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New credit report

Sean9461 asked:


So I have a theory that from research should hopefully work to get a new credit report. Now I’m my situation I have bankruptcy on my credit report due to not being able to keep up financial commitments when going to university. Ideally I would like to renew my credit report by the time I finish university so if I need to get a house or anything then I have the option of doing so.

I currently have a deed poll of name change and I am moving into an entirely new address in a few months.

Now as far as I’m aware if I change the name on my driving license to the new name and change the address to a new address using the deed poll and then register this new name on the electoral roll the credit reference agencies should find details on this new entity and create a new file. I can then go open a basic bank account with driving license and use it for 6 months apply for a savings account put money away and eventually apply for a credit builder credit card and I should be on track to a new credit file.

It would be interesting to hear what people think about this and any reasons why you think this might not work would be good.


jaysinc111 replied:

It might work however there may be a hitch if previous addresses are requested and your new name cannot be found anywhere.

Do you also get a new NI number or will your existing one be crossed over to your new name?

Sean9461 replied:

You don’t get a new ni number but you don’t ever have your ni number on any credit report. And the cras don’t use your ni number at all.

I’m in the process of doing this now I have a new driving license in my new name and just waiting on a bill to open a basic account and it should kick start the creation of a report.

I’ll keep you updated.

Sean9461 replied:

This definitely works.

I’ve now successfully got a new credit report I’ve checked it on experian and it’s a blank slate apart from my electoral roll information and basic account and search history for past month.

A fresh new start. Hopefully I’ll have a good rating to take out a mortgage in a few years.

It sucks that I have to use this messed up system to live but unless I can save money outside of a bank for years and years to buy a house I need a credit report to live.

hairyhyperion1984 replied:

how do i get a new credit file uk

Sean9461 replied:

Just an update this definitely 100% works. 7 months on I have now been accepted for a mortgage

Blan23 replied:

Is it really that simple?

Faljay replied:


It must be.

Take Care.


jaysinc111 replied:

Nice One! 😎

Blan23 replied:

Will this work for me?

I’ve been living with my partner for 11 months now but all my stuff is still addressed to my parents house I.e driving license, car insurance, phone bill

But I got an letter from the council about voting in the EU referendum to my current house?

Will I still be able to use this method?

How much do you need to change your name? Can I just take my middle name out?

Sean9461 replied:

sorry for late reply i havnt checked up in a while.

yes it really is this simple as in the UK we dont use our national insurance numbers for credit reports like in the US where they use social security numbers.

You would need to change your entire surname to be efficient as your middle name isnt used on most applications.

The trick is to apply for a basic current account stating you have lived in your current address for 6 years.

NEVER ever use your old name when applying for anything at your new house and never change your old accounts over to that address otherwise there will be a link.

your new credit report will be generated with new name and just a basic account. sign up to electoral roll at that address with your new name by using a driving license which you get by changing your name with deed poll

4 months later apply for aqua etc.

and start building up from scratch. i got a 120k mortgage 5 months ago and been completely debt free since.

Chloeb0321 replied:


I’m looking into Doing this however would I need to have a new address to be able to do this? Or could I use my current address but just changs my surname?


lacoste80 replied:

Has anyone tried this ???