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Moorcroft ‘Home Collections Division’ HMMMM……

GrayJ asked:

Hi everyone 😀

Had a letter from Moorcroft today advising me of a possible visit, from their HOME COLLECTIONS DIVISION.

Of course, I do not oblige to this visit.

I have sent them in PREVIOUS correspondance relating to other ‘accounts’ with them, the notice of ‘denial of implied right of access’, so my question is:

Should I send this again, and send Letter 1 all over again too, and what if they do turn up?

Letter attached – thank you all!

Trusgar replied:

If you have already sent Moorcrap a denial of access why would you want to send them another one?

Or if you are wanting to be terribly polite and feel the need to remind them because they not have made the tie up between your accounts you could write and refer them to your previous correspondence and point out it included a notice of denial of access which you served upon them. As ever your choice which route you take. Good luck.

williams2583 replied:

Standard crap from them to frighten you into paying.

I had more than 30 dcas chasing me and only 1 ever pitched up and i told him i had never heard of myself, so 200 mile round trip for him !!!!!!!

GrayJ replied:

Thank you for the help Trusgar, this noob is learning 🙂

GrayJ replied:

Haha – williams2583!

Priceless 😉