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Pioneer Credit

1saberwow asked:

well i have been sent a letter from Commonwealth Bank telling me that they have now assigned Pioneer Credit Acquisition Services Pty Ltd ALL Rights to my alleged debt as of their letter written on the 11.12.2015.

Wednesday it seemed that a Rebecca from Pioneer called wanting to speak with me but i was too busy and now i know why.

Is it wrong of them to call when i haven’t been informed by my bank that they have assigned all the alleged debt to Pioneer Credit?

The alleged debt is under $22k and the Commonwealth said that i had to pay all to Pioneer Credit.

Pioneer are from Perth the other side of Australia to where i live and should i also be sending them the 3 letters for DCA now that i have a letter from my old bank telling me of the assignment to Pioneer Credit?

1saberwow replied:

so with Pioneer Credit who do i send my 3 letters too.. the Chairman or the Managing Director as he started the company so it says about the company? and it may take 3 days for any letter from them to get to me in vic.. 😮

1saberwow replied:

just got the letter from pioneer credit telling me that they are assigned my alleged debt and that i need to pay it.

no true copy of the contract though and their letter was sent on the 15.12.2015 and arrived by post yesterday the 21.12.2015 so now i take it that the fun begins. 😀

1saberwow replied:

yesterday sent pioneer the 1st debt letter as they have all the alleged rights and that the bank has now and has passed it onto the dca.

so now i sit and wait for pioneer credit to answer. 🙂

1saberwow replied:

yesterday had pioneer call and was eating and when asked if i was (my name) with a mouthfull of food said Nope and they hungup.

today i think it was them as it was unknown number(blocked) it rang out.

2nd letter will be in the post in the morning for them 😀

1saberwow replied:

what i would like to know is when any bank sells your debt to a dca and your bank sends you a letter letting you know that on a certain date your alleged debt has been sold and you have received the banks notice of assignment.

so that means your alleged debt has been sold and wiped off the books from the bank correct?

so when you send the 3 letters off to the dca that brought the alleged debt from your now old bank now what happens when the dca sells it back to your old bank? does the full alleged debt come back to your old bank or is it lesser as it was sold?

Sent 2nd letter and pioneer should have it today and nothing heard from them so far.. 😀

zark replied:

this website needs clearly updating.

the bank doesnt sell a debt to a dca.
it sells an account, specifically the accounts receiving for 6-10% of the account total.

when the accounts receving was set up, so was an accounts payable.

the payable should have offset the receving however the bank forgot to do this and you didntrealise to order the bank to do it.

the bank then sold the asset, the application, the commercial instrument, to an spv and you were made a undisclosed 3rd party to an investment contract.

so welcome to your situation.

1saberwow replied:

thanks zark 🙂

it is good to know that i can still learn something everyday but it is the remembering that is the hard part 😀

1saberwow replied:

nothing from pioneer as they must be out pioneering in the outback over there in WA.. 😆

I sent off 3rd letter to them today.

1saberwow replied:

I may have been sending the letters to a different arm of Pioneer Credit but my letters were addressed to the Chairman 😀

No calls and no letters and they have no contract or evidence that would they have any kind of contract with me 🙁 😀 😀

1saberwow replied:

Well last week had a letter from someone from pioneer telling me that they have noticed that i never made any payment of my alleged debt and i am now in default under the obligations of my alleged contract with them.

I sent this person a copy of all 3 letters that were sent to their chairman along with a cover letter for them.

So today i sent the estoppel letter to their chairman by registered mail and i included a copy for them inside a plain envelope with Attention to them.

So everyone will be so happy over in Perth next week.

Nothing like making people happy.. 🙄 😆 😆 😆

Since they can’t or haven’t produced any such alleged contract well they had left the proving too late or wasn’t able to prove anything they have had their time.

The estoppel letter will now show them that they are out of the game now.

Even the company that had acquired pioneer is out as well. 😀 😆 😆

1saberwow replied:

Now that i have sent Pioneer Credit the estoppel letter they have now had others start calling work asking for my phone number.

Work tells them that they can’t give out anyones private number even when the caller asked them to come and ask me for my number as they will call back and are expecting the receptionist to tell them what it is thick as a brick that caller is.

I have started a list of names and numbers from Pioneer Credit and anyone is can post under PIONEER CREDIT list of Names & Numbers and this is in Forum “Debt Collection Agencies – Individual Companies.

Pioneer Credit keep chasing and ignoring the letters and they can’t show proof or even a True Copy of any Contract that we have with them.

1saberwow replied:

No letter and no calls from anyone so far.

Will wait to see if they write me a letter or is it that what i sent this other person was enough to stop their calls.