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jammar4581 asked:

hi all

due to none payment of motoring fine

i have received a Notice of Attendance delivered “by hand” (on envelope) but posted through the door today from Marston high court enforcement officers/Baliffs.

I was at work but my girlfrend was in and heard him knocking but didnt answer the door.

i Have not opened it.

Does anybody know what it may be a notice of attendance for?

what should i do with it?

was thinking it may be to apppear in court or notice that baliffs intend to come to my house!

sent notice of denial of implied right to marstons today before i received their notice

Powerdemon replied:

Possibly notice that they attended at your address, you should open it and see whats in it.
Unless its got a return address on the envelope?

davidlloyd replied:

its a bill from the baliffs for attending your address – around £100. per visit they charge. keep your car in a most careful place as they could seize it.

kittiebelle replied:

Keep all doors and windows locked. For non payment of mag court fines they can get a locksmith. I’m told it hardly ever happens tho, but I was unlucky. Get a Notice up on the front door / gate. There is a good site called beat the bailiff and also fair have good information concerning bailiffs.

buzzCCC replied:


Not sure if this is any help..

I did a FOI request to Manchester Court regardings those marston parasites.

In 2010, there were just over 37,000 cases sent to them.
Of these only 25% were successfully collected.
Interestingly, there were no occasions when a locksmith was used.: … 7.doc.html 🙄
[ ]

Buzz 😉

jammar4581 replied:

Thanks for the replies guys. I opened the letter which politely asked me if they cud take my shit. Left no tresspass notice on door when i left for work. my mate saw 2 baliffs reading the notice, then they phone their office( im guessing) took pic of notice and left without leaving letter or invoice for attendance. Promising sign i think.

It is handy to know their success rate ect. Thanks

taxidriver replied:

here’s an idea , when you say they took a pic of the notice, were they standing on your property , if so , I’d ring ‘plod ‘ and report 2 suspicious looking characters were on your property taking photos , say there were some kids around too, so wondering if they were ‘ kiddie fiddlers’ ,( you are a concerned citizen reporting this ) then let plod deal with them…lol