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How Can I Get Out of Debt?

With a simple legislated debt solution you can consolidate all your debts into one lower, affordable monthly repayment. Make one set payment per month for a set period, and after the period expires any remaining debts left are legally written off. This can be up to 90% depending on your circumstances.

Please help me, really urgent Court defence

Mlig asked:

Im sorry to start a new topic, but ive got a really huge major problem. My defence needs to be in tomorrow. Ive sat for ages trying to get in to my account online, eventually I’ve got in and its now asking for a defence password that it says was sent in my defence pack.

I havent received any defence pack in the post, i didnt even know i should have received one until right now! I really dont know what to do now, please help me. x

Tiggy replied:

The defence pack is form N9b which should have come with the N1 claim form.

Mlig replied:

I have a defence ckaim form which came with it but theres no password on it.

Tiggy replied:

Isn’t the password on the bottom of the N1 claim form?

Mlig replied:

The password on the bottom i had to reset because it wouldnt accept it when i was trying to login to mcol, eventually i got in and got it reset. Ive tried both the old and new passwords as the defence password but it wouldn’t accept them and says it came woth my defence pack so i assumed it was a separate one. If it is that one and it wont work, what can i do?

And thank you so much for your help, and sorry for so many stupid questions.

Tiggy replied:

Ring the Court, tell them you’re having problems logging in and ask to email your defence. Post a copy to them as well.