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Mary Elizabeth Croft

Redletter asked:

Ok so I read the book and I am confused. I get what she is saying about being born into a free world but the notion that one is somehow being enslaved by having their birth registered, being ‘owned’ etc seems to me a strange concept.

Maybe I am getting this completely wrong but the way I see it if everyone just kind of ‘opted out’ of the ‘system’ and ‘spent their life doing whatever they want’ then how would the world develop. I mean if no one ‘had to’ go to work and everyone just wanted to do what makes them happy…who would do the things that nobody wants to do? How would we have buildings, infrastructure, transport etc if nobody wanted to for example build anything. How would there be cars if nobody ‘worked’ in car factories?

It seems to me that Mary just somehow drifted through life and was always lucky enough to have money to pay the rent. She talks about how we could barter but there would still be those unfortunate ones who have nothing to barter who might not have the skills required to fend for themselves. There will still be, by the very nature of humans, be selfish people who want more than others and will just take it from them. There will still be vulnerable people who can be taken advantage of by the greedy ones.

The only way I can interpret the just of what Mary is saying is that we somehow opt out of this ‘money’ society and trade our wares with others, but how does that work? How do we know what is already ours and what is our neighbours to begin with?

It just seems that there is no choice if we want any sort of ‘fairness’ in society then surely we needs rules or it would just be every man for himself anyway and the world would not develop. We would all be ‘doing what makes us happy’ and nothing of any purpose would get done.

It seems we have to have ‘money’ some sort of system of ‘tokens’ in order that those who toil have something to give without those who don’t toil being able to just help themselves?

I don’t think the problem is the money itself, it is in the way the bankers have become greedy and want more out of us than we get out of them. The way they not only milk us but take the cream off of the top.

If we didn’t have any sort of registration process or title then how would there be any law whatsoever as no one would be answerable to anyone and could basically trample all over each other to get what they want…so no different to society today anyway in the end. There has to be some sort of order to the world surely. What is the alternative…anarchy? Chaos?


“I believe the struggle for financial freedom is unfair, I believe the only ones who disagree are millionaires..”
(Darren Heyes – Savage Garden….who is incidentally most probably also a millionaire!)

hayward replied:

This woman in my opinion has no real credibility beyond hearsay. There’s not much about her on the Internet and not many mainstream activists have heard of her. Recently I even noticed that her website is down and the domain up for sale. She’s just gone off the radar. But that’s that, as for the fears you have about her message, let me rattle on a bit 😉

How do you think the world developed before all these control systems were in place? You’re current logic and personal view of the modern world is based on your indoctrination, you’ve been conditioned to believe that humanity couldn’t possibly prosper, evolve or survive without these systems (Government, Corporations, MONEY, etc). You’ve been conditioned to feel fear and confusion at the mere thought of a world without money, government control, authority figures etc. It scares you to death to think of a world where communities take care of their own without the need for police officers or security guards, it scares you to death to think of a world without money to buy STUFF with, it scares you to think of a world where the people are in charge, not some small group of appointed criminals.

I don’t mean to insult you , but your logic seems to be limited by your narrow minded world view. I suggest you practice critical thinking. Instead of saying “We could never live like this, because …” try asking yourself instead “How could we live like this…” , when you start asking HOW and open yourself to solutions , no matter how conflicted with your existing world views are, then you start to see solutions where there was once only fear.

In my experience , people who insist that we could never evolve or survive without money, government etc. Are the type of people who deep down inside really don’t want to live without money, they are afraid of all losing all their STUFF! So, the choice is yours. Do you want STUFF or do you want FREEDOM! , FEAR or LOVE 😉

Watch this video, it’s food for thought:

Goldberry replied:

Hi hayward. In a nutshell; Bollocks. No offence intended, truly 😛

To answer Redletter’s post though, and also in a nutshell, and why!…;

She is right. Mostly. You are born as free as a bird, and from that point alone, nobody unless trying to enslave you can say otherwise. So, she is right. Yes some of her stuff has been updated or superceded by those that acted like dwarves and found the mother-load of truths, but everything she said in the book was correct.

The problem was that the slave masters have changed the rules and moved the goal posts etc. They are doing it everyday, as everyother day we get on top of them.

So thats why folk now say the ‘Mary is wrong’. And for me its because they dont see the reason behind it all. This puts folk off of reading the works of Mary and this leads to folk not having the basics of it all. You have to learn the basics it seems before you can dig deep.

We, all of us on these pages started off slowly. We are now at breakneck speed and winning the race. Most started (no proof) in the realms of knowing the basics of freemanery and it spiraled.

Read and learn. Understand and digress. Move on to newer laws and rules. It is ALL good.

Its all good

hayward replied:

You cheeky bloody soap dodger !

I actually agree with what you say, but I still think she was in this to make money. She’s made her dough and now she’s buggered off and left her site , forums etc to die. People like Mary who claim to be leading the way are usually the first to get up in the night and vanish with the loot while everyone else is still sleeping.

But you win. Your bollocks trumped my bollocks! :p

Goldberry replied:

Hay! I might not wash but that’s because I will always avoid bending over to pick up that dropped bar!!!

But our Mary does not have a site. Someone set it up for her. She has had little publicity in all of her works, but she is rather a meek person to behold (ha, person). Most of her fame has come from folk reading and waxing lyrical content her words.

Her wealth is her knowledge.


hayward replied:

You smooth talking devil you…

I agree with that too and now I must eat humble pie..

Until next time…