessment.

Can I continue to ignore them or do I send them a letter?

Any help would be appreciated.

williams2583 replied:

you should have started your own thread and that way get more responses, but from the info you have given ignore. Pre legal assessment in layman’s terms means we don’t have evidence so let’s frighten and harass the punter into submission.