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Postal code? SA31 2ET

MichaelTzu asked:

Have received a letter with no external id as to who it is from. Postal code for return address is SA31 2ET. I think it is from some government agency but not opening. Can return but curious as to who from. Have searched the web with no success. Anyone on here know?



wishy replied:

Royal mail site have a way of finding address and what business it is

smilingalltheway replied:

what colour envelope does tax disc turn up in
SA31 2ET

Comes in a DL size white envelope 110×220. No DVLA markings on the envelope, but there should be a return postcode on the back: SA31 2ET and a Swansea 7 postmark on the front.

robfreeman replied:

Michael,that’s a bogus post code.Doesn’t exist according to my web searches.Spend 5-10 mins steaming it then carefully ease it open with the edge of a blunt knife.Read it then glue it up again if you want,or chuck it away,at least you will know.I use kids paper glue to put it back together,and they never know mate. 😉

Powerdemon replied:

The postcode SA31 2ET is in the Carmarthen area of south Wales. Carmarthen’s government offices also serve Ammanford, Llandeilo, Llandovery, Saint Clears, Kidwelly, Whitland, and others.

robfreeman replied:

Nice find mate. I tried 15 times but it kept saying error, not valid.

ddrysdale99 replied:

It’s from the DVLA – possible a replacement V5 document

fatalrazkaz replied:

I have just recieved one of these envelopes for my daughter. She bought her first car two weeks ago so I would guess it is the log book. Personally I would have just opened the letter. You can always put it through the shredder if you dont want it.

ramprasath replied:

SA31 2ET.. 100 % its from DVLA. WALES POSTCODE.

vodkaphix replied:

Mine was a REFUND 😀 of duplicate logbook fee of £25.00 from DVLA Swansea, as the vehicle had been permanently EXPORTED. A duplicate log book was not possible WITHOUT following the re-importaion process, which would have cost more than the vehicle was worth. 😀