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Moorcroft are visiting me today :(

Fiasco asked:

Hi all,

I was made redundant a year ago and I am still unemployed. I live with my parents, who fully support me during this tough depressing time and don’t claim any benefits at the moment, so I literally have no income to pay off the various debt recovery companies that send me letters – my debts total to around £5,000, and the one in question is £1200 owed to Lloyds Bank being recovered by Moorcroft.

I received a letter last week from Moorcroft debt recovery limited stating that a local representative will visit me on 17/08/2016.

I never thought much at first as I was ignoring their previous letters, but those only stated that an agent “may” visit.

As the 17th arrived, I started to worry a little and did a Google search and came across this forum.

From what I’ve gathered, some ignore the knock at the door and some answer but deny they are that person… I am tempted to just tell the agent the truth and why I cannot afford the repayment at this current time, but I have read that ‘owning up’ is a bad idea?

What shall I do?

I live with my parents, to which they are on holiday abroad at the moment and would hate for them to answer the door to a debt collector, so if possible, I would prefer today was the first and last visit from Moorcroft – after doing research, ignoring the knock will only lead to them leaving a card with the date of the second call! What can I do to avoid this?

Many thanks,

royboyone replied:

They may not turn up, if they do then tell them you don’t know yourself or the person they are looking for, don’t admit to anything, they may record everything you say.

Just play dumb and close the door. 😉

Morecrap are agents so can do nothing legal.

Fiasco replied:

Appreciate the response.

If I play dumb and deny the debt, will they re-attempt to turn up on another date?

I’m petrified of my parents or sister answering the door which will lead to horrendous embarrassment for me, that is my big worry 😥

royboyone replied:

I doubt if they would bother as it is costing them money that they are not going to get back, on to easier targets for them.

They may well pass the account back to the original lender.

One came to me a long time ago told him what I have told you to do, then I asked him what it was concerning and he said:

“I can’t tell you as you’re not the person I am looking for”, never heard from that DCA again. 🙂

Fiasco replied:

Thanks for the advice, I shall play dumb if he turns up.

mollysmum replied:

Dont worry about it, they have the same powers as a stranger knocking on your door, the fact that you are reacting the way you are is the effect that they want.

They have no power at all.

Id say you have 3 options:

1. You could answer the door and tell them that you do not accept visitors without an appointment, then say you have no intention of making an appointment with them and simply shut the door.

2. Dont answer the door.

3. Send them a letter stating you revoke their implied right of access and if they call at your property they will be tresspassing, and you will prosecute.

Fiasco replied:

Thanks for that.

Low and behold, when I thought the coast was clear, guess who rings the bell at 7:45pm? the cheek!

A smartly dressed East Asian man with a broad smile, patchy English and an iPad at hand struggled to pronounce my name.

I told him “I’ve never heard of the guy” – to which he proceeded to ask “how long you here”, I tell him that’s none of your business.

He repeats the question…

I repeat my answer and he humbles “Okay” and walked off with his tail between his legs.

Absolute scum of a company.

What letter do you guys recommend I send warning them to stay away from my home?

max2000 replied:

DCA Scum, 3 Letters will do it.

Fiasco replied:

Shall I send out letter 1 right away? Or shall I wait until they send another letter to me before I take action?

royboyone replied:

Up to you, start the letters if you want, as they are agents it will be Agents Letters, or ignore and wait until you get another letter from them they may well pass the account back to Lloyds then another DCA may come along. 🙂

Fiasco replied:

If they do pass the account back to Lloyds, will Lloyds simply get another DCA on the case? Or will they contact me to set up a payment plan?

I want to pay the debt off, but I would prefer to keep the heat off myself until I find employment, as I simply cannot afford it at the moment with zero income.

Has anyone got experience dealing with DCA’s when unemployed and not receipt of benefits? Are they understanding even if I cannot afford to pay £1 a month?

Thanks guys.

williams2583 replied:

Its a scare tactic to frighten you into paying, i must have had 20+ of these and only one turned up only to return to manc land (200 miles away) when i told him i had never heard of myself, thus ignore